Sample Farewell Letter To Employee Who Is Leaving A Job

[2024] Sample Farewell Letter To Employee Who Is Leaving A Job/Company/Organization

Being in the employ of an organization won’t always be forever.

Yeah, even your favorite employee will someday leave your organization and leave you searching for a sample farewell letter to employee who is leaving a job.

There are many reasons why an employee will resign from a company, some of these reasons include; career advancement, relocation, promotion, ill health, marriage, etc.

Therefore, it is expedient to write a farewell letter to an employee who just resigned from his/her job position.

By doing this, the employee will feel valued and appreciated. He will hold your organization in high esteem and will always look forward to future collaboration with your organization.

However, penning down a farewell letter to an employee who is leaving a company can be overwhelming, especially when you have to deal with the vacuum he/she created by his/her departure.

Probably, you will be lost for words and that is why I have put together these several Sample Farewell letter to employee who is leaving a job.

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Sample Farewell Letter To Employee Who Is Leaving The Company

An employee leaving an organization can be likened to a child who is leaving for college after being with his parents for several years. This child needs all the kind words and support he can get from his parents to enable him to live independently in college.

Yeah, your employee needs your support, motivation, appreciation, and encouragement to face the future that awaits him in his new place of work.

One way to do this is through a farewell letter.

However, before we dive right into the collections of Sample of farewell letter to employees leaving a job/company, here are a few guidelines for writing a farewell letter to an employee.

● Start by expressing how you feel about your employee’s departure.

● Highlight some of his/her contributions and achievements in the organization.

● Encourage your employee to leave his contact details for further communication.

● Your usage of words while writing a farewell letter depends on your relationship with your employee.

That said, here are samples of farewell letters to employees leaving a job/company.

1. Hi Pete,

I had to read your resignation letter over and over again, and it finally dawned on me that you will be leaving this organization.

This is indeed a great blow to this organization. Nevertheless, we are deeply grateful for your astute leadership as the team leader and the undeniable Sacrifices you made to see to the attainment of organizational goals.

You will be greatly missed and I hope you will imbibe all the values you’ve learned in this organization to your new teammates.

I wish you all the very best. I am also eager to hear about your groundbreaking achievements in your new organization, please keep in touch.

Yours sincerely,


(Chief Executive Officer)

2. Hi Eva,

Your departure from this company is indeed a sad one.

The Customer service department will miss a passionate Sales representative.

You’ve always executed your duties with great professionalism and also helped to increase the company’s revenue with your top-notch customer service skills.

I am confident that you will exceed expectations in your new job role and will continue to Soar to greater heights.

I hope you enjoy your new place of work. I will love to hear from you soon.

Yours Sincerely,


(General Manager)

3. Hi Elvis,

Congratulations on establishing your own Publishing Company.

This news comes with mixed feelings of excitement and Sadness. I am excited that you’re about to become Self-employed and I am also sad that I will be letting you go as the Chief Editor of My company.

Over the years, you have shown great commitment, diligence, and integrity in carrying out assigned responsibilities.

I am deeply grateful for your excellent service delivery in this organization.

The very best are my wishes for you and whenever you feel like giving up on this new path you’ve found, just remember that I believe in you.

Do not hesitate to reach out to me, if you need any help.

Yours Sincerely,



4. Hi Sandra,

Bidding farewell to such an outstanding employee is the hardest thing I have to do in my life.

You came into this organization with a determination to make a difference and you did and for that, I must say that I am truly proud of you.

Thank you for shining your light. You illuminated the lives of the management, your colleagues, and the students with your Charisma.

You may be gone, but we will hold dear to our hearts your words of wisdom and encouragement.

Our students will miss your morning charge at the Assembly ground and the entire management and staff will also miss you dearly.

Your life has been an embodiment of life lessons and I am positive that you will affect many lives in your new organization.

May you find great fulfillment in your new position and remember to keep in touch.

Best regards,


(Director, ABC Group of Schools)

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Short And Simple Farewell Wishes To A Colleague Who Resigned

A Colleague’s resignation can be an emotional experience. This might be due to the bond and memories you must have shared as Colleagues.

Due to these overwhelming emotions, you will likely be short of words and that’s the reason for these samples of simple farewell wishes to a colleague who’s leaving the company.

Regardless, saying farewell to a colleague who resigned is a great opportunity to make his/ her resignation a memorable one through your thoughtful wishes. It is also an opportunity to show appreciation and establish a professional relationship that might be beneficial to you in the future.

On that note, make your colleague shed a tear and laugh heartily with these simple farewell wishes.

