Happy Easter Family Wishes

2024 Happy Easter Family Wishes And Greetings For Friends

The Easter period always comes with a nostalgic feeling. It is a time we remember the death of Jesus Christ and at the same time, rejoice in His love for us. During such times, we want to share this love with people dear to us such as our family and friends by sending Easter greetings to them.

We know you are looking for such kind of messages to send and that is why in this write-up, we have arranged a list of happy Easter family wishes that you can use as they are or modify to your taste.

I wish you and your loved ones a happy Easter!

1. I pray this Easter draws you closer to Christ and all the blessings He has provided through His sacrifice for us 2023 years ago. Happy Easter!

2. May this season bring the peace that emanates from the crucified and risen Christ in your heart and home. Happy Easter!

3. May this Easter bring healing and health to your life and heart in Jesus’ name.

4. Happy Easter, fam! May we all know more of Christ and be His witnesses here on this earth.

5. Easter is always a season of joy and gratitude. Look back at the things God has done for you and thank Him for it. Happy Easter!

6. May you experience the new life Christ did for this Easter and may you continually live in that newness. Happy Easter.

7. Being your friend makes this Easter all the more a delightful period for me. Happy Easter, friend!

8. Happy Easter to you! May the light of Christ in you never go out and may it keep shining in the darkness where you are.

9. I am grateful to God for the gift of His Son Jesus Christ and also for this blessed family I belong to. You have all been amazing. I wish you all a happy Easter. May this period draw us closer than ever before to Him.

10. Thank you Lord for the gift of Your Son, Jesus. I am also grateful for the family you gave unto me. It was more than I asked for. I pray You make this Easter a remarkable period for every one of us in Jesus’ name.

11. Happy Easter fam! May we all enjoy the fullness of the blessings associated with this Easter in Jesus’ name.

12. Happy Easter to my lovely and unique family. Always bear in mind the sacrifice and love of Jesus for us and let’s reciprocate that love by loving others around us no matter how seemingly unlovable they might be.

Happy Easter 2023

Easter is celebrated almost everywhere all over the world. It is a time recognized by both religious and non-religious people. For those who take cognizance of this period and celebrate it, it is usually a time to brighten up the lives of others with kind words and deeds.

Asides from sharing gifts and other tangible items during this period, you can also take advantage of messages to wish somebody a Happy Easter! Besides, it is a new year and this will be the first and only Easter in 2023.

It will therefore be nice if you could take any of these Happy Easter 2023 messages we have arranged here and send them to others to brighten up their lives. I’m sure they will be glad you did.

1. Thanks be to God for causing you to see this year’s Easter. May you enjoy its blessings to the fullest in Jesus’ name. Happy Easter!

2. May your life never be the same from henceforth as you partake in the blessings of this Easter. Happy Easter!

3. Happy Easter! May the good Lord come through for you and yours.

4. Easter is all about Christ and His great love for us. May you know the undying love of Christ for you beyond what any man can do for you in Jesus’ name.

5. May you remember this year’s Easter for good all the days of your life. Happy Easter, friend!

6. Easter is a time we rejoice in the sacrificial love of Christ Jesus for all mankind. May you experience His love more deeply this time. Happy Easter!

7. If Christ could love us to that extent, then we have no option but to love those around us who don’t deserve our love too. Have a happy Easter!

8. I wish you lots of joy and happiness this Easter. Have a lovely Easter, friend!

9. It’s Easter! The first of its kind in 2023! May you know it for abundantlove, joy and peace.

10.Your dreams and desires are still valid and achievable through Christ Jesus. I wish you a joyful Easter, friend.

11. May the blessings of this year’s Easter never cease in your life and family. Have a lovely Easter!

12. Happy Easter to you and yours this season! Do enjoy all the blessings of this season.

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Happy Easter Family Wishes

When the period of Easter comes like this every year, we are bound to share this precious moment with the set of people closest to us – our family. Through thick and thin, rain and sunshine, good and bad times, they do not forsake us but are always there to support us.

Therefore, beyond sharing this beautiful moment of Easter with those outside our nuclear nucleus, we should enjoy it more with our family.

One such way to do that is by sending Happy Easter family wishes to them as sometimes, you might be separated physically from one another.

If you seek to make this year’s Easter memorable with your family and you’re looking for a Happy Easter family wish to make this a reality, you are at the right place.

