happy married life wishes for best friend

100 Happy Married Life Wishes For Best Friend And Loved Ones

Marriage has usually being a thing of joy and as friends who care, I understand the strong urge to give your friend all the support you can.

however, the importance of sending happy married life wishes for best friend to show your support could never be overemphasized as it is one basic thing never to be overlooked.

What could be more perfect than finding a person you can call your own and finally making that person yours forever by marriage.

Yes! I understand your desire to send the perfect emotion to your friend along with your text. You know that sweet, lovely, and passionate message that would put a large smile across their face. This is why I have come up with numerous happy married life wishes for best friend that would certainly send your right expression and give you your desired effects.

In this article, you would also be getting ideal happy married life wishes and messages to your sister, to newly married and others that matter to you. I’ve also included some happy married life quotes you can post on you’re your social media statuses, such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, and Twitter.

So, quit brainstorming and read on to the end to pick your perfect Message.

Know that every message in this content is at your disposal and can be even used word for word. In other words, it is free! It was written for you!

Congratulatory Happy Married Life Messages

You know that naughty, idea of not disturbing the newly wedded after their wedding celebration, especially when they are on their honeymoon? So instead of calling, I think it’s better to just send them a congratulatory message.

So I listed below some of the nicest happy married life messages to send them your best wishes.

The messages listed below in this segment would be best for those with whom you have more of an informal relationship. And can be used technically whether you know just one of the persons to be married or both.

1. Love, they say, is life; and life is love. Congratulations my dearest on finding an additional life. I wish you so much happiness.

2. I would tell the world how you boarded the love train and upon meeting your love, you became brighter than the sun. I bless you my dearly beloved friend from the depth of my heart. Happy married life.

3. The word, love, began to make much more sense as I saw it transform you into another person with so much life. I’m glad you found your better half. Happy married life.

4. Love would certainly be food as I witnessed how sweet it could get watching you joined to your beloved. I mean what could be sweeter? Wishing you both many more years of happiness, together.

5. As the sun rises, may you rise to more love, my dear. Remain loved, friend.

6. I watched you both boarding the ship of love, and even when the storm came ragging you both held on. Truly, I have learned a lot from you both, most especially how you let Jesus sail your ship as the captain. Your love is one to be celebrated for centuries. Congratulations!

7. Love would have truly remained a mystery to me until I met you both, my dearest friend. You both taught me the practical solution of love. I love you both my beloved. Enjoy an enviable home.

8. If love was a race, certainly you won. If it was a game, undeniably, you got the trophy. Seeing you get married, I couldn’t help but imagine the generation of champions that would evolve from you both. Keep loving each other dears.

9. Love became a spice to your long-lasting friendship, and finally, a marriage made the meal. May God keep the warmth. Happy married life to you guys.

10. Your meeting was special, and your union divine. Heaven smiles on you both. Happy union, my dearest friends.

Happy Married Life Wishes For Best Friend

1. Happy married life to the most beautiful couples. Cheers!

2. The love you both share knows no bounds but has bound you both together. May that love never diminish. Happy married life, my dearest.

3. Grow grey hairs together. Congratulations! I love you both.

4. Dearest love, happy married life to you and your spouse. Wish you the best.

5. To the most fabulous friend in the world, I wish you plenty of happiness and babies.

6. Enjoy the sweetest love life. Wishing you a happy beginning. More love to continue for a lifetime. Happy married life.

7. Darling, enjoy more love, and a fulfilled family. Once again, congratulations!

8. More wine, more merry, and more love. May God’s blessings overflow in your marriage.

9. I declare God’s protective hand over your newly founded love. Enjoy the best.

10. Fulfill great dreams and visions together; wishing you a lifetime of happiness and fulfilling days ahead.

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Happy Married Life Wishes for Sister

You know it’s a common saying that we all have a choice. So, many times, directly or indirectly, we get to choose what we want. We get to choose who we become, who we marry, who we keep as friends and more. But one thing I believe we don’t get to pick is our family!

While it’s quite natural for us not to be there for our parents when they were getting married, I think it’s going to be quite saddening not to be there for our siblings as they tie the knot.

Hence, I meticulously prepared various happy married life wishes for sisters. These are messages you can send to your sister before and after their wedding; and possibly a brother too, as the case may be.

