Performance Appraisal Employee Final Comments

125 Performance Appraisal Employee Final Comments (Self-Appraisal)

If you’re working in a future-forward company, your employer will most likely adopt a self-appraisal performance review method.

During a self-appraisal, you evaluate yourself and there may be a need to make some performance appraisal employee final comments.

This self-appraisal you complete for your performance evaluation is important since it illustrates your level of self-awareness and professional growth.

Being self-aware is crucial for employees since it makes you aware of your assets and liabilities as well as how other people see you.

Higher levels of awareness increase the likelihood of improved self-confidence, stronger interpersonal bonds, and improved decision and problem-solving abilities.

Self-awareness also enables you to advance personally and professionally, which affects your company’s expansion as well.

If your employer is adopting the self-appraisal approach, you may need to answer some questions.

• What are your accomplishments and contributions?

• What specific actions of yours have negatively affected your colleagues and the organization at large?

• And what new initiatives are you committing to for improvement?

Once you’ve answered these questions, you are now prepared to write your performance appraisal employee final comments.

Without further ado, let’s look at 120 performance appraisal employee final comments that you can adopt in your next performance assessment at once.

Performance Appraisal Employee Final Comments And Goal Setting

During self-appraisals, it’s normal to feel anxious. It’s a vulnerable moment, but it can also be the most rewarding moment in your career since it’s an opportunity to evaluate yourself and your performance.

Here are some performance appraisal employee final comments and goal setting

examples to get you started:

1. My goal is to enhance my interpersonal abilities and dissolve situations that encourage tension between me and my teammates.

2. I will create a unique communication workplace that will promote openness and honesty.

3. I tend to figure things out by myself, and I’ll work hard to get comfortable with having others help me so I can quickly complete my task.

4. I feel more comfortable sharing information with my office mates, but I’ll try to also share it with the whole team often.

5. I tend to interrupt to answer and that has made me answer incorrectly at times. I will listen carefully to understand what others are saying before speaking.

6. I am a creative person, but I think I complicate a task by being too creative. I’ll try to be more simplistic in my approaches.

7. Sometimes it’s hard to explain my expectations to others. I think I’ll take the time to understand my work better.

8. I am capable of answering many of the difficult questions clients ask me, and this has increased our customer turnover by 10%. I plan to increase this figure to 20% by next quarter.

9. 80% of customers stated in the survey that they are dissatisfied with my service. I plan to improve the customer satisfaction rate by 50% by the end of this month.

10. I’m good at delivering results, yet I fall short when it comes to checking up on important clients. I’m working on a follow-up strategy for key clients.

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Planning And Organizing Self-Appraisal Comments

Planning and organizing is the ability to successfully coordinate oneself, others, and resources, including time and outside circumstances, in order to achieve a certain goal.

Take a look at these planning and organizing self-appraisal comments to find out where you’re at:


1. I am great at organizing projects and tasks to stop gaps and overlaps in responsibilities.

2. I help my coworkers to be organized and to have an organized workplace.

3. I use technology efficiently to set up and share plans with those who need to be in the loop.

4. I consider myself a strategist, one who creates workable and realistic plans that lead to the achievement of set goals.

5. I always plan for contingencies in case plans fall through or need to be altered.

6. I have created plans and policies to enhance productivity which have become the standard for others.

Areas Of Improvements

7. I find myself more concerned about organization than the accomplishment of projects. I need to balance my need for an organized system and complete my tasks.

8. My workplace is a mess. I end up spending too much time searching for things that shouldn’t take long to find. I will seek help in creating an effectively organized system.

9. I tend to procrastinate until the last hour to know the required resources, but by then, they are unavailable.

10. I commit to creating plans for my projects but end up doing nothing.

11. I make plans that are often too detailed that they don’t allow room for change. I need to be more flexible with my planning system and run it through my boss for review.

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Self-Appraisal Comments By Employee Example

Writing self-appraisal comments can occasionally be tiresome and time-consuming, but it is crucial for both personal and business success.

If your manager or supervisor is employing the self-evaluation appraisal method, and you have no idea on how to go about it, stress no further as we’ve provided some ideas for you.

So, use any of these samples of performance appraisal employee final comments listed below for your upcoming performance evaluation.


1. I am diligent in completing the tasks assigned to me within the given deadlines.

2. So far, I have met 90% of the deadlines given to tasks and projects I’m involved in. If there’s going to be a delay, I inform the right authorities ahead of time and with persuasive reasons.

