Happy Birthday Wishes to My Lovely Sister

115 Cute Long Happy Birthday Wishes to My Lovely Sister and Brother

I’m sure you’ve got a wonderful sister to wish a heart-touching happy birthday. That’s great. We’ve also prepared some beautifully crafted messages to say “Happy birthday to my lovely sister”. We got you covered with any of these long birthday message for sister, and short birthday wishes for sister. Whatever your desire may be, we have something for you.

You know, there is something birthdays do to us; it puts us in a celebrating, joyful, exciting, thankful, happy, and overwhelming state. And all we just want to do is to make loved ones feel so special, happy, celebrated, and loved. That being said we understand why you have to say “happy birthday wishes to my lovely sister” in a way that remains with her.

Creating happy moments, by taking our loved ones out on a treat, buying them a gift, visiting the cinema, having a little or elaborate surprise birthday party at the beach, home, or office, so does the list goes, shows how much we care about them. But, the importance of happy birthday wishes, prayers, and messages cannot be over-emphasized.

Good deeds backed up with happy birthday wishes to my lovely sister, colleague or friend go a long way in warming up their hearts, leaving a powerful and beautiful impression in their soul.

Oh Yeah! We know your sister in this case may not even be your biological sister, so we have included cute messages for sister in law; and religious birthday wishes for sister who may be related by faith.

Enjoy the ride. Make your pick from these heart-touching birthday quotes for your sister.

Short Birthday Wishes for Sister : Sending Happy Birthday Wishes to My Lovely Sister

Yeah. It’s her special day. Sometimes, you don’t need to say so much to pass the message. So, for the lovers of straight-to-the-point; here are cute heart-touching, and emotional birthday wishes for sister.

Warm her heart, as she celebrates her birthday with any of these short birthday wishes for sister. As short as they may be, any of these birthday messages for sister will help to communicate how much you value her.

Simply copy and paste. Feel free to use any of these. They were crafted for you.

1. Because of you, my childhood days would forever remain memorable and special. To the most lovely sister in the whole world! I say happy birthday.

2. Happy birthday, sister! I just wanted you to know that you have been the best, and you are still the best! And I am blessed to have you, a wonderful soul, as a sister.

3. Happy birthday, sister like no other! Today is all about you, sister. What more could I have asked for? You have been more than a blessing to me. Sincerely, I love you.

4. To a woman whom I respect so much, your kind is rare, your strength has no match, thanks for your godly counsels and love. Many happy returns of the day.

5. I couldn’t have asked for anything more! To the most lovely sister on planet earth! Kisses on all sides…. Enjoy your day.

6. I searched within my soul and just couldn’t imagine what life would have been without you. To the best sister! Have a blast!

7. Best wishes to my little sister. As you increase every day in wisdom, on your lovely day, I pray that you continue to make me proud the way you always do.

8. Despite our differences, you proved to be one of the best things that ever happened to me. Thank you for being the only person who believes in me! Happy birthday, my dear sister!

9. To the one person in the world who can interpret my silence, that’s you! My precious sister. Happy birthday to my lovely sister.

10. Hurray! My lovely baby sis is now an adult! Congratulations on your 18th birthday! Continue to grow in wisdom and strength. I love you!

11. I can write pages and pages of words to describe how sweet your person is and how dear you are with your rich personality. You’re blessed sis! Happy born day. Enjoy your day.

12. I sincerely can’t imagine what my life would have been like without you. It’s a privilege having to call you my sister! I can’t love you less! Enjoy your day bestie.

13. You are a gift everyone would wish for. Thanks for choosing me. May our friendship not lose its value. You are cherished! Happy birthday, sis! I hope you love the gift.

14. To a sister, with a beautiful and accommodating soul, you know I value you right? Today is all about you. Happy womb escape day!

15. I never knew God could bless me with a sister who isn’t related to me by blood! How this came about I can’t recall! Happy birthday, sister! You will be forever celebrated.

16. Seeing how much you have grown to become the woman I have always envisioned is a wish come true. You know I love you and always will! Happy birthday, sweetheart!

17. My baby sister is a year older today! Lots of goodness overshadows you, keep shining!

18. On this day, several years ago, the world welcomed a precious gift! What more can I say, lovely sis, you are forever cherished. Happy birthday, kid sister.

