Employee Comments On Appraisal

[2024] Self Evaluation : Employee Comments On Appraisal

There is a greater emphasis placed on self-evaluation and self-reflection as the performance assessment season at your business approaches.

Making employee comments on appraisal can be challenging, but they are a crucial part of the overall appraisal process because they let managers and supervisors know exactly how their workers view their success within the company.

Making sure that the employee and the management team agree on the employee’s success is the main goal of the self-appraisal procedure.

However, many employee comments on appraisal tend to be overstatements of achievements.

Some even view the self-appraisal process as a chance to broaden the purview of evaluations.

A decent, comprehensive self-evaluation allows you to honestly identify your areas of strength while also highlighting your areas of weakness.

You should be able to identify the areas where you need to develop as well as your desire to take proactive steps to do so.

Simply stated, you must be open, truthful, and credible in your self-evaluation remarks.

Here are some important employee comments on appraisal examples you can use during the upcoming assessment season to help you project yourself well during your self-appraisal process and position yourself for success in the future.

Employee Comments On Appraisal

For your self-appraisal remarks to be as successful as you want them to be, you must be aware of the right words to use. Strong self-evaluation feedback will help your boss more accurately assess your performance, which will increase your chances of getting the desired advancement or pay increase you’ve been working toward.

Check out these employee comments on appraisal if you need help:

Need Improvement

1. I am aware that I occasionally come off as blunt to my coworkers because I am so intently concentrated on the job at hand. I’m attempting to improve my relationship abilities and defuse conflicts with my colleagues.

2. I am known to get a little nervous when an urgent contact needs to be made.

3. Instead of attempting to fix problems on my own, I frequently turn to other people for assistance. I need to become more resourceful.

4. To successfully fix problems within the allotted time limit, I need to put more effort into prioritizing those that are more important.

5. When confronted with challenging and contentious circumstances, I lack effective conversation skills.

6. Finding the proper words to convey my opinions is challenging for me.

7. I can express my ideas clearly in writing, but I have trouble doing so orally. I am hesitant to share my ideas with the upper leadership.

8. When I have to give a presentation to a big crowd, I get stressed out.

9. I need to practice composing emails more.

10. I am conscious that not all of my colleagues may find my communication manner to be friendly. I always want to complete the task at hand quickly and effectively, so I’ll try to avoid any situations where my colleagues might take my actions as a personal jab.

11. Many people have questioned me about my working manner. I think I’ve been able to produce results effectively despite operating in a way that is different from others’ methods.

12. Since time management is not one of my main competencies, I will deliberately and regularly strive to manage my time more effectively and set priorities.

13. Despite my ease with written communication, I am aware that my verbal communication abilities could use some work.

14. I am aware that while I am capable of finishing tasks by the deadline, this is insufficient to advance my professional development. To see real progress in my employment, I will need to focus on my soft skills.

15. I’ve concluded that my method of approaching my job is much more functional than creative. This sometimes prevents me from coming up with innovative solutions during difficult circumstances or team brainstorming meetings, so I’ll keep trying my hardest to take more constructive chances at work and think of unconventional solutions whenever I can.


1. I respond to colleagues and customers using appropriate email etiquette.

2. I successfully manage challenging or hostile customers by politely speaking with them and doing my best to fulfill their needs and desires.

3. I refuse to get overwhelmed with work and ask for help if need be from the right people.

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Performance Appraisal Employee Final Comments

Let your boss know what you think about the way you go about your job with these performance appraisal employee final comments:


1. I have in-depth knowledge of my job requirements and the vision of the company, and I’m able to align my skills and talents to help this company reach its goals.

2. I don’t seek to be a know-it-all, instead, I seek clarity from people who understand what I don’t whether they are older or younger.

3. I am always ready to take on additional tasks to ease the burden off my co-workers and help them reach their targets.

4. I made sure to proofread my work properly before submitting it.

Need Improvement

1. I am aware that I depend heavily on teamwork to complete my duties. To support my individual working efforts, I am striving to ensure that I can contribute as much as, if not more than, my teammates do in group settings.

2. I am trying to improve communication with management and my coworkers because I recognize how important it is to prevent any misunderstandings with either group.

3. While I am adept at producing results on schedule, I am aware that I occasionally fail to follow up with my most important customers. I’m trying to do a better job of following up with customers.

4. I’ve realized that I find it difficult to respond to customers’ unfavorable comments. I’m hoping to learn improved self-management skills as time moves on.

5. Even though I’m not the best at handling client complaints, I’ll keep trying to lower the number of times that happen.

6. I tend to be very upbeat and find it difficult to have the tough talks that need to be had, which is something I’ll try to improve in the future.

7. Even though I’m not the best at handling client complaints, I’ll keep trying to lower the number of times that happen.

