Quotes About Having A Baby Changing Your Life

100 Quotes About Having A Baby Changing Your Life (Messages For First-Time Mother)

There are quotes about many things in life. People talk about quotes about success, leadership, career, health, etc. However, quotes about having a baby changing your life are seldom talked about by many.

If change were a gender, it would be a female. The female folk gets to experience a lot of changes, which range from emotional to physical changes in their lifetime.

Aside from the bodily changes that accompany puberty, another anticipated change is that which comes as a result of pregnancy and childbirth.

From the onset of pregnancy to the day of delivery, women experience lots of hormonal changes which also alter the course of their lives.

Some women get to quit their jobs due to these changes, others get to experience extreme health challenges due to the stress that comes with juggling Work and Motherhood.

The journey of pregnancy and birthing a newborn is accompanied by its highs and lows. It’s an emotional rollercoaster for some and an adventurous one for others. Therefore, they need to be encouraged, supported, and reminded that they are not alone.

It is against this backdrop that I have curated these quotes about having a baby changing your life. You can add your creativity to it and send them across to your recipients to help strengthen them, even as they journey through the rewarding journey of pregnancy and nursing their newborns.

Also, as a first-time mother or one undergoing the pregnancy journey, I hope these quotes strengthen you as you go through the wonderful experience of being a mother.

Quotes About Having A Baby Changing Your Life

Welcoming a new child into the world is an exhilarating experience. It’s a life-changing experience that a majority of women will love to have. The sleepless nights, sore and aching body, low sexual drive, postpartum depression, large appetite, etc, makes the birth of a new child a life-changing experience.

Nevertheless, these experiences are memories that a mother will always hold on to for a lifetime, even when her child is all grown up.

Thus, if you’re looking for quotes to help you through this period that is known to stretch many women beyond their capacity, here are quotes about having a baby changing your life that you will find helpful.

1. Every change happens for a reason, to make you stronger or to make you more patient.

2. The birth of a child is an adventure. Each new day unfolds new challenges and lessons.

3. A newborn’s love is seen through his eyes and his smiles. Watching him beam with a smile is all the strength you’ll need.

4. Motherhood is an adventure that many embark on without counting the cost.

5. Being a mother is a blessing. It teaches patience, courage, and selflessness.

6. Every child is a gift, and so also is a mother’s love. A mother’s love is a gift that lasts forever.

7. Motherhood makes you a doctor, a caregiver, a counselor, and a singer.

8. The first cry of a baby signals the beginning of a journey that will be rough and beautiful.

9. A mother’s sacrifice for her child is a true test of the depth, height, and width of love.

10. A baby desire that you think less of yourself and think more of him. They become selfish for the mother to become selfless.

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What To Say To A New Mother

What do you say to a new mother? Do you just say congratulations or do you go the extra mile by offering sincere prayers and advice?

Being a first-time mum is a challenging experience. A good number of first-time mums are at a Loss of what to do and how to react to the attention and goodwill from others.

This is because the pain and stress of childbirth turn them into an emotional mess and therefore one should be careful with his/her choice of words while communicating with them.

On that note, here are some examples of what to say to a new mother

1. Your baby is blessed to have you as his mother. Welcome to the beautiful world of motherhood.

2. You made it through the pregnancy journey, I’m so proud of you!

3. You are strong, you are courageous and I’m positive you will make a great mother.

4. Do not go through this beautiful journey alone, I will be here to hold your hands.

5. A lot has changed about you, and I’m loving this new version of you.

6. No matter how tough it gets, you have me here to make it easier.

7. It’s ok to cry, complain and be tired. I truly understand how you feel.

8. No one does this job better than you, you are doing a great job with your cutie!

9. You should be in the world record as the most caring mum, bravo!

10. You deserve the best support.

11. Be strong, this stage won’t last forever.

12. You look beautiful when you smile, as you cuddle your baby.

13. Watching you feed the baby is a beautiful sight to behold.

14. What would you love to eat for dinner? You need some treats.

15. It’s not easy to be a new mother. How do you feel, will you love to have me massage your shoulders?

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Quotes About Becoming A Mother For The First Time

There are no quotes about having a baby changing your life that truly captures the overwhelming feeling of being a mother for the first time.

It is an experience that will either bring out the best or the worst in a new mum.

Regardless of the experience, here are quotes about becoming a mother for the first time to remind every new mother that nursing a child is just a phase in their life.

1. No one understands unconditional love like a mother.

2. Becoming a mother for the first time is like falling in love for the first time, you just keep blushing when you look into your baby’s eyes.

