Romantic Good Afternoon Messages

100 Flirty Romantic Good Afternoon Messages and Quotes [ Him/Her ]

Before anything else, I’d like to say, Good afternoon friend!

You’ll agree with me that afternoon is the time when love is least expressed. It is also the time when love is least expected. Imagine what it would be like, when you decide to go a little above the norms in your relationship — Expressing your love, when it is least expected, with romantic good afternoon messages and quotes. I assure you, this will go a long way solidifying your relationship.

There is room for love to happen on a sunny afternoon when the energy of your loved one is knocked out by stress or fatigue. There is enough inspiration they could derive from this collection of romantic good afternoon messages to enable them to take a rest, have a feel of renewed freshness and to know that you, being a very special person, are thinking of them.

When the work level is high and the weight of workplace stress is heavy, Sending romantic good afternoon messages to your lover is a great way to prove your timeless love to that special person. Convinced him/ her beyond doubt, that he/she matters to you more than anything else.

Simply take out a little time to whisper some romantic words into his/her heart with these flirty and romantic good afternoon messages. Guess what? A simple ‘Good afternoon, friend. Do have a wonderful day’ can go a long way…

If you are ready for the best, let’s take this ride.

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Good Afternoon Love Messages


1. Hey dear. The stress of work is overwhelming, but the thought of you, as mine, has kept me going. I though to let you know that I’m thinking of you. Have a refreshing afternoon, my Love.

2. It’s been business as usual here. However, I keep thinking about the moments we shared together, and all I desire is to be with you, have my arms wrapped around you and hold you tight to myself. I miss you. Do have a good afternoon.

3. I wish you were here right now; I wish I could put my arms around you and give you a tight hug. I wish I didn’t have to be left with just the memory of our happy moments together. I wish I could experience it with you all over again. I still love you. Good afternoon.

4. I miss you so much with each passing day. Even in the midst of full desk, I still miss you, this afternoon. Good afternoon, honey.

5. To always be together with you is what I pray to God for every chance I get, not just at dawn, neither just at dusk but also at noon. I want to spend the rest and the whole of my life with you. Good afternoon. Just know that I love you.

6. Sweetheart. I want you to know that since you became a big part of my life, I have continuously enjoy peace and unending joy. I cherish you, and I’ll always do. Good afternoon. Have a great day, my love.

7. A beautiful and bright noon comes after an amazing dawn. Do enjoy your afternoon. I love and miss you so much. Good afternoon.

8. After a pacific night rest comes a grandeur morning. Much more is that with the unfolding of the day comes a beautiful afternoon. Be sure to have an enjoyable lunch. Good afternoon, I love you.

9. I have my heart and love wrapped up and given it to you without fear; as a present from me to you. Be sure to use up all the love before returning it to me. I love you. Good afternoon.

10. As the dawn comes with blessing and dusk with peace. My wish is for your afternoon to be filled with doubled sheets of sweet blessings. Have a great day, my love.

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Good Afternoon Sweetheart Quotes


The afternoon is the time of the day, when, without letting anything hold you back, you need to send sweet romantic good afternoon messages to your loved ones.

Sending a good afternoon message to your sweetheart can be likened to watering a seed that was previously cultivated. The output is usually and always a bounty of fruitfulness in your love relationship.

Here are the perfect good afternoon sweetheart messages for you to send to your sweetheart to make her afternoon more enjoyable and water the grounds of her heart where the seed of your love is planted.

1. I wish this never ends because an afternoon with an especially beautiful person like you, sweetheart is all I crave for. Good afternoon sweetheart. I love you.

2. Thee good, the bad and the ugly might come along with the afternoon. But I’m confident that for as long as I’m with you I’ll have the strength to carry on. I love you. Good afternoon sweetheart.

3. Like the sun which shines in the hot afternoon, I wish you to glow leaving in awe of anyone and everyone who sees you and the amazing works you have done. Good afternoon sweetheart, I adore you.