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Long Birthday Messages for Sister

In need of enchanting, heartwarming, lovely, and long birthday messages for sisters, family, friends, and loved ones? Plumcious.com have the perfect range to make sure you can express your feeling to your loved ones for a happy birthday.

We also do understand, that the system of this world has been captured with so many activities and distractions, so, most times, we don’t get to hang out and connect with friends, family, and loved ones as we ought to, and we want to use the opportunity to let them know, how valuable and precious they are on their birthday.

Below are some heart-touching long birthday messages for sisters that would make them smile.

1. You remember growing up, how we get to argue and fight over almost everything, and at the same time dealt with whoever tried coming in between us or messing with either of us? I hope this made you smile. This shows how genuine and committed we are to each other. It’s the beginning of another fruitful year for you. Happy birthday to my lovely sister!

2. Initially, mom’s demise filled me with so much fear of the unknown but you filled in the gap perfectly and showered me with so much love, care, and affection. I love you, big sis! We were born sisters but you are more than that now. You are now my mom. Keep shining! Happy birthday

3. Happy birthday to the sweetest sister in the world. You’ve only worth more than rubies to me. You’re my woman of God, a prayer machine, and a prayer partner. I love you so much. Celebrate.

4. To the most lovely, caring, and funny sister in the world, I say happy birthday. May we have lots of years to celebrate together in sound mind, good health, peace, and prosperity.

5. Hmmm, what’s that smell, even distance could not conceal the aroma of your delicious cooking, it’s your birthday and all I could think of are your sumptuous meals! I miss you so much sisterly. Wishing you a year of unending joy and supernatural breakthrough!

6. It’s my lovely sister-in-law’s birthday! My prayer partner. A gist partner, and burden-bearer! It’s been a long time coming. I bless the day you said YES I DO to my big brother. Keep basking in God’s love…God bless your new age.

7. Growing up was easy, sweet, adventurous, fulfilling, and blessed, just because of you, darling sister. My heart prays for you; in life and beyond, may you never lose your relevance. Happy belated birthday sister.

8. The law of sacrifice and giving revolves around you which words alone can never describe. My soul can only express it by praying for you. May you never lose your wonder! Happy birthday to you, my gorgeous sister.

9. God, gave you to me by making us, blood sisters. Your persevering and loving heart made our bond stronger. The love of Christ made it everlasting and unbreakable throughout these years. Wishing you the very best of God. It’s your day!

10. Accept this token from me with love, for nothing can be compared to the value and respect I have towards the woman who has always had my back and put my interest first before hers. You are blessed on all sides, my lovely sister. Happy birthday.

11. Walking through life’s journey was easy because I had you! Over the years, you have been my strength in weakness, my number one supporter, my mentor, and my teacher. I’m so lucky to be your sister. It’s the beginning of an awesome year for you. happy birthday.

12. To my lovely sister, Thanks for the transparency in our friendship which made us even closer! Thanks for receiving my troubles and excesses with love; and thanks for understanding my person especially my silence. Happy birthday, dearest!

13. There are battles we face in life that cannot be fought alone, and when those we rely upon begin to fade away, there is just one person that stands by you! Your sister! Thanks for being there, thanks for always. You’re forever cherished!

14. The world thinks we are sisters because the bond we share is greater than whatever could stand between us. May you always find happiness in all your endeavors. Love from bestie! Have a sweet birthday celebration.

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Sister Birthday Status for Facebook, WhatsApp or Instagram

And you need a sister birthday status because the whole world must know how much of a blessing, she has been to you, and one of the ways to do this is to update all your social media status, with words of love and adoration in celebration of your sister’s birthday.

1. Yes, we always fought over almost everything. However, through the entire chaos and disagreements, one thing remains constant, our love for each other! I love you sister, Happy birthday.

2. From scolding to a shoulder to rest on, you were always there for me when the chips are down. I’m eternally blessed for having a sister like you. I wish you a happy birthday with Many happy returns.

3. I remember those years when we wept and had to have each other’s back. We ended up creating beautiful memories that would forever remain dear to me. Happy birthday, sister. Enjoy your day.