3. Having a baby is the beginning of endless possibilities.

4. A baby’s smile reminds a mother of the true virtue the world needs: love, purity, and peace.

5. A child is not carried in the womb for nine months, he is carried in the heart forever.

6. Motherhood does not require the best skill set, but a good heart, wisdom, and loads of patience.

7. No one is more thankful than a mother whose baby just fell asleep after a long night.

8. The motherhood journey is a memory that lives in the heart forever.

9. The best mothers are not born, they are made and motherhood is a place of making.

10. Birthing a child is the greatest miracle known to mothers.

11. Having a baby is hard work that pays off in due time.

12. The biggest life lessons are learned from being a mother.

13. Making the world a better place is a commitment known to mothers. They wield so much power from their homes.

14. The joy of motherhood is unspeakable. Nothing beats the feeling of holding your child in your hands and gazing into his eyes.

15. A child is a reflection of the mother’s love, strength, and commitment.

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Encouraging Words For A New Mom

The birth of a child Is also the birth of new challenges and responsibilities.

Most mothers will affirm the saying that motherhood is both a scary and joyous adventure. It is an adventure that will give you a handful of challenges to deal with. These challenges are emotionally draining for a lot of mothers and therefore every new mom needs the support and encouragement of the people around her.

More so, there are many ways to encourage a new mom, and these encouraging words for a new mom are just one of the ways you can do that(words are powerful tools of healing and encouragement).

1. The night may be long and the day may be tiring, but just know that it will not last for long.

2. When it seems your efforts are not appreciated, just watch your baby smile and giggle in appreciation.

3. You are a super mom because you care for your infant the way no one else can.

4. Raising a child is an investment that has the highest ROI.

5. Nothing in the world beats a mother’s love, it is the truest form of love.

6. Your hands may become weak and your strength may fail you, but a child’s love for his mother waxes strong each day.

7. Each day a mother spends with her child is precious, they are memories that are stored in the archives of her heart.

8. A mother’s bond with her child cannot be broken by the strongest force in the world.

9. While the world sees your inadequacies, your child sees strength and perfection in you.

10. Nurturing a child is the most honorable job in the world because you are nurturing a generation.

11. A mother is irreplaceable, nothing in the world can fill the void that a mother fills.

12. A mother’s smile is a blessing and a child’s smile brings healing.

13. A child’s first love is the mother because she loved first.

14. Motherhood is the only hood that allows you to see the world from a different perspective.

15. In a mother’s eyes, a child sees hope and the beauty of love.

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Being A Mother Is A Blessing Quotes

People often count many things as blessings, such as having a car, a degree, a good job, a happy marriage, etc.

Surprisingly, being a mother is not seen as a blessing by many women. Some women see it as just a title, a burden, or even a curse.

Nevertheless, being a mother is a blessing and every woman ought to celebrate this blessing.

On that note, here are some examples of being a mother is a blessing quotes to remind you of the blessings you possess by being a mother.

1. In the eyes of the world, you’re just a mother to your child, in your child’s eyes, you’re his superhero.

2. When counting your blessings, being a mother should be counted thrice.

3. God is the source of all true blessings, and being a mother is one of his blessings.

4. The beauty of motherhood is that you can take the place of others, but none can take your place.

5. Every child is a gift and every mother is a blessing.

6. Carrying your child in your arms and being called mother is a big blessing.

7. When everything fails, a mother’s love remains true and this is a blessing that every child is grateful for.

8. Moms are a blessing. They will give you a shoulder to cry on and their arms to lie on when life becomes tough.

9. Being a mother will change so many things about you, and that’s why it’s a blessing.

10. Your child is your mirror, a reflection of your attributes as a mother, and that’s just one of the blessings of being a mother.

11. Some blessings are countable, while others are uncountable. Being a mother is one of the uncountable blessings in life.

12. One of the beauties of creation is seen in birthing a child that looks exactly like you.

13. Motherhood is a journey that transforms. You discover abilities that you never knew you had.

14. The Job of a mother is never done. She watches over her own, even when her eyes are dim. She holds the hands of her own through tough times, even when her hands are feeble.

15. Mothers should be celebrated daily because there’s never a day off when you become a mother.

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First Time Mum Quotes Funny

Motherhood has been stereotyped to be a challenging journey. Yeah, I agree that it’s an emotional rollercoaster. Nonetheless, motherhood is what you make of it, as much as it’s a challenging journey, there is also the funny side to motherhood.

Sometimes, you just have to take a moment and laugh over all the craziness that surrounds nursing a child. I mean, how do you react to a baby’s loud fart just when you’re about to change his diapers or hearing your baby say ‘mama’ for the first time?