4. Though finding a wonderful and amazing person like you is hard, the heavens chose to gift you to me. This is Grace. I love you, sweetheart. Good afternoon.

5. I adore your being, for this reason, a day filled with bountiful blessings, joy and goodness is what I wish you today and always. Good afternoon sweetheart.

6. Just like 1,2,3 sweetheart, you can count on me. All you need do is say the word, any time, any day and anywhere and I’ll be there for you and by you. Good afternoon sweetheart.

7. Time is an irrecoverable entity and I choose to spend it with you so that every second of our moment together counts. Good afternoon my love.

8. Sweetheart, this is me saying Good afternoon. You are tired out already I know, but a soothing greeting from me to you this afternoon would be a good idea. I love you. Good afternoon sweetheart.

9. Going home without reaching out to you is a total no-no for me. The temperature of the afternoon may be high but saying good afternoon to you sweetheart sure means the world to me. I adore you. Have a great day, my love.

10. Sweetheart, for everything you have done for me, for being my support system I say thank you. I love you and always will do till the very end. Good afternoon sweetheart.

Sweet And Romantic Good Afternoon Messages For Him or Her

1. The weather may be as hot as it pleases to, but trust me, babe, it can never be enough to melt my love for you away. Good afternoon sweetheart.

2. Having you in my life gives me so much happiness. You are the best thing that has ever happened to me. I love you so very much. Good afternoon sweetheart.

3. My sweetheart, thank you for having such a great day yesterday. As you laughed your eyes tickled with endless joy and it gladdened my heart. Good afternoon. I love you.

4. You are a priceless jewel, my love, the world has been a wonderful place to live in since we fell in love with each other. Good afternoon sweetheart

5. I will continually be delighted with you in my life. Good afternoon sweetheart.

6. I’m thankful to God for this life because it gave you to me. I always will love you, until the very end. Do have a good afternoon sweetheart.

7. Even at the times of life that seem like the hardest, I have reasons to smile because I have seen the one who really loves me. Thank you for loving me, sweetheart. Good afternoon to you.

8. My life is sweet because of your love, forgetting you will never be an option because you deserve love and caring. Good afternoon sweetheart.

9. Sweetheart, the beat of my love is always in my heart for you because of this amazingly nice person you have grown into. I love you. Good afternoon.

10. The greatest feeling of all time is true love; because it gives you the feeling that a special someone is ‘a head over heels’ in love with you. I love you, sweetheart. Good afternoon.

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Short Romantic Good Afternoon Message For My Wife


The sun is hot. The pressure at work is high. At the same time, she’s thinking of so many other things to do at home for the family. The fatigue of the stress in her mind is showing on her face. I think this is the best time to remind her of your love for her with romantic good afternoon messages for her.

When you need a good afternoon message for your wife, any of these ‘good afternoon message for my wife’ will go along way to express your love and communicate your feelings to the most important person in your life.

One secret (just between us); set her mood on, for the deal in the bedroom. Get her prepared for the night-game, with sweet romantic good afternoon messages for her. You’ll thank me later, in the morning (wink).

1. If only the universe could comprehend the depth of my love for you, it would have to celebrate us infinitely. Good afternoon my darling wife.

2. I’m blessed to have you grace my life with your presence. You are the good wife I prayed for and more. I love and adore you. Good afternoon my jewel.

3. Though the moment may be hot, my heart surely will never be too hot to the extent of not remembering you. I love you, my heart. Good afternoon dearest.

4. My love, I texted you this message with the thought of making you smile. I hope I succeeded, I love you. Good afternoon. Have a great day.

5. Five years together with you has been amazing and I must confess that this is actually the fifth year of me falling in love with you all over again. Keep being my muse baby as I am yours. Good afternoon my sunshine.

6. Having you in my life has always been a delightsome experience. Thank you for saying yes, my love. I adore you. Good afternoon, my happiness.