3. I have a great understanding of the responsibilities given to me, and I prioritize efficiently which helps me to meet up with targets.

4. I arrive at work on time and work on my table with almost no supervision. I only take scheduled breaks. Not exceeding break time.

5. I take the time to cross-check my work, refining here necessary so I can deliver an excellent job.

6. I choose to respect the time of my collection by ensuring meetings begin and end when they should.

7. I am adaptable to different situations and can cope with different levels of pressure.


8. From my self-review, I tend to give a lot of excuses and play the blame game when I haven’t met up with my tasks. I even pass on my responsibilities to others if I could. I need to review my motivations and set up an accountability system that will curb excuses.

9. From my self-evaluation, I’m poor at handling face-to-face contact with customers. I have a preference for handling customers through phone calls. I need to improve my customer relations skills.

10. I am highly critical of the methods, results, and viewpoints of my colleagues. I have to learn to be more positive and receptive in my speech.

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Self-Appraisal Comments By Employee Example Quality Of Work

Are you an employee who does high-caliber work?

Employees that uphold the law and go above and beyond the call of duty support the success of any business.

Use these self-appraisal comments by employee example quality of work to state the caliber of work you produce at your job.


1. I painstakingly work on each project to ensure I deliver the best version of the work.

2. Before submission, I triple-check my work, and sometimes, send it to a colleague for review before the final submission.

3. I consistently upgrade my sales targets and this has produced 10x the revenue for the company.

4. I keep a to-do list that consists of all the requirements of the projects. The list helps me to stick to job demands.

5. I ask the necessary questions from the right sources to understand the nature of the work I’m given so I can better deliver on it.

6. With intense dedication, I’ve decreased our overhead costs by 70%.


7. I often become defensive when my boss or teammate points out my errors. I need to learn to be more receptive to corrections regarding my work.

8. I miss out on cogent details when handling many projects at once. I need to be realistic about the number of projects I can efficiently handle without compromising on quality.

9. I tend to procrastinate on tasks assigned to me until the final deadline, and then rush when the reality of the deadline hits. I will set up a daily accountability system to ensure I work on the plan no matter what.

10. I tend to underestimate the time needed to complete a task, so I end up rushing through the task and delivering a poor job. Next time, with the help of my colleagues, I’ll set reasonable time targets and not put myself under unnecessary pressure.

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Communication Self-Appraisal Comments

We included this in our collection of performance appraisal employee final comments because we know that communication is a high-demand skill. Identify where you excel or need to improve using these communication self-appraisal comments as a guide.


1. I share my opinions and ideas with my teammates and bosses clearly.

2. I have an accountability system that helps me update my coworkers about my work progress.

3. I have a response system that allows me to answer emails speedily and professionally.

4. I ensure I share important information with my bosses and colleagues so they will be updated about the big and small developments.

5. I am an excellent storyteller and presenter when it comes to communicating my ideas to a big or small audience.

Areas Of Improvements

6. It’s difficult for me to express my ideas with clarity. I tend to mix up my words or use phrases that poorly convey my intentions. I need to improve my vocabulary by learning new words and their connotations.

7. When it comes to writing my thoughts, I excel, but verbal communication is my weakness. I need to go for more public speaking training.

8. I find myself hesitating when it’s time to converse with my supervisor. I will develop a strategy to improve my self-confidence.

9. My email writing ability is poor. Customers complain about the numerous grammatical errors and the bogus words I use. I plan to make use of grammar and proofreading software before emailing a client.

10. I shy away from tough conversations because I feel they connote negativity. Now I realize it’s important and possible to have difficult conversations while being positive.

11. I’m now aware my coworkers get uncomfortable with my communication style. Since my focus is to have tasks performed in a timely fashion, I’ll have to refine my manner of approach so my colleagues won’t think I’m personally attacking them.

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Team Skill Self-Appraisal Comments

Highlight your teamwork and collaboration skills before your boss or the appraisal team with one or more of these team skills self-appraisal comments provided below:


1. I am a great team player. I’m always ready to help and contribute to the success of group projects.

2. I work effectively with other team members to achieve assigned projects and tasks.

3. I’m willing to coach others. I prioritize the team. I set aside personal issues to deal with team-related matters first.

