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100 Supervisor Comments And Recommendations For Improvement On Performance Reviews

As a manager, head or supervisor of a unit of the team, you will be expected to give out supervisor comments and recommendations for improvement on performance review of your workers and team members. This will fulfill the purpose of necessary feedback on their general performance and result in improved performance from your team.

You might have an idea of what to say but not know how to put it in order to address a worker or team member or you might even have no hint on how to comment or recommend a team member.

That is why we took out time to arrange this list of supervisor comments and recommendations for improvement that you can easily use just as they are or with a little modification on your part.

We are sure and confident that this list will inspire you on what to write while commending or recommending a team member as a supervisor.

These supervisor comments and recommendations have been broken down into various subheadings below and touch on several areas to be addressed in your recommendation and comments.

How To Comment On Your Performance Review With Examples

The know-how of commenting on your performance review for workers or yourself is no doubt what has led you to this write-up. Be at ease as we are going to show you how to comment on your performance review with examples, even as a manager or supervisor.

Performance review comments are usually double-sided. There will be attitudes to commend, correct, and some constructive criticism. Common issues like punctuality and timeliness, creativity and innovation, communication skills, interpersonal skills, integrity, attitude to work amongst many others, must be addressed when commenting on any performance review.

Positive comments are very easy to spell out however, negative comments should be expressed in a constructive manner so as not to defeat the goal of a performance review.

Below are a few examples that can be used as supervisor comments and recommendations in different areas:

Punctuality and Timeliness:

Being punctual at work is no doubt essential quality workers must possess to meet up with set goals or targets. Timeliness in meeting up deadlines is also of utmost importance. Here are a few phrases you might consider in addressing this:

Positive Comments / Review

1. He is always punctual to work and meets up with set goals and deadlines.

2. She never defaults in prompt delivery of any project assigned to her.

Negative Comments / Review

3. He is always responding late to clients’ emails without informing them why.

4. You are always arriving at work at late hours and thus you are having difficulty in meeting up with deadlines.

Communication Skills

While some people have mastery in communicating with others, other people seem to lack effective communication skills. This can be worked on, however, if their performance review says something about it and offers a way out. Below are a few examples you can consider:

5. She is quite clear in letting each team member know his or her duty and what is expected.

6. She is very open and doesn’t hoard any necessary information required for the team’s progress.

7. I advise that you attend the ongoing seminar organized by the HR department so that you can brush up on your communication skills.

8. Could you work on communicating clearly with your team members? There seems to be a wide communication gap between you and them.

Creativity and Innovation

Things will not always go as planned. The ability to find a solution when situations do not present themselves as expected is crucial and the heartbeat of creativity and innovation is indispensable for tangible progress in any endeavor.

You can consider these examples while addressing this:

Positive Comments / Review

9. He is able to think outside the box to solve stubborn problems.

10. She has a knack for doing things in an unconventional way with excellent results.

11. He is open to new ideas and suggestions that can help make things work out better.

Negative Comments / Review

12. He is quite afraid to try on new methods and sticks to the old way of doing things even when it is not effective.

13. He is indifferent to learning new skills that will sharpen his creativity.

Leadership and Management

In any organization, the attitude or disposition of the leader goes a long way in influencing the team members and their disposition to work. A leader with good leadership skills will be of positive influence to the followers while a poor leader will have followers, workers, or team members giving average performance or output.

Here are a few examples of phrases you can consider in this context:

14. She is so attentive to her team’s needs. She is always wanting them to be at their best state.

15. He accords each worker due respect.

16. He recognizes each person’s efforts and does not steal away the success of his team members.

17. He is very exemplary. As much as possible, he demonstrates personally what he expects of his team such that no one is with an excuse to default.

Negative Comments / Review

18. He does not commend the efforts of his team instead, he tries to take all the praise for the collective efforts of the team put together.

19. He is too bossy and does not treat co-workers with due regard

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Short Supervisor Comments and Recommendations For Improvement Samples for Your Team Member

As a supervisor or team leader, you will most likely be on the search for short comments and recommendations to give to your team members that can make them better at what they do.

