I want to be with you forever quotes

[2024] Touching I Want To Be With You Forever Quotes And Messages For Him Or Her

Words have a lot of power, and when it comes to love and relationships, the power of words is especially crucial.

You might express your desire to stay with your lover forever as one thing that will make him or her happy. Do it, don’t just decide to. Enjoy the excitement you’ll notice in him or her when you mention some I want to be with you forever quotes to him or her.

This can be done in a variety of ways, including through social media posts, cards, or SMS messages.

However, make sure to send your partner some ‘i want to be with you forever quotes’ according to your partner’s preference.

You can use a lot of these I want to be with you forever quotes and messages listed below to remind your partner of your everlasting commitment.

We have prepared some quotes so you can have a variety to send to your significant other.

You will be happy you did, so read them, take the ones you enjoy, and use them to make your partner’s day.

I Want To Be With You Forever Quotes

Feel free to send any of these I want to be with you forever quotes to a particular someone in your life.

These quotes will assist you in communicating your feelings to your partner.

1. All I want is to stay with you for life. My mind pictures you whenever I see my ring. You are me and I am you. Getting me out of your life will be difficult because we are one. But things will never get to that because we’re meant to be one for life.

2. May I grow old with you for life. May we never be separated in this life. It’s unimaginable not to have you beside me. You are the one for me in this life.

3. With each passing day, I love you more and more. The rest of my life will be the best because you’re in it. Our love will continue to be stronger, deeper, and richer because you’re in it.

4. I will always love you. You’re my biggest happiness. I will not stay away from you for a moment. You’ve become my everything. Prosper and live, my love.

5. I love every part of you, both good, bad, and funny. Even when I feel upset with you, I still choose to love you and I will continue to do so.

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I Want To Be With You Forever Messages

1. I love you forever baby. Know that I’m staying here for life. I crave you with my entire soul. The best of us will soon emerge. You are a blessing and an amazing soul in every sense.

2. Let nothing disturb you. You can count on me to stay with you forever.

3. You rule my heart and my empire. I trust you with everything. I’m your one and only. Your eternal lover.

4. Despite what life throws our way, I will choose to care for you. I pledge my love to you for a lifetime.

5. You make my heart yearn for you. You’re the dearest of all to me. You can trust my word that I’ll stay with you for life.

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Soulmate Love You Forever Quotes

Everyone hopes to meet their special someone and spend the rest of their lives with them.

Plus, everyone desires to feel and have an eternally loving relationship. It takes a lot of work and commitment to stick with each other through good times and bad, but it’s not as simple as it seems.

So, take a look at these soulmate love you forever quotes and get inspired to send one or two if you have a soulmate.

1. I can’t help but love you. I love how our love gets stronger with each passing day. I appreciate every time we spend in each other’s arms, your loving words, and your sweet smile.

2. You have the key to my heart and soul. Loving you for life is my greatest responsibility. There’s no space for anyone else

3. I’ve been transformed into a better version of myself just by being with you. Thank you for being a part of my life and my soul.

4. I feel uncertain about many things in life, but what I’m most sure about is the never-ending love I have for you. That will never change.

5. It doesn’t matter how long we spend with each other, I always crave more. Your love is mine forever, and my love is yours too.

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I Miss You Words To Melt Her Heart

It is normal to miss someone you love after a prolonged period of separation. Sending an “I miss you message to melt her heart” will help ease the ache of being apart when you’re feeling this way.

Also, she will be reassured that you two remain unchanged by distance in this way. You are also reassured that your love is still there when you hear from her.

The following I miss you words to melt her heart are effective in putting both of your minds at ease.

1. This house is an empty shell without you. You took my home away when you traveled. Please return to me soon because I’m homesick.

2. I love how much I love you, hit I miss your presence. When you’re away, I can hug, kiss, or tickle you as much as I like. Come back to me, baby.

3. You always reveal the best part of me. I don’t feel like myself because you’re not here. Come back soon my honey bun.

4. Just a day’s separation and I feel like we’ve been apart for ten years. I miss you to the moon baby girl.

5. What’s a day without the sun? What’s a night without the stars? I feel incomplete without you. Something is missing when you’re not here. I can’t wait to behold my beauty again.

6. I have had no heartbeat since you left. You took my heart away and the void in my heart is missing you. Come and complete me again.

7. Many times, I tell myself to stop missing you but that’s like lying to myself. I miss you more and more each day sweetheart.