You can’t help but laugh at the above situations and as I said earlier, raising a child may be tough, but your child is here to bring joy into your life. Therefore, to help you get through these tough periods of raising a child, here are some funny first-time mum quotes.

1. Being a mother is a full-time job and the employer pays no wages.

2. Babies are the most selfish beings, like how do they have all the attention to themselves

3. A woman whose child is having colic pains sees life differently.

4. I used to care so much about a house being in order, not until I had a toddler in my house who didn’t give a care in the world.

5. Motherhood turned me into a cat with nine lives, cause I can’t explain how I survived the sleepless nights.

6. Putting a baby to sleep for so long requires a lady’s luck and many do not have it.

7. I thought getting 6 hours of sleep in a day was overrated, not until I had my first child, I could barely sleep for 2 hours.

8. A baby sees everything as fun, and that includes urinating on their body and yours also.

9. Welcome to motherhood, where your child cares about nothing else but food, sleep, and attention.

10. Motherhood will make you forget about the days of the week. Because every day comes with the same activities.

Being A Mother Quotes And Sayings

“Mother is a verb. It’s something you do. Not just who you are”—Dorothy Canfield Fisher.

Indeed, being a mother is not all about the title, it is an act that is backed up by love, loyalty, selflessness, patience, and resilience.

With that said, here are some being a mother quotes and sayings that can be written in a thoughtful card, used as a social media post or status to celebrate your motherhood, or every mother you know, you can also send it as a text message.

1. Life is beautiful, and a good mother makes it more beautiful.

2. A mother is the child’s greatest cheerleader, she believes in her child, even when her child has little faith in himself.

3. The world would have been a boring place without mothers, they make the world go round.

4. Mothers are gods on earth, they always have a solution to every problem.

5. A Mother’s legacy is the seed she sows and cultivates in her children.

6. Being a mother is a remarkable experience that even the best writers can’t put into words.

7. Mothers are the finest potters, they shape lives with their words and prayers.

8. Moms are those who have seen our good, bad, and ugly states and still love us truly.

9. A mother’s love and trust in her child gives him wings to fly.

10. Being a mother is a high calling that requires true devotion.

The Joy Of Being A Mother Quotes

The joy of motherhood is unspeakable. Being a mother gives you a sense of direction and a whole new perspective on life. It feels good to know that you are a beacon of hope for your child and also your child’s backbone.

The motherhood journey may be rough and tough, but a majority of mothers would gladly go through this journey if given another opportunity.

This is because the joy of being a mother outweighs the challenges mothers encounter. Yeah, nothing beats the joyful feeling of giving life and nurturing that life. A mother takes pride in her children’s happiness, growth, and accomplishment and this feeling of watching her children grow is heavenly.

So, if you are looking for quotes to remind the mother’s in your life just how joyful it is to be a mother, then these the joy of being a mother quotes will help you to accomplish that.

1. A mother’s happiness is not in her material possessions but in the peace and happiness of her children.

2. Good Mothers exist and you are just one of them, Mum.

3. A mother will give up her comfort for her child and will never ask for anything in return, her heart is truly gold.

4. God took time to create mothers, to hold our hands when we fall, and to carry our burdens like theirs.

5. A mother sees through the heart of her child and understands even the silence of her child.

6. Welcoming a child into this world opens the door for boundless joy and great fulfillment.

7. Mothers are generous with their love. They love not just their own, but everyone that sees a mother in them.

8. The joy of motherhood strengthens a mother in times of despair, fills her heart with peace during turbulent times, and dispels every fear in her heart.

9. A mother’s love is likened to that of the Saviour, it is divine.

10. Mothers are Superhumans, they are a friend, a nurse, a teacher, a counselor, a caregiver, and the greatest influencer in the life of a child.

11. Motherhood is a lifestyle. It is the way you talk, the way you think, and how you perceive life.

12. There is no competition in raising a child. Each child is unique, just as every mother is unique.

13. The irony of motherhood is that your child will hold your hands to walk as a child and you will hold his hands to walk when you are old.

14. You will never know the depth of gratitude you owe your parents until you become a mother.

Final Thought.

Being a Mother is a fulfilling experience. Regardless of how a woman became a mother, which might be through adoption, cesarean section, or natural delivery, every woman deserves to be applauded for heeding this sacred calling of being a Mother.

So, which of these quotes about having a baby changing your life resonates with you, and which of them are you going to send to a friend, colleague, or sister who just started her motherhood journey?

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