These short supervisor comments and recommendations for your team members will go a long way in causing a healthier disposition to work and a general increase in output of your team members

These comments and recommendations address general issues that are found almost everywhere. They are to commend team members’ efforts, reprove and correct their flaws or grey attitude to work and also to recommend them for higher duties or promotions.

These comments and recommendations can be given at the end of the completion of a project, the uncovering of a new milestone, or during periodic evaluations of the performance of your team members.

We are sure you will find a lot of them useful. Feel free to use them as they are or you can modify them to suit your particular need. Thank you.


1. Reports coming from your fellow team members show that you are a great team player. I hope to hear more of this continually.

2. Your execution of the latest task assigned to you shows that you have improved a great deal compared to when the last review was taken. I am so thrilled that you are making progress. Bravo!

3. I never knew you had so much wisdom and creativity in you, not until the last periodic retreat. Please feel free to share new ideas that will help make the company progress better.

4. Your communication skill beats that of every other person on the team so that customers are always on the lookout for you attending to them. Keep it up!

5. If you don’t mind, could you please anchor training on salesmanship for new recruits? You are an expert at making sales and I want you to share these priceless nuggets with them so that we can make more sales.

6. With your recent achievement and consistency thus far, I have no other option than to put you up for promotion. Congratulations!

7. He is very creative and innovative when new challenges arise. He will be a great asset to the team.

8. His honesty in handling the company’s finances is highly commendable. I can think of no other person with such a level of integrity.

9. He is always early to work and prompt in delivering assignments.

10. He is a good leader and is able to motivate others to put on their best for any task given to them.

11. He is very influential and able to exert the right disposition to work on his colleagues.

12. Having her in my team is a big plus to me and the entire company. She is very industrious and intelligent.

13. His creativity and constructive imagination are at a genius level. It is great having him on my team.


14. Can you please smile often? The way you frown all the time keeps people away from approaching you.

15. I can’t help but notice how you turn up late for important meetings. It is disrespectful to people’s time.

16. During the last evaluation, I noticed how scattered your report was. Please do work on writing your reports as and when due and putting them in order before the due date.

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Performance Evaluation Comments / Reviews

Performance Evaluation Comments

Evaluating the performance of an employee or a manager is no doubt a priority in ensuring progress and optimum performance. Performance evaluation comments go a long way in giving feedback both to the manager and the employee and it’s only through this that reasonable progress can be recorded.

Not knowing what to write on a performance review for an employee in various areas that need to be addressed, can be troubling most especially when your workers are earnestly waiting for feedback from you.

We have thus arranged a comprehensive list of performance evaluation comments that you can use in this regard.



1. You are able to discover new and innovative methods to solve challenges.

2. He is not limited to peripheral knowledge when trying to solve a problem. He thinks well outside the box.

3. Your creativity is a great asset to the team. We are all happy to have you on.

4. You possess a special imaginative capacity and have come up with some of the most brilliant ideas we’ve ever seen.

5. You effectively manage your team and organize training to help them hone their skills.

6. You hold every one on the team in respect and treat them fairly without being biased.

7. You display a high level of consistency in your work output. Keep it up!

8. He is always on the lookout for opportunities to be more productive and efficient at what he does.

9. You might not know this but the reason most of your colleagues strive to give their best is because of you. Your positive attitude to work is telling largely on them.

10. She pays attention to detail leaving no stone unturned in her work. She is very diligent.

11. Your communication skills are excellent. You are able to communicate clearly to each person their roles and duties.

Needed Areas of Improvement

12. You tend to avoid tasks that require thinking outside the box.

13. He is so keen on following old methods and schemes. He is not open to trying new methods that are more effective.

14. You have to learn to exercise more patience in dealing with your team members. They keep complaining that you are quite insensitive.

15. Your work is still below output standard. I suggest you take time to understand our expectations so you don’t keep giving an output below what is expected.

16. You should take advantage of the training and development seminars being organized to enhance your skills and knowledge.

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Performance Appraisal Comments On Quality Of Work

The quality of work done by a worker can either be in line with the standard set by the organization or below.

Workers need to be addressed on their performance and the quality of work they produce in the execution of a particular task as it can make all the difference. A wise boss or manager, therefore, is on the lookout to ensure his workers produce according to standards.