● Your impact was felt in this organization because you always led by example. I am optimistic that you will succeed in your new organization. Keep Soaring Champ.

● People say that good things do not last, and so is your stay as my teammate in this company.

The goodness of your heart changed my perception of so many things and I can’t help but wish you the very best in your new place of work.

● We are indeed lucky to have you as our team leader, we are certain that your new employer will say the same about you. The entire project management team will truly miss a great team player and we hope you find fulfillment in your new position.

● Thank you for always looking out for me while you were here, I look forward to hearing about your great accomplishments in the future. Goodbye friend.

● It was a great honor to work with you. I have learned so much from you, these lessons have helped me to become a more competent employee. I wish you all the very best as you advance in your career path.

● For every beginning, there is an end. It feels just like yesterday when we received our appointment letters. Sadly, your stay in this company has come to an end, go on and achieve greater things friend.

● Keep being you, keep breaking barriers and always remember that you have my support. I hope you actualize all your goals in your new position, I bid you farewell!

● Even though we had our rough times while we worked together, you remained committed to my growth. I am grateful for this act of love and I look forward to hearing from you.

● Thank you for being such an awesome colleague. You will be greatly missed. Good luck to you.

● You have been an exceptional employee, and we will miss your positive input during board meetings. Congratulations on your new job!

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Emotional Farewell Email To Colleague Who Is Leaving A Job

There are many reasons why many employees will opt for a farewell email to a colleague who is leaving a job. Some of these reasons include;

● Absence on the day of colleague’s resignation.

● A colleague’s resignation took an employee by surprise.

● There was no close relationship between the one leaving a job and the employee.

● Some employees may be shy, shocked, or overwhelmed with emotions, therefore a farewell email will help them to express themselves in writing.

More so, If you are wondering how to go about bidding farewell to a colleague through an email, I have compiled some samples of farewell email to colleague leaving the company to inspire you.

1. Hi Jesse,

Would love to say a big congratulations to you on your new job position.

It is a position well deserved having worked so hard all these years to stand out in this organization.

Your resilience, focus, and excellence finally paid off, and I am so proud of you.

Sadly, you will be leaving a big vacuum in the HR department and I will miss our lunch break banter and arguments.

I wish you more tremendous achievements and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Best regards,


2. Hi Williams,

It was sad to hear that you would be leaving us by the end of the month.

However, I’m glad that it can only get better, you are advancing to greater heights in your career.

Over the years, I have come to respect you for your outstanding work ethic and innovative abilities.

Unfortunately, the editorial team will not be the same without you. Nonetheless, I would love to thank you for setting the pace for me and the other team members.

I am certain that you will be a great asset to your new company and I wish you great success.

Please endeavor to update me about all your career journey in your new job.

Yours sincerely,


3. Hi Fred,

Your departure took me by surprise. It seems just like yesterday when you became part of the marketing team and I held your hands and taught you all the rudiments of Marketing.

I’m elated that you’ve learned, and evolved and that you are making bold steps such as this one.

You have been such a great team player. I will truly miss your support and intelligent ideas.

I would love to contact you soon, please leave your new contact details. Good luck to you.

Best regards,


4. Hi Jeff,

Just heard from the HRM team that Thursday will be your last day at work.

This news came as a big surprise to me. Nevertheless, I would love to congratulate you on your new position in the Xyz group of companies.

Also, let me seize this opportunity to thank you for making me look on to Mondays and every other workday with great enthusiasm.

You made work fun and less stressful with your cheerful disposition.

I extend my best wishes and I look forward to hearing more about your exploits in your new place of work.

Yours Sincerely,

John Paul.

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What To Write In A Card When Someone Is Leaving A Job

Writing an original leaving card message can be a daunting task, especially when your colleagues must have written all you intend to write.

However, to simplify the process of writing a leaving card message for a colleague, here are a few points to note;

● Your relationship with the recipient:

your relationship with the recipient will determine your usage of words. However, do not go overboard by saying things that are against your organization’s work ethics.

The purpose of the recipient’s departure:

The recipient might be leaving for a new job, to have a baby, retirement, or trip.

Once you’ve learned the purpose of the recipient’s departure, your words should be structured to suit that purpose.

With that said, here are examples of what to write in a card when someone is leaving a job.

For a colleague who is leaving for a new job:

● Life is a continuous journey, may your journey in your new company be a fulfilling one.

● Thank you for being a reliable colleague, I will miss you.funny farewell message to colleagues in office

● Congratulations on your new job; it is the beginning of greater things to come.

● You inspired me in many ways, keep being awesome.

● I leave you with these three words “You are phenomenal”.