8. I value doing my task to the best of my abilities and take pleasure in my work.

9. I frequently offer my time as a volunteer to work on initiatives outside the scope of my employment.

10. I tend to use conventional techniques and am not always receptive to fresh ideas.

11. During discussions, I don’t always share my thoughts, which results in more ineffective team meetings.

12. I am aware of what my employees need. I occasionally take time off without giving notice to others, though.

13. Contacting me during working hours is challenging.

14. I don’t always solicit assistance. Sometimes it causes even more issues than before.

15. Despite completing tasks on schedule, I don’t improve my abilities. My knowledge base needs to be improved.

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Self Development Appraisal Comments

Are you on top of your personal growth game or slacking behind?

Check out these self development appraisal comments to better convey where you’re at:


1. On the company’s learning and growth platform, I have effectively finished some programming classes.

2. I push myself constantly to improve on the results from the previous quarter, always in a viable fashion.

3. I am open to recommendations from managers or supervisors for classes or courses that could enhance my performance.

4. I take the time to look into what choices are offered in the market that might help me accomplish my job more effectively.

5. My work objectives, both short- and long-term, are well-defined and segmented into achievable checkpoints.

6. I’m dedicated to developing professionally, so I’ve enrolled in training programs that focus on the skills I feel could use some work.

7. I look for chances to interact with and gain knowledge from others in my profession daily.

8. I frequently read up on any new inventions, innovative projects, or businesses that might serve as a motivation for our own to remain up to date on developments in our industry.

9. I constantly make progress toward my long-term job ambition by setting goals for myself.

10. I pick things up fast and can alter my ways effectively.

11. I frequently look for chances to learn something new that will benefit my efforts at work because I value education.

12. I push myself to perform better regularly.

Need Improvement

1. More assurance in my performance would be helpful during my talks. Currently, when speaking to a bigger gathering, I get tongue-tied.

2. I sometimes get too caught up in my objectives, which causes me to overlook chances to work with my coworkers.

3. I occasionally miss targets and have to ask for delays, which can hurt the team members.

4. Being a recluse, I try to avoid conflict with customers, which could be bad for business.

5. Sometimes I immediately go with the tried-and-true approach without taking other options into account that might be more successful.

6. Although there aren’t as many chances for upskilling at this business as I’d like, I’d like to improve my SEO abilities.

Positive Appraisal Comments

If you’re in need of positive appraisal comments, we’ve got ideas for you to explore below:

1. I have strong speaking abilities. I efficiently and lovingly communicate to my teammates what I anticipate of them. I don’t force my preferences on them.

2. In this business, I communicate effectively with individuals at all levels by speaking with them on their level.

3. I don’t avoid delicate circumstances. I am good at accepting helpful criticism from both my bosses and subordinates. I excel at providing well-considered input on the problems that are brought to my attention.

4. I can effectively convey my choices and concepts to a variety of groups and people. Additionally, I do it in a manner that ensures my message is received precisely as I intend.

5. I attend to my job with utmost seriousness and I’m always willing to go the extra mile to deliver the needed results.

6. I am always ready and willing to attempt the most seemingly challenging task. I believe that every challenge provides a stepping stone to better opportunities.

7. I believe in transparency. As a result, I share information with my peers and team members so we can keep abreast and be successful.

8. I take the time to appreciate those who have outperformed themselves both privately and publicly. I believe in encouraging the efforts of others no matter how small, and this has boosted the morale of my teammates.

9. I have such a persuasive capacity to get almost any client to buy into the product or service aim selling and this has creased our client baseline by 40%.

10. I enjoy working in teams as I believe that multiple good heads are better than one. I ensure that my responsibilities are handled with care and efficiency so the tram work will not slack.

11. I carefully complete the tasks assigned to me.

12. In 80% of the cases, I was able to make the deadlines, and in the other 20%, I alerted the client early and explained the delay’s cause.

13. I keep a well-organized to-do schedule to make sure nothing gets missed.

14. Consistently, I make sure my job is of good quality. I constantly push myself to improve every day as a content creator.

15. I am happy to work with and support my colleagues in trying circumstances.

16. I always follow through on my obligations and keep them updated on any difficulties I run into.

17. I’ve met 80% of the goals I set. I don’t procrastinate and have effective time management techniques.

18. My customer encounters are typically organized and prioritized by the team and me.

19. I am punctual and always have a positive outlook when I begin my day.

20. I never hesitate to ask my mentors for advice when I need it.

21. I pay close attention to the client to fully comprehend their viewpoint.

22. I go above and beyond what is necessary to make sure that our clients are knowledgeable about any subjects that may be of interest to them.