7. To the one, I love, to the jewel who accepted me, to the queen who makes my heart gladden. I present myself to you, babe. Good afternoon, my Queen.

8. I have come to the realization that the missing rib I have been seeking to find is you; because with you, I am wholly complete. I adore you, my love. Good afternoon.

9. Your face, so precious, so pretty. I’m always happy whenever it flashes in my head, much happier whenever I see it. My angel, I love you very much. Good afternoon darling.

10. I have a confession to make, you have become my ‘can’t do without’, because thoughts of you never leave my heart. Even in my dream, sweetheart, I think of you. I need you more. Good afternoon dearest.

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Flirty Texts To Make Him Laugh


Who said men don’t get ‘tickled’ with words? If you’ve not been expressing your love with him through your words, you’re missing out on something very powerful. In the afternoon, when you’re probably far apart from each other, a flirty good afternoon texts for him will do a great job.

Let him know that, no matter how busy you can be, he’s still the one that occupies the largest part of your heart. And guess what? You don’t even need to rack your brain to do that. I knew you may need this, so I prepared some romantic good afternoon messages for him, which also doubles as flirty texts to make him laugh.

1. Hello Champ, be sure to take good care of yourself for me, will you? Because seeing your face shine like a Superstar sure makes me happy. Good afternoon, World best.

2. When I was hit with the realization that you are mine, I became literally snowed under, by happiness. Thank you love and Good afternoon to you.

3. I dreamt of you last night. Now here I am still daydreaming about you. Good afternoon. Have a great day, my love.

4. I am aware of the fact that nobody is perfect, but you are way past average. Not another day of my life does I want to spend without you.

5. I received your message and I must say that you are adorable even over text. I love you. Good afternoon.

6. The thoughts of seeing you later in the day have just let loose the butterflies in my tummy. Good afternoon, Earl.

7. Without you here, I miss the ‘me’ that surfaces when you are around. Your presence brings out a new me. Good afternoon, my King.

8. I look at you and ask myself, “What on earth did I think about the whole time when I hadn’t met you. Good afternoon, love.

9. I grin so wide and smile so deep like a funny person when I receive an SMS from you. You’re my alcohol, you intoxicate my entire being.

10. I think our first night would be extraordinary. Much more extraordinary than when we first met.

11. From the moment we met, my smile literally refused to go away. Good afternoon, muse.

12. Tick tock goes the clock as I begin a countdown expectant of when or lips would meet again in a sweetness. Good afternoon, my Hero.

13. Here I am longing to see you even after we spent the whole night together. Good afternoon, babes.

14. Realizing that you are an astonishing person came early. Thank you for choosing me. Good afternoon.

15. I wish you were here with me this very moment. A cute guy that just walked past me made me think of you. Good afternoon dear.

16. Holla love, well honestly I ain’t got nothing new to say. I just sincerely want to hear your voice and talk to you. I love you, darling. Good afternoon.

17. Just so you know, I am falling really hard for you and you are so damn cute. Good afternoon, Chairman.

18. I brag about you to my friends and I am sure they are sick of hearing me talk about you. But I brag about you still. I l love you to the moon and back. Good afternoon, muse.

19. I fell and you caught me. Interestingly, I keep falling for you over and over and I love how you make me feel excited. A pleasant afternoon to you.

20. I cannot believe I wasted a whole lot of water and time today in the shower. You were on my mind the whole time, distracting me. Good afternoon dear.

Highly Romantic Good Afternoon Quotes for Her


Afternoons are usually busy, mainly filled with the entire heat of the day. At this moment, the most important thing is to let your loved ones know that you still think of them despite the buzz of the day, and the surest way to do this is by having romantic good afternoon quotes for her.

Create that impression today, let her know that she is a part of your day and I’m confident she will appreciate your romantic good afternoon messages for her. One more thing about lunchtime lovely quotes is that it can help fuel her energy for the many tasks on her desk.

Here in the preceding compilations are romantic good afternoon quotes for her that would convey your message perfectly well.

