Proud Parents Quotes for Graduation

40 Inspirational Proud Friends & Proud Parents Quotes for Graduation

The stage of graduation signifies the end of a very long cycle of years of study, even the years leading up to university, and at the same time symbolizes the beginning of a new stage in which all energy and motivation are required to continue moving towards the achievement of the proposed objectives.

Graduation is the result of the effort, perseverance, and discipline that has been put into the goal of finishing a degree. It is certainly an event that should not go unnoticed, and graduation words and phrases will always be very welcome.

Given the new path that opens to those who are graduating, the graduation phrases to congratulate and motivate, are an encouragement to make you feel that your achievements have been recognized.

Below is an energetic graduation phrase that shouldn’t be overlooked. We have titled this session of proud friends and proud parents quotes for graduation is to help you put your joy into words because  we know it is the pride of friends and all parents to see their children graduating.

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Inspirational Proud Parents Quotes for Graduation

1. The end of this stage brings with it the beginning of another stage; where effort, talent, and the ability to face the world outside of school will be put to the test. Congratulations on the occasion of your graduation.

2. It must be remembered that success is not measured by the triumphs achieved, but by the ability to get up as many times as necessary to achieve what we propose. Congrats dear.

3. Watching a child celebrate graduation is one of the best things in life. Surely your chest is brimming with pride, admiration, and joy. Enjoy this moment to the fullest, it is unique and unrepeatable. Congratulations.

4. Today is a special day to express all my love and admiration for you, son. Thank you for giving me the joy of seeing you graduate from high school. You are amazing, continue to succeed, I will be by your side every step of the way.

5. From the first day I took you to school I knew how proud you would make us. You were an excellent student and now that you are graduating from high school I feel deeply blessed and grateful that you are my son. Congratulations, my boy.

6. How much satisfaction and pride you must harbor in your hearts today to see that the fruit of our efforts and dedication as parents is enhanced today with the professional title that you receive on this day. Congratulations on this achievement!

7. From the moment a child is born, parents walk with him every journey towards success and improvement. Today I want to congratulate you for being that father who served as a guide, example, and motivation for your son to reach one more goal in life today, upon graduating from high school.

8. When you sow in fertile land and fertilize with love, you will surely obtain good fruits, and that is what life is giving you by allowing you to see your children succeed as you always dreamed of, becoming men of good and giving you the enormous satisfaction of seeing them receive their graduation diploma, as your youngest son does today. Receive my congratulations because this is also your triumph.

9. A father always dreams of seeing his children graduate and being able to share those wonderful moments in life with them. Congratulations because today you have the joy of living the experience of your son’s graduation and seeing him proudly receive his bachelor’s degree.

10. Your child’s grade should give them indescribable joy, which is understandable after so many years of effort, study, and sacrifice. Congratulations on this special day.

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Graduation Message From Parents To Son/ Daughter

1. You have seen your son grow and I have seen a father teach his son to grow, life rewards you today when you see your son approaching with his hands full of a title. Congratulations on your son’s graduation.

2. Congratulations to the father who has educated his son with effort, today he sees him succeed and fulfill his dreams, it is a joy and a blessing shared by masters. Congratulations on your son’s grade!

3. Seeing your son graduate is a dream come true, that this wonderful happiness remains etched in their minds for the rest of their lives. Congratulations on your son’s grade.

4. As a father, you have given your son wise words, absolute confidence, teachings with love, and everything he can with patience so that today he achieves the goal of graduating with his effort, congratulations to the father who has seen great value in his son.

5. As a parent, you do everything in your power to set the best example of life for your son, and you realize that your son has followed you when you see him receiving a degree. Congratulations on having a graduating son!

6. You never know that your child is good if you do not allow him to achieve his goal alone, today you prove that your child can give more than you expect. Congratulations on your child’s grade.

7. Your child’s grade is a blessing that fills them with satisfaction. It represents a reward for the effort, dedication perseverance, and sacrifices that were made as parents to see their dreams come true. Congratulations.