4. I share in the joys and achievements of my team members. It excites me to see my team thrive and that humbles me.

5. I’m more confident as a person and a team leader and this has impacted how I make decisions for the team. This has resulted in greater influence over my team members and respect from them.

Areas Of Improvements

6. I have given my team members too much freedom. This has prevented them from submitting projects on time, as they get distracted by new takes. I’ll set time targets with clearly defined responsibilities. Also, there won’t be an assignment of new tasks until the old ones are satisfactorily completed.

7. Although I’m on a team, I find it easier to work alone. I’ll try to involve myself with the team by sharing my input during meetings.

8. I’m great at delegating tasks but this has made my team members slack in assuming responsibility. I’ll share my concern with them, and work at creating an environment where team members show initiative in taking on tasks instead of waiting for me.

9. I tend to ignore the achievements of my teams. When a team performs excellently, I’ll acknowledge and reward their efforts.

10. I’m great at giving feedback regarding groups. But I’ll try to be more constructive and encouraging with my feedback so the team can know where to improve and develop themselves.

11. I delight in personal recognition, but this has created partiality and detachment among my teammates. Next time, I’ll praise my teammates more often.

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Continuous Learning Self-Appraisal Comments Examples

It’s important to evaluate your professional growth. Here are some continuous learning self-appraisal comments examples to assist you in highlighting your growth strategies for your professional development and influence inside the organization.


1. I schedule personal growth plans every month to make sure I’m balanced at my work.

2. I have created a 3-year career vision which I’m following by taking these steps to achieve.

3. I am passionate about learning and keeping my skills sharpened

4. I read both to learn and for pleasure, and this has helped me make invaluable contributions to the progress of this company.

Areas Of Improvements

5. It’s difficult to find the time to upgrade my skill set. I will work on my time management skills and develop a professional growth plan for myself.

6. I tend to give superficial answers to questions. I need to upgrade my level of expertise by taking professional courses and attending seminars

7. I have built in-depth knowledge but in a very limited area. I need to expand my knowledge base across other areas.

8. I tend to allow many certifications and licenses to elapse before renewal. I will set up a reminder system to keep me in check.

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Initiative Proactiveness Self-Appraisal Comments

Show how invested or engaged you are in occasionally taking responsibility for tasks without being asked to by choosing any of these initiative proactiveness self-appraisal comments listed below:


1. I show initiative whenever I suggest new methods/ways to go about the project and improve our performance.

2. I apply initiative to network and connect with others so I can gain from their experiences.

3. Whenever I see leadership programs or opportunities popping up in the industry, I apply to volunteer and put my skills to work.

4. I’m always willing to take on additional tasks even when I have other tasks to work on.

5. I constantly come up with unique viewpoints that transform the way we think about the company matters we are delaying with.

6. I’m great at turning creative ideas and views into applicable solutions.

Areas Of Improvements

7. I hardly improve the value of the project assigned to me. I stick to the basic requirements and this has made me produce mundane tasks. I will have to go out of my way to produce beyond-average work.

8. I have a rigid approach to solving problems. This has limited me from taking advantage of opportunities to do things better. I need to be more flexible and open-minded.

9. I find it difficult to work under pressure and adjust to unfamiliar tasks. Next time I’m in an unfamiliar situation, I’ll get the advice of a boss or coworker who’s been in the same situation.

10. I tend to start projects with little planning, and then submit a poorly done job. To make sure this isn’t repeated, I’ll take the time to understand what is expected from me and create an action plan before starting.

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Interpersonal Effectiveness Self-Appraisal Comments

The abilities needed to effectively connect, communicate with, and work with both individuals and groups are known as interpersonal skills.

These abilities are crucial for success in both your professional and personal lives. You need to be good at getting along with others if you want to succeed in your career or make lasting friendships.

Choose any of these interpersonal effectiveness self-appraisal comments that resonate with where you currently are, to be used in your performance appraisal employee final comments.


1. I believe in treating people with deserving respect and dignity. This is why people easily approach me when they have problems.

2. I believe in being impartial and to the best of my ability, I treat the requests and suggestions of my colleagues with equality.

3. I give and receive constructive feedback from others and this has improved my work efficiency.

4. I deal with conflicts rationally and logically. I neither allow my emotions nor the comments of others to cloud my judgment.