4. Looking at this picture we took years ago, the wonderful memories we had flooded my heart with tears of joy rolling down my cheeks. You are now a grown-up woman! But you would forever be my baby! Happy birthday my lovely sister.

5. I call her my warrior! Yes! My number one role model, growing up I always look up to you and always will….it’s a fulfilling year for you. Happy birthday to my mentor. Happy birthday to my loving sister.

6. We both would agree that life hasn’t been perfect, but as always, we’ve got each other’s back and always will. Thanks for all you’ve been. You are one of the best gifts God gave me. Happy birthday, baby sis. Enjoy your day.

7. With you, I ate my cake and have it! God blessed me with a sister and best friend! What more could I have asked for? You bring so much peace and laughter into my life! Hope you have the greatest birthday!

8. Yes! I can’t keep it quiet because it’s my lovely sister’s birthday! My second mother! My protector! I’m so lucky to have a sister as loving as you by my side. I would choose you over and over again. Celebrate!

9. With you by my side, I never felt the absence of a loving sister. Thanks for being a friend, and more. You’re one in a million! I love you so much! Happy birthday, sis!

10. I remembered the day you came into our world, with your skin looking so succulent. Your smile and laughter lightened our world. Your tears, accompanied by screaming that shortened our nights. All these and many more cannot be erased from our memories. We are blessed to have you, baby sister. Happy birthday!

11. Every birthday of ours always gives me a reason to be thankful to God for being your twin sister. I cherish you for that! Happy birthday, twinnie!

12. For being what I have always hoped for and more, I celebrate you today sister. Happy birthday to a strong woman!

13. I celebrate you every day, but today the whole world needs to join me in celebrating my best friend, confidant, pastor, mentor, and sister! You are blessed ma. I love you! Happy birthday!

14. To the most beautiful sister in the whole world, I’m proud of your achievements and commitment to the things of God. I hope you have a brilliant birthday, lovely sister.

15. This woman practically puts everyone first, a woman with the heart of gold, selfless and loving. It’s a privilege to be called your baby sister. Happy birthday, aunty.

16. One of the best feelings in the world is knowing that there is someone out there who got your back no matter what. A big Shout out to my big sister. It’s her birthday! Please join me in celebrating her.

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Funny Birthday Wishes for Sister-In-Law

Now, for you to be in search of funny birthday wishes for sister-in-law, we are certain for sure that you are among the lucky ones who has a soul sister for an in-law, which is let’s say

30% above the norm, in most cases they get to be saucy or outrightly mean! In a hushed voice “you get what we mean don’t you?” Oh! You don’t! if so we wouldn’t be here ‘smiles’, so we say congratulations darling!

So, here we are, It’s your lovely sister-in-law’s birthday, being who she is, loving, persevering, understanding, and kind, and maybe, most times, she takes things too seriously and hardly laughs.

Today being her birthday, we join forces with you to break that chain, and ensure she laughs, at least, smile, from the depth of her soul by putting up these funny birthday wishes for sister-in-law just for her kind! Enjoy!

1. What more can I wish for? A tourist! To come to ask for your hand in marriage, and take you far away from my abode so that my cheese and yogurt can rest in peace! Yeah, hope this won’t lead to more disappearance of my drinks from the fridge!! Happy birthday my lovely sister-in-law.

2. Hahahahaha! To my sister in crime! Who happened to be my sister-in-law, thanks for the usual cooperation. Thanks for always helping me cash out from your big brother’s pocket! It’s a pleasure and I hope we do more of this as you clock a year older today! Winks!

3. The whole world revolves around you, or so you thought! Till my husband met you and tables turned! Yeah, tables turned baby girl, and there is absolutely nothing you can do about that…stop trying to seek the attention that now belongs to me. I can picture you right now, please don’t tell me you are so furious!, because I’d be so disappointed!!! Laughing out loud, happy birthday my dear sis-in-law. You know I love you right?

4. I can’t imagine what life in your family would be like without you being born. It would be extremely boring! And cold! No dramas! No fights! No gossips….and most importantly no headaches! That wouldn’t be cool don’t you concede? “Smiles” thanks for your unwavering love sis in law. I heart you.