Workers, however, default because they don’t know what is required and most often because there is no feedback from the head. The importance of performance appraisal comments on quality of work thus, cannot be overemphasized.

Workers meeting up with expectations also must be commended so they can know they are on track and be motivated to do more.

They must be handed out as often as it necessitates if the best is going to be seen. We are quite confident that this comprehensive list of performance appraisals on the quality of work put in by workers, will meet your need.


1. Such an excellent job you did then! I can’t help but reward you for its quality.

2. He is thorough in ensuring accuracy and quality in his work.

3. He maintains a good standard of work with a high level of productivity.

4. She accomplishes all the tasks assigned to her on time.

5. He attends to every detail in the work assigned to him.

6. His product turns out to be x% good. You could find no minute detail left out.

7. He improved production and quality by y%.

8. The quality of his work is superb! Such a model for his colleagues

Needed Areas of Improvement

9. He produced far below expectation and standard.

10. He is constantly making errors and is not precise in his projects.

11. He fails to spend quality time crosscheck his work before submission.

12. He seems unwilling to learn new skills required for optimum output.

13. He seems not to be able to work efficiently without assistance.

14. He frequently fails to pay attention to the details of his work.

15. His work continually fails to scale through the inspection stage.

16. He is not intentional in executing his role. He has an apathetic attitude towards his job.

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Short Manager Performance Review Examples

Short Manager Performance Review Examples

Managers are not commonly considered as employees whose performance needs to be regularly evaluated so that they can be at their best. A manager is also an employee or better said, an employee in a managerial position who has the privilege of ensuring people are always discharging their duties properly.

Managers need feedbacks also so that they can reach their set goals and in all, guide the whole company, institute, or workplace towards achieving the set height or goal. Manager performance review provides important feedback which according to findings, increases their performance by 8.9%.

Having this knowledge in mind, we have arranged examples of manager performance reviews that will help make managers more effective and efficient in the art of managing.

You can consider any of these manager performance review examples when conducting your next performance review:


1. You are very effective in the way you manage your team and conduct specific exercises to strengthen the team. Well done!

2. You have an honest and unbiased dealing with every employee in your team. You treat everyone with equity and respect.

3. The output from your team shows that you are proficient in discharging your duties. Kudos!

4. He is careful to provide employees with the needed resources and training required to fulfill their responsibilities.

5. You do not permit any irresponsibility or indifference from the members of your team. You hold each member responsible for their actions.

6. He is known for his legacy that ‘no man is an island of knowledge’. He maintains a culture of knowledge-sharing across all levels in the department.

7. He is one of the few that communicates openly with his team and doesn’t withhold necessary information from them.

8. He does not stand in the way of an employee’s recognition or worth. He acknowledges their accomplishments openly thus giving each member a sense of worth.

9. He is noted for handsomely rewarding hardworking employees and reprimanding those who do not meet up with their target goals.

10. He creates a conducive environment for workers to perform at their optimum.

Needed Areas of Improvement

11. You are biased and unfair in your dealings with your employees. This will not foster unity but division amongst your team members.

12. It will be great if you work on your patience with the newbies on the job as you get frustrated with them easily and fail to coach them properly.

13. Your failure to recognize your team member’s efforts tells on their attitude to work even when they are making considerable progress. You will do better if you recognize their efforts at each step as they progress.

14. You do not clearly explain the goals and objectives of a task clearly to an employee. As a result, they are not able to meet up your expectations and demands.

15. There seems to be a wide communication gap that needs to be bridged. Please work on supplying needed information as and when due.

16. You do not delegate tasks effectively and fairly among your team.

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Annual Performance Reviews Sample Comments

Areas of Improvement Performance Review Examples

Annual performance reviews are important for your business if you’re going to significantly improve in performance and offer significant feedback to your employees.

It must be done right and that is why we compiled a list of annual performance review sample comments that you can use as a supervisor, boss, or manager to address your workers or staff at performance reviews. Feel free to use them as they are or modify them to suit your preference.