1. Just like the metamorphosis that misses a stage is tagged incomplete, without telling you how much I love you, my day would be incomplete. Good afternoon darling, do have a great day.

2. The day already is beautiful, but hearing your melodious voice would sure make it more beautiful. Good afternoon, my pretty baby girl.

3. As the sun radiates gloriously, touching everything in its path, it reminds me of your cute face. Good afternoon angel, have an amazing day.

4. I crave for you baby, every moment of the day I long for your sweet love as I cannot stop wishing you were right here with me. Good afternoon darling.

5. To the world’s best lady, sweetheart, you’re the first lady of the Central Republic of my Heart. I love you, cupcake.

6. I am blessed to have you in my life. I will always cherish you. Good afternoon, my darling.

7. From the very moment we met up until this very hour, my heart gladdens at the thought of you. Good afternoon, dearest.

8. Whenever you are with me, I get goosebumps and my heart beats faster because of your love for me. I cherish you forever, my baby.

9. I miss having you here with me baby, I wish above all things to have you by my side now. I miss you love. Good afternoon, friend.

10. I know you know, but I choose to remind you today that you are the most precious thing to ever happen to me. Good afternoon, my baby.

Lovely And Cute Good Afternoon Texts for Her


Do you want to win her over? Or perhaps you just want to spark up flames with that special someone, then you need to send cute good afternoon texts for her that will make her continually think of you.

Simply because the era of writing love letters by hand on paper is over doesn’t mean you shouldn’t make an effort to communicate your feelings. This is because you can be romantic with her over text by sending cute good afternoon texts for her to have your thoughts all day long.

1. I am trying my best to concentrate at work, but I just cannot get the thoughts of you out of my head. Good afternoon, babes.

2. I caught myself smiling like an tickled baby when your name pops up on my phone screen. Good afternoon, friend.

3. You look hotter than ever in the picture you just uploaded. Good afternoon, miss world.

4. I am happy to have met you, my only problem now is that I can’t stop thinking about you, you are constantly on my mind. Good afternoon to you.

5. I hope your afternoon is going just as beautiful as you. Good afternoon, angel.

6. The sun sure is shining brightly, I bet you look beautiful. Good afternoon, gold.

7. I wish I was looking at your pretty face right now. Good afternoon, darling.

8. I want to be with you right now so I could hold you in my arms and just stare into your face. Good afternoon. I love you babes. I miss you.

9. On a hot sunny afternoon, you’re the only thing on my mind. I look forward to the evening to hold you in my arms. Good afternoon sweetie.

10. I wish I was there with you to intoxicate you with my presence, to hold you tight, to be with you instead of just sending you this loving good afternoon message.

11. Guess what, dear? You wouldn’t believe that while  working on a file, I got so deep in thought, thinking about you. I can’t wait to be with you shortly. I love you and I’ll always love you.

12. This message is sent from a loving heart, with smile to brighten up your day and hugs to revitalize your strength. More so, to remind you of me, as much as I’m thinking of you. Enjoy a fulfilling day.

13. In the midst of so much to do, I’m finding time to say, Good afternoon, my love. See you later.

14. I’ll love to hug you this time, rather than wishing you a good afternoon. Distance shouldn’t be a barrier, so I’m sending this text as my hug. Receive it as you hug your phone.

15. Good afternoon, Handsome. My treasure and pleasure. My desire, with whom I will retire. You mean so much to me. Do have a wonderful day.

You’ll agree with me that those are lovely good afternoon SMS. I think you should bookmark these romantic good afternoon messages on your device, so that when next you need some thoughtful good afternoon messages for friends, you’ll know they are just at your fingertips. 

You have them all-ready. With these romantic good afternoon messages, the noontime can be filled with romance and expression of love to that special person in your life. Simply pick any of these without the need for permission (you have it already, for free of charge (LOLs)), and get the love going to the next level.

Hey! Before you go. In the comment box, tell me how great you found these to be.


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