Enjoy this beautiful Happy Easter family wishes we have arranged in this write-up for you.

1. It’s a new Easter fam! May the love of God in us for one another will keep increasing and never die.

2. What a time to be alive! It is always a pleasure to spend Easter with my family. I love you all and may this Easter brings you closer to Christ Jesus. Happy Easter, family!

3. Happy Easter,family! May all your wishes and dreamsfor this time and beyond come true. I love you all

4. Thanks be to God for the gift of a wonderful family this Easter. May we live to celebrate many more Easters together. I love you all.

5. It’s Easter! May the fullness of this year’s Easter be ours to enjoy in Jesus’ name. Have a wonderful time.

6. Thank you for your true fellowship as a family throughout these years. I pray this Easter is remarkable for you all in all ramifications. Happy Easter, family!

7. In the spirit of this moment, I pray we all know the love of Christ in a better and deeper way. Happy Easter, family!

8. Spending this lovely Easter with you gives me more joy than I can describe. Have a lovely Easter celebration, fam!

9. This Easter, may we experience the love and victory of the cross of Christ in our lives in Jesus’ name. Happy Easter, family!

10. It’s Easter! A season of love, joy and peace. May you experience all the fullness of the blessings of this year’s Easter, family.

11. Easter is finally here! Thank God for each of you that makes up this wonderful family. May this season bring completeness to everything incomplete in your lives in Jesus’ name. Happy Easter, family!

12. Wishing this beautiful family of mine a lovely Easter. May we never miss out on the blessings of His resurrection.

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Happy Easter To You And Your Family

Celebrating Easter is not always about us and our families. It involves others around us and their families too.

We can spread this joy about Easter with others by extending warm messages about Easter to them and their families. This will go a long way in building stronger relationships and networks between several individuals and families.

Do you want to make this Easter beautiful for others and their families too? You can do just that by sending them any of these Happy Easter to you and your familymessages that we have compiled in this write-up for you.

1. May the joy of this season be fully yours and your family’s. Happy Easter to you and your family!

2. Happy Easter to you and your family! I pray that the blessings of this season be fully yours.

3. Easter is here again! May the love of Christ fill your hearts.

4. At this sacred moment of the year, may your family be united in the perfect love of Christ. Wishing you and your family a happy Easter.

5. It’s a time of joy and hope. Wishing you and your family all the blessings of Easter.

6. Dear friend, it’s been a pleasure knowing you these years. On this blessed day of Easter, may it be a refreshing time for you and your family. Happy Easter!

7. Let’s rejoice! Christ is risen! Happy Easter to you and your family!

8. May the peace of God and the blessings of Easter be yours and your family’s. Happy Easter!

9. For God so loved you and me that He gave us His only Son. Happy Easter to you and your family!

10. Death is conquered. Christ is risen! Ours is the victory! Happy Easter to you and your family!

11. Such pure and sacrificial love. Reflect on this superlative love and let it flow through you to others this Easter. Wishing you and your family a happy Easter.

12. May you enjoy God’s blessings in a whole new way this Easter. Much love from my family to you and yours.

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Happy Easter Messages To My Love

Easter is not complete if it is not celebrated joyfully with the love of your life i.e if you are married already or plan to get married soon.You can send these Happy Easter messages to my love to him or her on Easter day and share in the joy and splendor of the season.

They will be glad you did!

1. Happy Easter to the love of my life! I pray God blesses you beyond your wildest imagination.

2. I couldn’t have wished for a better life partner than you. May the blessings of this Easter be fully yours to enjoy. Happy Easter, love!

3. I thank God for the gift of His Son, Jesus and also for you. I wish you a happy and pleasant Easter. Happy Easter, my love!

4. Happy Easter, sweetheart! May you experience the favour of God in every aspect of your life.

5. May the love, joy and peace of this season be fully yours to enjoy. Happy Easter, my love!

6. Happy Easter to the King of my kingdom. I love you always.

7. I am happy to be in your life. I pray this Easter marks a new dawn in your life. I look forward to spending more Easters with you.

8. Happy Easter to my beautiful, God-sent queen. Thanks for always being at my side. May God bless you tremendously now and always.