1. He has succeeded in creating a team that works collaboratively to finish projects at a much faster rate.

2. She assists coworkers with their tasks even if they are outside her direct responsibility.

3. He understands fully that getting a project done is teamwork. He is always willing to lend a helping hand when needed.

4. He excels at any project assigned to him as he is able to form an efficient team to carry it out.

5. He has strength in working independently but is not able to work effectively with a team.

6. He always thinks ahead of problems and creates a solution in advance before they show up.

7. He is quite industrious and diligent in carrying out his work. The quality of his work serves as a prototype for his colleagues.

8. She fails to share important information with her colleagues. She’s having issues with trusting her team members.

9. His effective leadership tells on his members. They are always on schedule and deliver promptly, tasks assigned to them.

10. He is a genius in scheduling. He is able to complete all the tasks assigned to him for the week.

11. He begins each day with renewed strength and vigor.

12. He is able to build positive relationships with people. He understands well the skill of relating with people


13. He seizes any opportunity to be absent from work. He spends double the time apportioned for breaks.

14. His appearance is always untidy and unprofessional.

15. He is always putting on a superior attitude towards his coworkers which is very unfriendly and demeaning.

16. She is often late for work and, despite frequent warnings, does not follow the attendance policy.

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Areas of Improvement Performance Review Examples

Everyone in an organization, whether boss or employer, will always have an area or more to improve on. These areas vary from business to business, or from one parastatal to another, nevertheless, there are some universal skills that everyone, no matter where s/he might be working, stands to improve.

The bittersweet truth is that everyone, no matter how professional, still has a point to improve on. While some have a long way to go in improvement, others might have just a little way to go. Nevertheless, NO ONE is exempted from this. WE ALL NEED TO IMPROVE in one way or the other.

Some of these areas of improvement in periodic performance reviews include both verbal and nonverbal areas such as time management, communication skills, listening skills, honesty, critical thinking, customer relationship, creativity, and so on.

Performance reviews conducted from time to time should strategically contain areas of improvement for both employers and employees. These areas of improvement when spelled out by positive feedback and constructive criticism will definitely improve the quality and general output and performance of the whole team as each person will be able to work on his /herself and in the long run, attain full potential.

With this few list of areas of improvement performance review examples, we are sure you will definitely identify with some of them that address particular issues in your organization.

1. Mistakes are inevitable and at one point or the other, we will make them. I would love to see you take more ownership of your mistakes and take caution where required.

2. I know you have an independent attitude. However, it will be beneficial to the whole team if you could drop that for now and ask for help when you need it. We will be able to achieve more in lesser time with this.

3. I would really value it if you could be more open to other people’s suggestions because new perspectives can be invaluable and be just what we need to achieve our set peak.

4. Can you be more thorough when handing off projects? It will help ensure a seamless transition.

5. Your contributions during team meetings are much needed. It doesn’t help much when you keep quiet and refuse to contribute your quota. It feels like you’re indifferent to the team’s progress.

6. The way in which you disburse updates to the team needs to be improved. Please kindly share updates on time and to everyone concerned so the right action can be taken at the right time.

7. You keep failing to meet up with deadlines because you are always taking up new tasks even when you’re not done with the ones at hand. You need to work on prioritizing and doing what matters and counts at the moment.

8. I think you could improve on staying focused during brainstorms and periodic retreats. You have a bane for taking off in another direction contrary to what is being discussed at that moment.

9. You should be more careful with the use of your tone when addressing customers. Endeavor to accord them due respect and do it sincerely.

10. You could always make use of a reminder or alarm to be at work in time and not come late to the office. With that, you will be able to achieve more for the day and not have piles of unfinished works.

11. It will be in your best interest to always take down notes when you’re being told your obligations so you are fully aware of what you should do.

12. I want you to be more creative and willing to think outside the box to tackle some unconventional problems you frequently encounter. Try to be more flexible but reasonably though.

13. I know you are quite passionate about what you do but can you please work on your tone while responding to clients’ mails? You could always have a team member help review your response before you send it to a client.

14. I enjoin you to embrace flexibility when it comes to working with new ideas – it may help you discover time-saving processes and a more efficient way of doing things.

15. I would appreciate it if your reports could be more honest and truthful.

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