5. You know, they say every woman has a secret, well, yours is safe with me. I can remember vividly the night I caught you “taking” not “stealing” some cash from your brother’s briefcase, don’t you think that day is also worth celebrating? Winks! Happy Birthday sisterly!

6. To the most understanding and persevering woman on planet earth, I say you are a blessing. If an angel appeared to me in a vision and said there was a woman out there who could put up with my brother I’d say no way! You are one in a million, sis-in-law. Happy Birthday. Cheers!

7. Yeah, I know what you must be thinking, what a crazy family I married into! Well, I bless God for making you are a psychiatric doctor! You have enough patients to keep you busy! Smiles…we love you sister in law! Happy birthday.

8. You know, the first-day big brother introduced you to me, I was filled with jealousy, staring at your pretty face in your confident skin, and took an inner oath to make sure I tore you into pieces, but you ended up doing that with your love, kindness, and beautiful soul. Thanks, lovely sister in law for throwing me off balance because I was comfortable in an uncomfortable perspective.

9. Cheers to my warrior! Both in the spirit and the physical. May our crusades stir more confusion amidst our opposers. Although we fuss over little things as to why I add salt while preparing cereal! You still walk me through in the things of the spirit. May your day bring happiness and unending love! Happy Birthday to my lovely sister-in-law.

10. To the greatest teacher in the whole world! Great! Smiles, thanks for teaching my baby brother how to flush the toilet after making use of the restroom! Only you could have pulled that out, after trying unsuccessfully for over 30years! In a bid to make him do so himself! I say cheers to more wisdom. Happy birthday sister in law.

11. I had this mentality while growing up that God was partial for not giving me a sister, which made me envy friends who had female siblings. Not until I met you, I never knew that God was doing me a big favor! Anyways, thanks for the headaches and most importantly for being my non-biological sister. Enjoy your day.

12. We weren’t biological sisters, but we knew from time immemorial that destiny brought us together to be sisters by heart. It’s nice doing business with you! I hope this made you smile…have fun sis-in-law, It’s your day.

13. Being married to my brother, brought us together, your overwhelming love kept us going, but, our love for the television remote, made us inseparable! See you in a bit. Preserve my cake birthday girl!

14. Hurray! It’s my sis-in-law birthday! You have been such a miracle to me since the very first day I met you. Loving you is so easy but, having to laugh has been almost impossible as the box of chocolates you consistently gave to me has made me toothless! Do have a blessed birthday.

15. It’s pleasant to have someone around who can make you smile even when they’re not around, but unfortunately the junks you always bring home have made it an impossible mission. Happy birthday, to my most favorite sister-in-law! Winks!

16. Life would have been completely boring without your excesses! Thanks for making it so interesting! I cherish you sis-in-law.

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Religious Birthday Message for Sister

Hurray! It’s one of your lovely sister’s birthdays. She has been a bundle of joy and blessing to you in ways you can’t express. So, being in search of prayer of blessings for sisters is expected!

Blessing, one would say have no enemy! That is, everyone desires to be blessed in one way or the other

So, we understand the need for you to be here, in search of that life-changing prayer of blessing for sister as she celebrates her born day.

1. Birthday blessings, my cupcake, you have been such a lovely and sweet sister. I decree that the blessings and goodness of God upon your life will never seize. Enjoy your day, Dearie.

2. Happy birthday, dear sister. As you celebrate another glorious year today, I call you blessed. Blessed are the works of thy hands, and blessed are you among your peers. Blessed are your going out and your coming in.

3. The most powerful blessings come after we boldly walked through a storm! You’re a definition of strength, virtue, and selflessness. As you add another great year, I pray that you enjoy God’s unending blessings! Happy birthday.

4. It’s no wonder your life is an epitome of blessing, because, the Lord had said, that we shall be the head and not the tail. Deuteronomy 28:13. This is my prayer for you as you add another blessed year.

5. I celebrate you sister. Happy birthday to you. For putting your trust in God alone, not in men nor other gods! Blessed are you forevermore! Proverbs 16:20.

6. Anytime the devil tries to weigh you down with the issues of life, let him know according to the book of Jeremiah 29:11 that the plans for the father have towards you, are not for evil to give you a future and a hope. Remain blessed my lovely sister as you celebrate your day. Enjoy!

