Simple Christening Message

60 Unique And Simple Christening Message, Wishes, And Quotes

It’s quite a kind gesture to provide a christening card if you will soon be attending a christening as a godparent, member of the family, or close friend.

There are several greeting cards with simple christening message available today that you can pick from to give as a christening card.

It’s not always simple to know what to write in a christening card, though!

Do you address the parents or the child?

How would you phrase your congratulations and best wishes in the christening card?

We’ll be listing some unique and simple christening message, wishes, and quotes you can use below.

Feel free to customize any of the simple christening message ideas based on your relationship with the receivers.

Happy Christening Meaning

One of the most significant occasions in Christian families is christening.

In a Christian family, you may say that this is the beginning of a child’s spiritual journey.

To commemorate the christening of their children, people invite their friends and family.

If you’ve been invited to a christening, one of the common words you’ll hear is ‘happy christening’. If you’re a non-christian, those words may seem foreign to you.

The happy christening meaning isn’t far-fetched. Just like you would say happy birthday to a birthday celebrant, happy christening is said to congratulate the child being christened.

Happy Christening Wishes

Use these happy christening wishes if you want to send your best wishes for a christening:

1. Keep your faith in our awesome God because He has blessed you with all spiritual blessings. I wish you a glorious life ahead. Happy christening!

2. May God’s grace be multiplied in your life. I pray that joy and peace fill your heart. I welcome your baby to Christendom.

3. May this be the start of your child’s Christian journey, and may the eternal blessing be with your baby forever. Happy Christening!

4. May your child grow to be aware of the ever-present goodness of God. May this child walk in the love of Christ. Congratulations!

5. Welcome to being a Christian child. I pray that God sustains you to become the person he created you to be. My best wishes!

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Simple Christening Message

Your christening message should be straightforward and brief. Sometimes, less is more! Pick one simple christening message from the list below to begin:

1. It’s a big day for our angel. Have a beautiful sleep while we prepare you for your christening. May your star burn bright.

2. All we desire to see is your happy face. You’re worth the most beautiful christening day. Happy christening.

3. On this day, I wish you to find your destiny early and pursue it with intensity and consistency. May your light shine before all.

4. Surprisingly, you will be christened today. You’ll grow up to know you’ve been blessed with special parents.

5. You’re courageous to come to this life. It will be rosy but it will be memorable. You’ll have the best supporters from family and friends.

Congratulatory Christening Card Message

1. On this great day, I wish you peace and joy. As you grow, may you stay in the place of the Word to educate yourself about the things of God. May you grow in Christ daily. Congratulations.

2. As you have given your life to Christ, may you be devoted to the things of Christ in all situations. Congratulations!

3. May your child grow strong and healthy. As we celebrate his christening, may he be protected from the arrows and pestilence of this season. Congratulations!

4. Congratulations on your christening day! Don’t be afraid of this ceremony. This is a day God is blessing you in front of the world.

5. As you boldly make your declaration that you stand for God and nothing else, I wish you the heartiest congratulations.

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What To Write In A Christening Card For Baby Girl / Boy

The following are some of the most lovely christening card sentiments you can use if you’re stuck on what to write in a christening card for baby girl/boy.

1. Congratulations! I pray that you love the lord with all you have as you grow. We celebrate with you today.

2. You’re like our little guardian angel. You complete us. We wish you the very best life has to offer.

3. May God lead you in all spiritual things as you walk in the light of His Word. I wish you a happy christening.

4. Happy christening, love. I believe you grow to be a true Christian and please God with true Christian conduct.

5. May amazing encounters never cease in the lives of your family and your baby. Cheers to a happy christening.

Baptism Wishes For Baby Boy / Girl

The following baptism wishes for baby boy/girl to welcome them into the church are listed below.

1. Sending loads of hugs to the beautiful boy today. He is blessed with great parents, and I pray that you lead him in the way that he should go as pleasing to God.

2. We know that God has prepared a great future for your daughter. May His plan for her never be thwarted. We are excited about her future.