Positive Overall Performance Comments Examples

Highest the best part of your work performance using these positive overall performance comments examples:

1. I constantly search for new and creative methods to streamline and enhance our work processes.

2. I’m delighted to respond to any inquiries my peers may have, and I frequently offer advice on the topic matters in which I excel.

3. I foster a team-oriented work atmosphere by staying cooperative and looking for chances to collaborate with my peers on tasks I need help with.

4. This quarter, I got 95% on my client satisfaction report.

5. I’m constantly trying to enhance the customer experience by increasing my outreach to important customers and making sure my follow-up approach is reliable and efficient.

6. To better comprehend the viewpoint of our clients, I am conscious of my encounters as a customer outside of work.

Need Improvement

1. Although I do a decent job with client service, I could do better with follow-ups.

2. My ability to communicate with bigger groups or on tasks involving several departments needs to be improved.

3. On many occasions I have failed to reach the sales targets set by my boss.

4. I tend to lose interest in the task given to me, and this causes me to do the barest minimum. I need to work on my motivation and enthusiasm.

5. I work better independently, but I’ve realized the need to work with others for better output.

Overall Performance Summary Comments

Sometimes, you’ll be required to give an abridged version of your work performance. If you don’t know how to go about this, we’ve got these overall performance summary comments for you.

1. When choosing a course of action, I intentionally attempt to consider the perspectives of others.

2. I have a special talent for strategizing and combining planning across various divisions and planning elements.

3. I am well-versed in all of the organization’s operational plans and their corresponding strategy plans.

4. I am the driving force behind the strategy planning and invention that significantly increased our plan.

5. In terms of event and deliverable preparation, I have been a huge assist.

6. For some of the most important business projects at our firm, I was the driving force behind the vision and strategic planning.

7. When work circumstances become stressful or there is a personality conflict on the team, I frequently serve as a mediator.

8. I’ve taken the time to get to know each team member so that we can work together more amicably and develop stronger college relationships.

9. I do have a lot of original ideas, and on occasion, I monopolize team meetings, taking up time that would otherwise be used by my coworkers to express their ideas.

10. I must allow others enough time and space so that they can add equitably to the discussion and team dynamics.

11. I’m coming to understand that speaking up at meetings doesn’t always have to be the best strategy.

12. Regular team check-ins help us remain on track and support one another when problems emerge, allowing us to meet our goals on time.

13. When it seems suitable, I can assume a leadership position within the team and delegate duties.

How To Comment On Your Performance Review Examples

Many times, your supervisor will give feedback on your performance. It’s important to know how to respond when you’ve been appraised.

Below are how to comment on your performance review examples you can say to your boss after your appraisal.

1. I value your openness and your helpful suggestions for enhancing my time management abilities. I concur that the organization’s success depends on its ability to reliably make goals, and I will take proactive steps to increase my performance in this important area.

2. I want to express my gratitude for the additional duties you’ve given me. Under your guidance, I have acquired a great deal of useful professional skills, and I hope I can impart those same principles to the individuals I will now be in charge of.

3. I value the favorable evaluation and the trust you placed in me by giving me the corresponding raise as much as you did. It is a joy to work for a company that values its workers as highly as you have, and I consider myself lucky to have the chance to collaborate with you.

4. Thank you for your kind comments and favorable review of my work. The fact that I have gained your faith and trust means a lot to me. I can promise you that I am prepared to take on new tasks and will keep doing everything in my power to contribute and be a valuable member of your team.

5. I really appreciate you taking the time to recognize my contribution to the new marketing plan. You placed a lot of confidence in me to lead that effort, and I got to put my project management abilities to the test. I’m delighted it worked out well, and I’m especially happy that you valued the effort as well.

Planning And Organising Self Appraisal Comments

One of the most important skills every employee should have is the ability to plan and organize oneself. This skill will help you manage yourself, other people within your team and your resources to get work done.

Here are some planning and organising self appraisal comments you can use to express yourself:


1. I am organized, make plans in advance, and can be adaptable and alter plans as necessary.

2. I have excellent planning skills, am smart, and can reason through challenging circumstances.

3. When it comes to overcoming the concerns of potential customers, I am bold and strategic in my preparation.

4. I pay careful attention to my requirements and am constantly ready to plan out clever methods to close deals.

5. I have an accurate estimation of the amount of time I need to get a task done, plus, I’m never overburdened with work.

6. I am great at leveraging systems to help me work better and faster.

7. I am adept at identifying the most important tasks and getting them done at once.

Need Improvement

1. I fail at organizing the priority of my tasks. I need to learn to differentiate between what’s urgent and non-urgent, and what’s important or not.

2. I often forget to keep a todo list and that’s why I forget certain important tasks until the last minute.

3. I need to learn how to measure my progress and set realistic milestones for myself.

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