8. The worst thing about not having you here is that I get more creative about how to spend more time with you. I have a list of amazing things we can do together.

9. Each morning fills me with excitement because I’m a day closer to seeing my love again. I won’t promise I won’t hug you for hours.

10. The nights have become colder because you’re not here. The days seemed to have dulled as well since you left. I wish I could fast-forward to when you’re returning.

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Sweet Words To Melt Her Heart In The Morning

1. Hello, my queen, I hope your morning is as beautiful as you are. You deserve all the best things in life. I adore you, baby girl.

2. To the owner of my heart, to the love of my soul, and the one who makes me smile without words, may you flourish today. May your day be productive. Morning, cutie pie.

3. I usually dreamt of angels but I’m happier I have one in my life. Take all the love in the universe, and be costed with a million kisses from me to start your day, bright and cheery.

4. Seeing you awake is the most beautiful sight. You’re more radiant than the sun rising in the east. Make sure you enjoy yourself today.

5. Hi love, I want to remind you that I’m in love with you. You have slowly but surely carved yourself into my heart. I enjoy everything we’ve built together. Shine brighter today.

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I Love My Husband With All My Heart

1. It can sometimes be difficult to express just how much you love your husband. He is the man of your dreams and your partner in life, so it’s important to find just the right words. What do you say to the one you love? Sometimes, a short and loving husband quote from his wife is all it takes to sum up your affection.

2. My greatest wish is for you to see how I see you. This way, you’ll realize the depth of your importance to me and how much I love you.

3. You are the beginning of the most important love story in my life. Every day with you is heaven. I’m practically tasting paradise by your side.

4. I have chosen you for the rest of my life. I have chosen to hold and respect you till eternity. This is a commitment I will stick to no matter what.

5. Many times, you brought laughter to my lips and cheered me up in my low moments. I’m grateful to have a loving, caring, and supportive man like you. I love you my crown.

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I Love You With All My Heart Meaning And Usage

The ‘I love you with all my heart’ statement may seem common to many but it actually expresses something more deep, emotional, and intense.

It shows a deep commitment to showing unconditional love and support for the other person. Although this statement is common for romantic situations, it’s applicable to even non-romantic relationships.

I love you with all my heart is a simple, yet powerful way to tell you’re significant other that you are passionate about him/her.

I Trust You With All My Heart Message

Part of loving someone is trusting the person. You feel confident about who you have chosen and what he or she represents.

If you are looking for how to inform your partner of your trust for him or her, here is a list of I trust you with all my heart message to guide you:

1. Love is good but trust does it better. My love for you has been enhanced because I deeply trust you. Thank you for making me trust you.

2. You’re my trustworthy lover, who I can rely on unconditionally. Thank you for making things easy to honor you.

3. You and I are like trust and love. We’re inseparable. You’re someone worth vouching for in everything.

4. This relationship is a combination of two loving and trusting people. And this is where our biggest strength lies. Nothing will upend my trust in you.

5. You have shown me countless times that I can trust you with everything. You have treated my heart with adoration. Thank you for spoiling me with your honesty.

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I Want You In My Life Forever

1. In good and bad times, be mine for life. In the good times, we will celebrate together. In the bad times, I’ll cry with you.

2. I’ll be the last person you’ve dated and loved with everything. You won’t even think of dating another because you’ve tasted my love for you.

3. Your smile is precious. It’s a balm to my wounded soul. You are my healer.

4. You upturned my life only to arrange it better.

5. Knowing that you belong to me for life makes me wake up giddy and sleep fulfilled.

How Can I Make My Boyfriend Feel Special With Words

Your boyfriend has a right to experience love. Don’t assume he is aware of your feelings for him.

Send a beautiful text or speak the words out loud. In either case, be sure he knows how much he matters to you.

Now if you’re wondering ‘how can I make my boyfriend feel special with words’, here are some sweet things to say to your boyfriend to make him feel appreciated

1. Whenever I have a gloomy day, All I need to do is see your face and I feel much better.

2. Holding your hands makes me feel I can conquer the entire world. Always be by my side.

3. To my sweet boyfriend, thank you for creating a safe space for me with you.

4. Loving you is one of the best things that has happened to me. I’m confident to express myself because I know you won’t judge me.

5. You inspire me to aim higher and take on bigger things. I’ve wanted to be better because you’re in my life.

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