Some of the messages listed below I believe can be used with little adjustment where needed whether you could or could not attend the wedding. Since I believe this would go a long way to show your heart-warming and unrelenting support to the couples.

1. Wishing you a happily married life, Sis. I pray as you both grow together, that your love grows stronger, and your bond becomes tighter. Wish you the very best.

2. You’ve always been a complete package in and out; however, at your wedding, I witnessed you being made whole. Wax stronger in love, sweet Sis. The love of God is with you.

3. Look at you my beautiful Sister, glowing, posing brighter than the sun as you were kissed by the cupid arrow. May your newly found love remain evergreen.

4. How do I express how proud I am of the woman you have become? To say it all, you are the best and I couldn’t ask for more. Am happy you found your love, one who would cherish and love the gem you are.

5. As you celebrate this very important moment of love I wondered the best gift I could give you. You were brighter than the sun, fairer than the stars, and sweeter than the apples. What more could I give to the best sister on earth. Congrats!

6. Two heads, they say, are better than one. Though I have always known you would do excellent things, now that you have a partner I could only imagine the exploits you both would do. More happiness to you, my dearest sis.

7. Happy married life, dear sister. You have always been a queen and so I’m delighted to see you find your king. Enjoy the best of married life.

8. You’ve always been the best Sis, so seeing you get married to the best was only right. All smiles dear; I am happy for you.

9. From the time I understood life, I watched you grow as we shared happy, sad, laughable, memories. I won’t say I have been there through it all but am certain I have witnessed so much and happy to be part of this memory as you reunite with the one whose ribs you took. I just hope they are not broken from the so much laughter we had during our merry moments (laughs). Love you, Sis.

10. You’ve always been strong, but seeing you get married to your heartbeat, I could only imagine the energy that evolved. You both became not just a team, but an unbeatable one at that. Happily married Life, Sweetest sis.

11. Happy married life to the most beautiful bride. l love you, sis.

12. I wish you a better life. Stay beautiful my sister.

13. I wish you a happy and prosperous life. Stay happily married.

14. Hello sis, one request as you are now married: make me an aunt soon! Happy love life to you.

15. Wish you a football team of babies, Love you, sis. Enjoy your marriage to the brim.

16. Good health and more love to your union. Wishing you happier days ahead.

17. Single, twins, triplet, or even quadruplet whatever your choice is may it be given to you. Happy marriage.

18. Soonest may we gather again to celebrate your start of motherhood. Congratulations to the latest couple in town.

19. Be favored among women and your equals. Happy marital life, Sister like no-other.

20. I bless the fruit of your womb. Happier life ahead. Besides, thanks for the free food.

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Happy Married Life Status

Just in case you want your happy married life messages and well wishes seen by a greater view of specific people, your status is one space to do so.

Do you get that idea of not only sending the happy married life wishes to friend or family member directly but also making it status and somehow the person gets to see it and then respond with that “Awwwww so sweet, thank you so much.” That’s a cool idea, right?

Social media status is one place where we easily get to share things we wish to share with people who are close enough to have our contact. So it’s normal that people who we wish happy married life and those who we want to see our good wishes are on our WhatsApp contact list. Below are twenty ideal happy married life statuses.

1. To be your friend has been a great honor as I watched with delight the pleasure you got from creating impact by lifting people out of the pit of ignorance to the height of knowledge. Therefore, today, I lift you and your spouse before the throne of heaven and I pray God to bless this union. I love you, friend, from the very depth of my heart.

2. I have been with you all this while and I have been convinced of what true friendship was; but now seeing that you have found the one, I am convinced that true love is real. Happy married life. I celebrate you.

3. Charity, love, and beauty are some of the many good things your lifestyle defines. You are the epitome of grace, an icon in our time. I know that your union with your beloved would birth great generations. Heavens smile at you.

4. Marriage is not just for reproduction. Marriage is for friendship, companionship, relationship, and partnership. I am happy you have found one who would sail with you in all these ships. I wish you a happy and successful sailing of storms, tumults, and distresses. I pray that you would get to where God wants you to be together.

5. As they say life is not a bed of roses. I wish you all the strength to face whatever bad or good that comes. I pray you both come out stronger from any storms that show up. I wholeheartedly wish you great happiness.