● You may be gone, but I will cherish all the moments we shared.

● I wish I had the superpowers to make you stay, it’s really sad to say goodbye.

● Thanks for all the joy you brought to us, we are blessed to be associated with you.

● You hold a special place in my heart ( insert name), I hope to see you again.

● I’ll miss sharing my table with you during lunch break…….best of luck buddy!

Examples of leaving to have a baby massage:

● Enjoy your maternity leave, while we miss you over here.

● May your pregnancy journey be filled with so much joy and peace.

● Hope you will take your mind off work and take good care of yourself. Happy baby break.

● While you wait to behold the face of your bundle of joy, remember that I look forward to seeing you soon.

Examples of leaving for retirement messages:

● Thank you for adding so much value to our lives. Have a blissful retirement.

● You’ve left a footprint of excellence in this organization, I hope to carry on with your legacy. Congratulations on your retirement.

● Every year you spent with us was impactful, still can’t believe you’re retiring. You will be greatly missed in this organization.

● I wish you a fruitful, peaceful, and fulfilling retirement.

● I appreciate your friendship and support throughout these past years. May this chapter of your life be all that you desire it to be. Happy retirement!

● The vacuum you left behind is too big to go unnoticed, thank you for an outstanding Years of service.

● Thank you for raising the bar for us, enjoy your retirement!

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Thank You And Goodbye Wishes To Colleagues Who’s Leaving

A workplace is not just a place to attain career fulfillment, it is an environment for building healthy relationships that may last a lifetime.

For organizational goals to be achieved, employees need to work together to achieve a common goal. In the course of working together, employees build friendships and connections that may exceed the work environment.

Therefore, the departure of a colleague is painful and may come as a surprise to other employees.

Also, you are reading this because you have a colleague who is leaving for a new job, relocating, retiring, etc.

Yea, you have a thousand words running through your mind, that you will love to say to a colleague as your farewell wishes to him/her. However, your emotions might have gotten the best of you and you can’t seem to express all your thoughts in words.

It is worthy of note that a goodbye wish to a colleague should be short, simple, and thoughtful.

Therefore, to get your creative juices flowing, here are examples of short, thoughtful, and simple goodbye wishes to a colleague.

● You came into this company as a stranger, now you’re leaving as a friend. Thank you for lending your hand of friendship. Goodbye, my friend!

● It’s been such a great privilege learning under you all these years, I know you will excel greatly in your new position. Thank you and farewell!

● Have always admired your style of leadership, thank you for making me better through your leadership abilities. Goodbye Sir!

● Life is in phases. May this new phase of your life be a joyous one for you. Good luck to you.

● Through your support, we beat deadlines as a team, and accomplished all set targets. It was a great pleasure to have you as our team member, you will be missed!

● I have grown over the years because you pushed me out of my comfort zone. I am truly grateful for this great impact, goodbye Sir!.

● I will miss your silly jokes and warm smile. Have fun in your new position, I am rooting for you friend!

● Your enthusiasm and positive disposition were contagious. Thank you for affecting our lives in numerous ways, I bid you farewell!

● If hard work was a person, then it will be you. Thank you for contributing to the growth of this organization!

● You exemplified leadership through your actions. We will forever remember your sacrifices, we wish you all the best in your new chapter!

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Heart Touching Office Farewell Quotes

An office is a platform that connects people of varying interests.

Some may stay for a very long time, others might stay for a short while.

Yea, employees will leave for various reasons and there will always be a need for office farewell quotes.

So, whether you are in search of a sample farewell letter to an employee who is leaving a job/company or examples of office farewell quotes, the fact is saying goodbye is painful.

Therefore, words must be chosen carefully despite your emotional state, to pass the intended message across to the recipient.

On that note, here are some examples of office farewell quotes to inspire you.

● It is not about the length of time, but the quality of time you spent with others.

● You will not be remembered for great things you didn’t do, you will only be remembered for your little actions that made others great.

● To get to the desired destination, focus and determination must be your companion

● The end of a phase is the beginning of another phase, may you find happiness in every new phase of life.

● Everyone on earth is holding a unique piece of the world puzzle. Be sure to fix yours wherever you go, or else you will leave a void.

● You may just have one opportunity to make a lasting impression. Make the most of it.

● When the farewell ends, we will have memories to hold on to.


A sample farewell letter to employee who is leaving a job /company may not cover all the impacts and worth of an employee.

However, it is only a guide that will help you write words that will leave an indelible mark on the hearts of outgoing employees (you never can tell, your words might be the spark that will help them overcome some dark days that they might encounter).

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