3. May this day be full of bliss and glam. Receive tons of kisses and hugs.

4. May God give your child one of the best lives on earth. He will always have the support of his loved ones till the end. Receive blessings for your family.

5. May the innumerable number of angels guard your child. May her foot never hit a stone. May God keep you and your baby.

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Happy Christening Quotes

If you have a friend, relative, coworker, or colleague whose child will be christened soon, send them any of these happy christening quotes to celebrate with them:

1. God sent you to us to give us a reason to fight again. You are evidence that there’s still love in this world.

2. You are the proof of God to me. You bring me hope and courage. I’m full of joy because you exist

3. The Lord shall cleanse you of everything that will break your heart as you grow up.

4. The seal of the Holy Spirit is upon you and you belong to Christ forever.

5. On this day, may the good Lord smile upon your child. May He light up your path in the years to come.

6. You are now a child of God. You are important to God’s kingdom as God needs you here on Earth.

Christening Messages From Godparents

1. We are overjoyed to celebrate your christening with you. We wish you a fulfilling life journey and abundant success. God loves you, baby!

2. We are filled with excitement because our favorite baby will be christened today. This occasion will be memorable for us. We wish you happiness for the rest of your life.

3. We wish for you to be surrounded by those who will shape your life for the better. You remain in our thoughts now and forever.

4. Happy Christening baby! We feel blessed to have you as our godchild. I pray that the Holy Spirit comes stronger upon your life in your youth.

5. We feel honored you are in our life. We are even more honored to watch you on this day as you’re christened. Congratulations, baby! You are blessed beyond measure.

Christening Card From Godmother

Your christening message will be one of the greeting cards that gets the most attention following the service if you’re the lucky godmother.

Make an extra special christening card from godmother message using these ideas:

1. Being your godmother is one of the most fulfilling positions I’ve taken up. I wish you a life full of great support systems for every height you wish to attain.

2. This card will serve as a reminder that you have someone to look up to as you walk through this life. You need not go through life alone. I’ll be there when you need me.

3. Sending you loads of love on your christening. I’m proud to know you’ll call me your godmother soon. May the grace of God abide in you.

4. On your christening, I wish you double all the great things I’ve been opportune to have in my lifetime. May you do greater exploits for the kingdom.

5. I’m happy to be counting 20 years and more with you. Happy christening my little love.

Christening Message From Parents

1. A big congratulations to us for having such a beautiful child. This is a special day for us all and this marks the start of many celebrations in our family. We wish you the best years, child.

2. Today, child, we, your parents glow with pride as we watch you become connected to the kingdom of God. May you be watched at all times.

3. We celebrate God’s love as we watch you become a Christian today. We wish you a blessed baptism. We love you!

4. Congratulations child as you become a vessel for Christ. May God use you for such remarkable things in your lifetime. Amen.

5. May the Holy Spirit dwell in you as we dedicate you to God. May you fulfill your purpose. Happy celebration.

6. Our dearest child, may you grow up to be fervent in the Lord. May your ways please the Lord. We wish you all the best in life, our dearest child.

7. Lord, become a guide to our child. We are proud parents of this gift. Our biggest congratulations to you honey.

Christening Message From Mother

Being the mother of the christened child is worth celebrating. If you want a remarkable christening message from mother, we’ve got you covered as usual:

1. To my gorgeous child, happy christening. I feel gratitude towards God for making me the mother of this child. I’ll create an album for you so that when you grow up, you can see yourself as I see you.

2. Today I’m celebrating the christening of this bundle of joy. I couldn’t be a happier mother to this beautiful soul.

3. As I celebrate the christening of my son today, may he grow up to be the best version of himself. Happy christening my love.

4. When I laid my eyes on you, a deep well of love opened for you. I know this world will be a better place with you in it. We had a perfect christening for my child.

5. It’s amazing how all these happened. Yet in a short time, my baby girl got christened and etched in the sands of time for life. Congratulations, darling.

6. Welcome to life baby. Your father and I are excited to watch you grow. We will stick with you through every journey. Congratulations love!

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