5. I am comfortable with befriending others within the company notwithstanding their position.

6. I have great emotional regulation. I don’t blow up at the slightest opportunity and I can express myself using non-confrontational methods

Areas Of Improvements

7. I tend to be domineering during conversations and this has put others off. I’ve been misjudged because of this. I’ll try to be more considerate of others to encourage their contributions.

8. I’m hardly perceptive. I get so carried away during conversations that I often fail to recognize the built-up tension. I’ll inform my teammate to nudge me when there’s perceived conflict.

9. I tend to feel attacked when my opinions are challenged. I have to remember that opinions are opinions, and better ideas can come from others.

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Job Knowledge Self-Evaluation Comments

These job knowledge self-evaluation comments can be used to demonstrate how well you comprehend what is expected of you and how well you are able to meet those expectations.

Check out the following list to see where you belong:


1. I completely understand the expectations demanded from me regarding my responsibilities.

2. I know how invaluable my work is to the success of my department and the organization as a whole.

3. I apply my expertise to provide solutions to many project-related problems.

4. I am prudent in updating my knowledge and building capacity within and outside my job. I’m committed to building my skills to maintain relevance in my workplace.

5. I have become the go-to person in this aspect. I offer suggestions and answers that are respected and applied by others.

6. I give myself personal challenges to push myself to perform daily.

Areas Of Improvements

7. I have an impressive list of credentials, but I spend too much time discussing them. I will start applying my new skill sets to solve company problems and enhance the quality of our job delivery.

8. I have consistently made decisions based on outdated knowledge. I need to create a system that helps me stay up to date with developments in my job.

9. I often get so caught up in technical issues that I miss the bigger tissues. I have to improve my listening ability and pay more attention when issues are communicated to me.

10. I realize I have built an impressive list of skills that provide little value to the company. Henceforth, I’ll only take courses that align with the needs of the company.

11. I am lackadaisical about my personal development and this has kept me backward. From this moment, I’ll take advantage of every opportunity presented to advance my career.

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Analytical Ability Self-Appraisal Comments

The capacity for information gathering and analysis, problem-solving, and decision-making in accordance with company laws and regulations is known as analytical skills.

To tackle many complex issues in the most effective manner, analytical abilities are needed.

Evaluate your analytical ability with one or more of these analytical ability self-appraisal comments listed below:


1. I am willing to work with the information presented in graphics and use critical thinking to evaluate information.

2. I have a good understanding of various techniques used in data collection, and I go out of my way to get her the right information.

3. I excel at analyzing numerical data and drawing conclusions for them.

4. I have exceptional knowledge of figures and numbers, and I decide on mathematical information.

5. I’m a critical thinker and I can analyze large and difficult amounts of data. It’s easy to spot trends in those data.

6. I’m quick to spot data missed by my coworkers. I pay keen attention to details and rarely miss out on data.

Areas Of Improvements

7. I get turned off when I’m given complex volumes of information. I’ll learn to seek the assistance of analytical experts.

8. I often try to analyze data on my own, and this has led to lots of time wastage. I will learn to use professional software to speed up the process.

9. I spend excess time collecting and reviewing data. I need to master effective methods for collecting and reviewing data.

10. I find it difficult to focus while analyzing data. This has resulted in many pointless mistakes. I’ll try to keep away from distractions and take care of my health ahead of time.

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Organizational Awareness Self-Appraisal Comments

To reduce the chance of unwittingly misaligning with the firm’s values, your objective should be to develop a complete understanding of how and why your organization operates.

Here is a list of organizational awareness self-appraisal comments to get you started:


1. I have a deep understanding of the responsibilities and functions of this company.

2. I always consider the vision, mission, values, and goals of this company when performing a task.

3. I pay attention to internal and external news to stay informed on the social, economic, and political issues capable of affecting the company.

4. I know how, when and who to escalate certain issues that require prompt attention.

5. I used both intangible and tangible data to make smart decisions.

6. I have a deep understanding of the landscapes within and outside this company, so I’m always able to select the right team for the right task when needed.

7. I know the language of the company so I’m able to speak in a tone that resonates with others.

8. Because of my understanding of company processes, I have been able to create a coalition that motivates others to complete their tasks.

Areas Of Improvements

9. I have failed to apply discretion when handling sensitive information and this has led to a breach of trust between this organization and our clients. I will state an apology to the offended party and create an action plan to ensure this doesn’t repeat itself.

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