8. Behind the joy and satisfaction of seeing your son graduate, there comes the effort, love, and sacrifices that were given to support children to be professionals. Congratulations.

9. Wonderful student, great potential, and talented student, today you graduate from school with honors, take advantage of your skills in everything you undertake, you will see that every effort has its rewards. Congratulations on your graduation!

10. I celebrate you on your graduation dear friend. The journey wasn’t easy but the triumph makes it memorable. Congratulations.

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Graduation Congratulations Quotes for A Friend

Graduation Congratulations Quotes for A Friend

Graduating from university is an extraordinary achievement, despite not being an easy task because it requires many hours of study, work, effort, and perseverance to achieve it; but eventually, you’ll get what you always wanted with persistence.

Sending a congratulatory message to your friends or family on such an occasion to commemorate their happiness will be a great idea.

Below are well-structured graduation congratulation quotes for friends.

1. Congratulations friend! Your university graduation is a great step that marks your success and the prosperity of your life, from now on your professionalism will be recognized by many. Thanks for your dedication and commitment.

2. My dear friend, what pride it is to know that after several years of constant struggle and hard work you have managed to finish your university degree. The path of success awaits you; go for them! Congratulations on your graduation!

3. Friend, it is clear that with your graduation you leave a great example to follow, you have taught many that effort pays off. Congratulations to the new university professional!

4. After several years of study and sacrifices to complete your professional career at the university, we are proud that the most precious friend achieves her goal. Congratulations on your university graduation!

5. This is a very big step forward. From now on, the opportunities are greater. I hope you will reap great successes. Congratulations friend!

6. As you grow professionally, your opportunities grow, I am sure that successes will follow where you go. My dear friend, I congratulate you on your great effort to graduate from university. Congratulations!

7. On the road of life you can achieve many goals, but graduating from university is a valuable achievement, obtained on your own merits because you overcame every obstacle, you made an effort and you even sacrificed a lot to achieve it. I admire you and I congratulate you on your university graduation.

8. The time has come to receive your university degree, today you sing victory for a dream come true. Today, those who love you are proud of the woman who with all her effort reached her goal. Congratulations friend, at your college graduation!

9. My sincere congratulations to my friend who receives her university degree with satisfaction, I ask God that you continue to reach new goals and obtain many successes in your professional and personal life.

10. My dear friend, I admire your ability to do everything you propose, to show a button, today you graduate from university thanks to the work and effort you have put into it. Congratulations!

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Inspirational and Sweet Graduation Messages

Whether it is proud parent quotes for graduation or graduation congratulations quotes for a friend, it is important to make them sweet and inspirational.

So, it doesn’t matter who you might want to send a goodwill message to, on his or her graduation, we believe any of these inspirational and sweet graduation messages will help send them your wishes and let them know there are more trophy to be won.

1. Graduating represented a goal achieved in your life, friend. Obtaining it required work, discipline, and self-motivation, Today, you feel proud of an achievement, and I am sure you will achieve many more. Congratulations on your degree!

2. Congratulations on your graduation friend! I’m glad you have come this far.

3. You are one of those who choose a path to leave a mark. I congratulate your commitment to finish what you started and to support many to continue. Your graduation is the fruit of your commitment. Congratulations on your degree!

4. Today you achieve a goal. This is one of many and never stops drawing another plan for a brighter future. It is just the beginning of the many things you can achieve. Congratulations on your graduation!

5. You got to where you are because of the effort you have put in to achieve it. Congratulations on your graduation!

6. Congratulations! At this moment you stop being a student, but that does not stop you from constant learning so that you are always updated. The goal is that you reach much beyond what you imagine and what others expect.

7. During your studies, you went through certain failures, but you have the determination to transform those failures into opportunities. I’m so proud of you. Congratulations on your graduation!

8. You already have a title for which you go out to offer your talent, but always carry your light and your individuality with you, so that with them you can do great things. Congratulations on your achievement.

9. Congratulations on your graduation! Keep chasing your dreams until each one of them is fulfilled. Wishing you more wins.

10. Congratulations. You proved your ability through focus and determination. We are so proud of you. Cheers!

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