9. I am very lucky to be spending this year’s Easter with you. My life has not been the same again since we became one. May God continue to bless and lift you beyond your wildest dreams. I love you!

10. Happy Easter to you, my love. May you never lose your wonder.

11. Easters like this remind me of love, joy and happiness which multiplies when you are there. I cannot be happier for the gift of you. Happy Easter!

12. Happy Easter my love! May our love keep on flourishing and be a model to our offspring.

Happy Easter Religious Wishes

Easters come with a lot of joy, excitement and celebration all around the world where it is celebrated. During such periods, religious places or centres of worship sometimes gather together to remind themselves of the purpose of Easter and share in its joy.

Part of the celebration includes sharing gift items, foodstuff, clothing and other gift items that leave worshippers with a pleasant memory of Easter that year.

Beyond the distribution of gift items and what-have-you, worshippers also engage in sending Happy Easter wishes to their friends and loved ones. We’re sure you do not want to be left out of the celebration and would like to send a wish to friends and loved ones.

In this write-up, we have gathered a list of Happy Easter religious wishes that you can send to them to mark this Easter season.

1. Happy Easter friend. May you know Christ, the Saviour of the whole world, more intimately.

2. May the peace of God rule your heart this Easter and beyond in Jesus’ name. Happy Easter!

3. Happy Easter, friend! May Jesus be more real to you than anything on earth.

4. Wishing you a merry Easter. May God continually be your source of joy and inspiration despite all odds in Jesus’ name.

5. Thanks be to God for the blessing of another Easter. May all the blessings of this Easter be yours and your family to enjoy. Happy Easter to you and your family!

6. Happy Easter, beloved! May the fullness of the blessings of Christ’s death, burial and resurrection be fully ours to enjoy.

7. Easter is a season of celebrating Christ’s love. May that love reach out to you in your area of need in Jesus’ name.

8. Happy Easter, friend! May the hope and joy of our risen Lord and Saviour brighten your life in Jesus’ name.

9. It’s a time to be grateful to God for the matchless and priceless gift of His Son, Jesus. Wishing you a blessed Easter!

10. Happy Easter to you and yours! May the fountain of love, joy, laughter and peace in this season never cease in your lives in Jesus’ name.

11. May your faith be strengthened and increased this lovely Easter. Happy Easter to you and yours!

12. Happy Easter, friend! May God’s grace to keep abiding in Him till we see Him face-to-face be released abundantly to you in Jesus’ name.

13. In this season of hope and resurrection, may your faith be renewed, and refreshed and your life made new by the power of Christ Jesus, our Lord. Happy Easter from my family to yours.

Christian Happy Easter

Christians all over the world look forward with expectation to the period of Easter. It is a time when they reflect on the vicarious death of their Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ and share this love with other people in various ways.

As a Christian, celebrating Easter is not about pleasure-seeking rather, it entails a sober and mindful reflection on the vicarious death of Christ that brought us redemption.

Therefore to make this year’s Easter a different and meaningful one, you have to be intentional in how you mark the period. Take the time to reach out to those who have not known Christ yet and strengthen other Christians like yourself by sending Christian happy Easter messages that exalt Christ and the purpose of Easter.

This write-up contains a few Christian happy Easter messages that you can make use of.

1. Happy Easter to you! God bless you and yours.

2. But He was wounded for our transgression; he was bruised for our iniquities: the chastisement of our peace was upon him, and with his stripes, we are healed. It’s all about Christ! Happy Easter!

3. May this Easter bring you into closer fellowship with the Holy Spirit anda deeper revelation of Christ. Happy Easter!

4. Christ is risen! Glory to God in the highest! I wish you and yours a happy Easter.

5. It was our sins that nailed Him to the cross. He died so that all who believe in Him should not perish but have everlasting life. Accept His offer of salvation for you and be saved. Wishing you a meaningful Easter.

6. May you experience Christ’s love for you in a new way and always live for His glory. Happy Easter!

7. Easter comes with joy and happiness. May Christ take away every sorrow in your life and fill you with His never-ending joy and peace. Happy Easter.

8. Without Christ, there will be no Easter. Let this time be a time to reflect on His love for us and renew our commitment and loyalty to Him. Happy Easter to you and yours!

9. Unsaved? Why not? That is the purpose of Easter. Repent of your sins and believe in Jesus and you will be saved. Have a lovely Easter!