6. Marriage is an institution where one never graduates till death. So I pray may you never graduate from joy, peace, laughter, and happiness in the nearest future ahead.

7. Someone once told me that marriage is like a package of a beautiful shoe that is not tested until is bought. I pray that as you have got the pair of your shoes may it fit perfectly, not too loose or tight, but that it would carry you to the zenith of your destiny.

8. One will chase a thousand and two ten thousand. I am happy that the one that would chase ten thousand with you is right beside you. I wish you both all the beautiful things of life and all that it would take to raise a generation of gems.

9. “Do you believe in true love?” someone once asked me, and my reply was “I don’t think it exists”; but since I saw you, and your partner with the smiles that radiate your faces each time you both are together, my stance has changed, as I now believe there is true love. Congrats. Enjoy.

10. Truly, you’ve always been beautiful in and out. But finally today the beauty of love was rooted in you. You are spectacular!

11. May great grace to love one another to the very end always abide with you both. Cheers!

12 May your love always experiences the brightness of the morning, the strength in the noon, and the beauty of the night. Enjoy an enviable marriage.

13. As the hairs of our head are uncountable, so I pray that the blessing that comes with your union remains unlimited.

14. Wishing you all the beauty that comes with marriage, pretty babies, and a life full of love

15. They say no one is perfect, but I believe you both are a perfect team. Happy married life.

16. As the excitement of a child comes purely from the heart, may you find such excitement between each other. Love and peace would be live at the heart of you both. God bless you.

17. You have closed the curtains of singleness and have opened that of married life. May the loneliness that comes with singleness never be experienced again.

18. Finally you have found the one. The one who is called your better half, the one who would be strong for you when you are weak, the one who would complete you and stay by you through thick and thin. God bless you both and make you forever one.

19. God bless your union. As colorful as the rainbow, so would your life be colorful.

20. Though the time ticks by, and we grow older, but your love for each other would grow stronger. It would never fade. Cheers to the newest couple in town.

Wedding Messages to Couple

As we’ve read, I have tipped us on various unique Happy married life wishes to friends, sisters and even well wishes you could place on your status. What about those people like your distant cousins, colleagues, a friend of friends, uncles, and Aunties, and even your enemies (just kidding); you know those in the pictures who you relate to formally or semi-formally.

So what messages can we send to this set of people to wish them well?

Below I have listed not-so-specific Wedding Messages to Couple.

1. The perfect weather on your wedding day tells one truth that even the heavens support your union. Happy married life.

2. The wedding has come to an end, but may your love remain unending.

3. As you start on this life journey, I wish you the very strength to love and care for each other to the very end. Enjoy a blessed home.

4. They say one is not complete except he finds the one that completes you. Congratulations on finding your true love.

5. In the days of Noah God asked that each animal be brought in pairs; that meant, we all have our pair. Congratulations on finding yours.

6. I watched you both pronounce your love to the whole crowd and everyone who cared to listen. I pray the love you both share never diminishes but grows continually.

7. Thank you for letting me share this memorable day of your life. I wish you the very best

8. As the sun shines every day, may you wake up every morning to more love from each other. Congratulations.

9. Your smiles today were loveable and genuine. I wish you many more of those smiles.

10. I wish you a prosperous marriage

11. Today you both looked stunningly beautiful. I pray that beauty continues even to the making of a beautiful home.

12. The major purpose of marriage is for companionship, I wish you the strength to always be there for each other. Happy married life.

13. Thanks for letting me share this beautiful day with you, I wish you heavens best.

14. As you start on this new chapter of life. I pray that each page be filled with love and happiness, continually. Cheers!

15. Even as you grow older together in love, I pray your love remains ever fresh. Wishing you all the best.

16. I wish you a lifetime of love, as you take on this journey, may the great good fortunes of love always come your part.

17. Happy union to you both. Have a blissful honeymoon.

18. Cheers to the latest newlywed in town. Wishing you a splendid lifetime together.

19. Wish you all the success in building your very own great home.

20. My sincere gratitude to be part of this very important moment of your life. I wish you the best.

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You’ll agree with me that those happy married life messages, quotes, and prayers are heart-touching and unique. Send as much as you want to as many newly married couples as you know.

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