7. Being blessed is your nature because His ways are your ways and His thoughts your thoughts. The spirit of God lives in you. So, your ways are blameless! Psalm 119:1-3. Happy birthday, sis.

8. Happy birthday, sis. I celebrate you today and forever. If there is one thing I can say about you, you don’t take a step without consulting God first, therefore, your life must be called a blessing! Proverb 16:3.

9. You’re one of the most peaceful, calm, and the most understanding sisters I have ever known….keep enjoying the blessings attached to this in Matthew 5:9. Have a blessed birthday.

10. To be in Christ is the greatest blessing of all times! Happy birthday to a wonderful sister. I’m super excited for you! Welcome to the eternally blessed family! John 1:12, 3:16.

11. To my amazing sister, may you continue to do much more for Christ. Thanks for being a blessing to me and to everyone you come in contact with. May you never lose relevance. Happy birthday to you.

12. This day, I celebrate you, sis. You’re blessed sis, keep increasing in the knowledge of God’s will in all wisdom and understanding. Amen.

13. The works of your hands are blessed, your hands are might and steady in the place of influence. Cheers to a better life in much more eternal relevance.

14. You’re blessed from coasts to coasts, endowed with supernatural favor. God bless you real good! Happy birthday, to a godly sister.

15. You’ve been a wonderful sister, thanks for co-laboring with the will of God in the nations of the earth! Loyalty is rare but it’s obvious in your walk…You’re eternally blessed! Happy birthday.

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Christian Birthday Blessings for Brother or Sister

Brothers too deserve and respond to birthday wishes sent in form of text messages. Let your brother know you love him and show how well you wish him well as he adds another year.

Whoever you have in mind, these messages can be restructured to perfectly fit those wonderful sisters in your church or your ‘woman of God’ too. Scroll through, for a pick of that which corresponds to the desires of your heart.

1. Happy birthday to a loving and caring brother. May your path continually get brighter. Cheers to more years of greater blessings.

2. Hurray! Happy Womb-escape day. I wish you the fulfillment of God’s promises; and the realities of every desire of your heart.

3. My prayer for you as you add another glorious year is that peace be multiplied, and God’s blessings be evident upon you. Enjoy your day to the brim, bro.

4. A brighter path. A better life. Greater joy and sweeter experiences shall be your portion, today as you celebrate and many more days of your life. Rejoice, it is your day!

5. It’s my prayer for you, my dear brother, that you won’t lose your significance on earth and beyond; because the number of lives you have changed via your walk with God cannot be erased! Keep basking in God’s love! You’re forever celebrated! Happy birthday!

6. I pray that as you pattern your life after your realities in Christ Jesus and live according to the character of the spirit, that the fruit of the spirit continues to be evident in your walk this day, and forever! Happy birthday, sis.

7. Today, being your birthday is full of the expression of the spirit and so shall it be forever. Therein we rejoice this day! Happy birthday!

8. It’s my prayer for you this day, that you give heed to the things of the spirit so much that they become your realities! Happy birthday, bro!

9. On this special day, I decree into your life, that you will not pay attention to human wisdom and vain philosophies but you will give your attention to the things that the Holy Ghost teaches! Happy birthday, woman of God.

10. It’s your birthday! My prayer for you is that you receive the strength to labor in prayers that through you men are changed, and nations will not remain the same in Jesus’s name. Remain blessed!

11. My heart prays for you, brother. You will not handle the word of God carelessly. You will continue to teach with accuracy and precision, and lives shall be continually changed forever under your mentorship. Happy birthday, papa!

12. Jesus had to pray for Peter (Luke22:32 ), so that the devil won’t sift him as wheat, on this great day of yours, I pray for you my lovely brother, that your faith will not fail you! My God got you, bro. Happy birthday!

13. It’s my prayer for you, my dear friend that as you journey on earth you will not prioritize earthly achievements over spiritual accomplishments in the mighty name of Jesus. Happy birthday!

14. At the end of your journey here on I pray for you, you will not lose your relevance. May your focus remain eternally relevant and not be overturned by the pleasures of life. Sincerely I love you! Birthday blessings.