10. May our hearts be filled with His hope, love and peace as we remember His sacrifice for us at Calvary. Happy Easter from my family to you and yours.

11. He is risen! Wishing you an Easter filled with blessings from the throne of grace and mercy.

12.‘Jesus said to her, I am the resurrection and the life: he that believeth in me, though he were dead, yet shall he live.’ Rejoice in these words this season. Have a beautiful Easter!

13. I pray that you feel Christ’s love beyond what anybody can give you this Easter and beyond. Happy Easter!

Happy Easter Blessings Quotes

One remarkable thing about Easter is that it comes with a lot of blessings in words and deeds. It is a time marked by reconciliation amongst people, sharing, love and many other pleasurable feelings.

With the advancement in civilization too, matters are further helped by the ease at which goodwill Easter blessings and messages are sent from one part of the world to another in a seamless way.

Perhaps you are also in need of Happy Easter blessings quotes to send to loved ones and friends across the globe and that is why you are reading this article right now. We’ve got you fully covered.

Knowing fully well that this year’s Easter will be marked by sending and receiving Happy Easter blessings quotes, we have deemed it fit to compile a thoughtful list of them that you can use to celebrate this year’s Easter.

1. ‘He that spared not His own Son, how shall He not with Him, freely give us all things.’ – Rom. 8:32

2. ‘But if the Spirit of Him that raised up Jesus from the dead dwell in you, he that raised up Christ from the dead shall also quicken your mortal bodies by His Spirit that dwelleth in you.’

3. ‘By His stripes, we are healed.’

4. ‘Our old history ends with the cross; our new history begins with the resurrection.’ – Watchman Nee

5. ‘Easter tells us that life is to be interpreted not simply in terms of things but in terms of ideals.’ – Charles M. Crowe

6. ‘For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.’ – John 3:16

7. ‘Without the resurrection of Christ, there will be no Christianity.’

8. ‘The stone was rolled away from the door, not to permit Christ come out, but to enable the disciples to go in.’ – Peter Marshall

9. ‘Jesus did not die on the cross just so we could live comfortable, well-adjusted lives. His purpose is far deeper. He wants to make us like Himself before He takes us to heaven. This is our greatest privilege, our immediate responsibility and our ultimate destiny.’ – Rick Warren

10. ‘It wasn’t the nails that held Him to the cross. It was His love for you and me. May you have a fresh revelation of that love in your soul. Happy Easter!

11. ‘Jesus did not come to make God’s love possible but to make it visible.’

12. ‘We celebrate the joy of having our sins, both big and small forgiven because of Christ’s sacrificial death for us on the cross. Should we not, therefore, forgive the sins of others against us which is nothing compared to ours against God?’

13. ‘We will give way no more to doubts and fears, but we will say to one another, ‘He is risen indeed: therefore let our hearts be glad.’’ – Charles Spurgeon

How To Send Happy Easter Greetings

Easter happens just once every year and comes with a feeling of hope, joy and love that spurs one to share that excitement with others in form of Easter greetings.

These Easter greetings can be sent to various categories of people like friends, family members, who might not be physically present with us, brethren in the body of Christ, coworkers, clients, etc. to share our faith, or the purpose of Easter with them, or to share the unique message of hope that Easter brings, to a dejected and depressed soul.

Whichever may be your reason and whosoever your target audience is, when sending a happy Easter greeting at this special time of the year, there are three important things to take cognizance of.

We have listed them in this write-up so you can know how to send Happy Easter greetings.

• Be original

Let your Easter greeting be original and avoid using another person’s unique way of communication. In other words, be authentic and express your peculiar self. Don’t try to imitate someone else when sending happy Easter greetings.

• Keep it short and simple

Also, avoid sending lengthy greetings. The happy Easter greetingyou’re sending should not be too long to bore the reader as they might not be receiving a happy Easter greetingfrom you alone. Therefore, if you make your Easter greeting unnecessarily lengthy, they might end up not reading it which will defeat your initial purpose of sending it at first. So, keep it short and simple.

• Send it promptly

Furthermore, you shouldn’t delay sending your happy Easter greetings. Make sure you send the message promptly. Don’t wait till the celebration is over before you start to send your happy Easter greetings. This will ensure the receiver of your message gets to read it at the right time.



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