15. It’s my prayer for you this day, all evils are hindered! The work of darkness over your life is exposed and thwarted in the mighty name of Jesus! Happy birthday.

16. Yes, life hasn’t been an entirely smooth journey, but I want to inform you that the devil has NO right to rule, reign or decide anything, all his endeavors fail, fall, and falter because you are in the spirit and live thereby! Rejoice! Rejoice! It’s your day baby girl! Happy birthday.

17. I decree upon this glorious day of yours that only the life, love, and light of Christ is manifested, seen, and celebrated around you now and forevermore….keep basking in God’s glory! Happy womb escape day!

18. I pray that the will and boldness to walk in love towards those that are needy, and in power towards the oppressed or sick come mightily upon you as you give more attention and focus on bible study and prayers in Jesus’s name. Heartiest congratulations on your birthday.

19. Hurray! It’s your birthday! It’s my prayer for you, that you will not miss out on every prompting, impulse, instruction, and direction of God’s Spirit, even the seemingly slightest in Jesus’ name. Amen.

20. The scripture told us not to worry about our life (Matthew 6:25) and that settles it. All your needs are met, as you become a vessel that meets the needs of others, spiritually, emotionally, and materially in Jesus’s name. Happy birthday, sister.

Prayer of Blessing for Sister or Brother

1. Your passion for soul winning leads many of us to be conscious and sensitive to this mandate. I pray for you, big sister, that your passion for the gospel will not diminish. Happy birthday, dear. God bless you.

2. The beautiful memories we shared growing up as kids will forever remain in my heart., most importantly the times we shared investing in our spiritual growth. For these and many more, I’ll be forever grateful! Happy birthday, sis!

3. I decree this day in the name of Jesus that lives will be changed by your activities in the gospel. That your walk with God would cause supernatural influence in people around you. Happy birthday! Remain blessed.

4. As an able minister of Christ, ordained by God, Today, as you celebrate another year of greater impact, I pray that you become more effective in the communication of your faith. May doors of utterance be opened unto you. May you enjoy more clarity through God’s word in the mighty name of Jesus. Happy birthday, sister.

5. Happy birthday to the last born of the family. As you celebrate your birthday today, may Jesus reign in your heart, and be revealed in your words and character. I wish you God’s abundant blessings, every day.

6. May the doors of utterance be opened unto you, and may you speak with all boldness to unveil the mystery of Christ. Confusion and obscurity are taken away from the heart of men through you In Jesus’s name. Happy birthday, sister! Wishing you more years of greater impact in the kingdom.

7. I pray that you have your mind renewed with the knowledge of God’s will and that you increase in His knowledge in all wisdom and spiritual understanding! Happy birthday, sister!

8. As you show forth the righteousness of God, this day, and the display of the power of God in you, men are healed and set free from their sicknesses.

9. I pray that as you stay with sound doctrine, you move in the strength of the spirit covering the face of the earth with great light, you will not slack or lag! Happy birthday lovely, sis.

10. Yipee! It’s your birthday. I pray that you progressively follow God’s plan, being consistent in the knowledge of God’s will, walking in his plan with more passion and zeal, to have your mind focused on eternal relevance! Amen!

11. They call you pastor’s wife, but you’re that and many more ‘my lovely sister’. I pray that you show forth the kindness of the Father without favoritism, and forgive all offenders their offenses without hesitation. Happy birthday, lovely sister.

12. As you grow older I pray that you give yourself to the ministry of the word and that you show yourself approved unto God, you will not handle the word carelessly and would teach with precision and accuracy! Happy birthday, darling!

Sending happy birthday wishes to your lovely sister and loved ones shows exactly how much you love them which is so thoughtful of you. With this collection of happy birthday wishes to my lovely sister, memorably extend your love.

Celebrating our birthdays and that of our loved ones is a beautiful thing to always do, but more than these, let’s learn to celebrate each other daily and appreciating almost every little thing that matters.

Sending sweet thoughts, wishes, words, prayers, and blessings shouldn’t be a yearly thing to your loved ones. We shouldn’t wait for special occasions like birthdays before celebrating and appreciating those that are special to us.

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