Signs Of A Broken Heart Woman

16 Signs Of A Broken Heart Woman And How To Get Out Of Depression

Heartbreak isn’t mere candle-break. When the heart is broken, everything moves towards been broken if care is not taken.

Whether you’re a woman with a broken heart or you know someone whose heart is probably broken, we believe that these signs of a broken heart woman and how to get out of a heart break will greatly be of help.

If you’re a woman whose heart is broken, I want to commend you. For you to have gotten in here, means you’re in search for help to get out of it. And that’s the first recovery step from a broken heart.

This post on signs of a broken heart woman has been written to help you diagnose that your heart is breaking, and to help you take more steps towards becoming a happier person.

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Signs Your Heart Is Breaking : Signs Of A Broken Heart Woman

Let’s look at the signs that indicate your heart is breaking, and of course, how you can start to make things better once more.

#1. She Cries Ceaselessly

We’ve all been there. From the moment you wake up, to the moment you go to sleep you can’t stop crying. Every time you think you are about to regain control, something else sets you off again. Crying is a totally normal part of heartbreak and is a good way of letting the hurt and pain out.

#2. She Has Pain In Her Chest

Often, people who suffer heartbreak feel as though someone is sitting on their chest, or they get sharp chest pains where their heart is located. This can be very scary. It’s usually just the emotional stress and nothing to worry about.

#3. Sleepless Nights

Lying awake at night thinking about the person who broke your heart. And the constant replay of your breakup or last conversations to the point where you simply cannot get to sleep is a common sign your heart is breaking. Being tired makes us feel more emotional too.

#4. Lack Of Appetite

Going off food when going through a breakup is very common. Lots of people tend to lose weight with the stress and upset of it all.

#5. She Feels She’s Losing Her Breath

Often people suffering from heartbreak get so worked up they feel as though they can’t catch their breath. This can be another sign that feels quite worrying, but it will go away once you start to feel better again.

#6. She Lacks Concentration

Can’t seem to concentrate? If your mind keeps wandering and you can’t focus because of all the thoughts racing around your head, this is due to your heartbreak.

#7. Her Words Are Disjointed

You start a sentence and then just totally trail off? This again is simply because you’re thinking so many thoughts and feeling such a rollercoaster of emotions that it is hard to keep your mouth up with your brain!

#8. She Keep Thinking About The Cause Of The Broken Heart

If you feel your heart is breaking, it is no surprise that most of your thoughts fixate on the person who caused you so much pain. Slowly but surely, you’ll stop thinking about them so much and find that longer and longer periods of time pass when you don’t think about them at all.

#9. She Keeps Thinking About How She Got It Wrong

Mulling over all the details of your past relationship is totally normal. You’ll pick apart every sentence, every word, trying to figure out exactly what went wrong.

#10. She Blames Herself

When feeling heartbroken and upset, it is easy to start losing self-confidence and blaming yourself for the breakup.

Try to remember that relationships rarely fail just because of one person’s actions. Besides blaming yourself isn’t going to help anyone.

#11. She Often Talk About The Cause Of Her Broken-heart

If you’ve got to that point where your friends start to roll their eyes every time you bring up you-know-who, it might be time to make an effort to talk about something else. It’s hard when you are heartbroken, but sometime you have to move on.

#12. She Feels Stressed

Another physical sign of heartbreak is feeling dizzy. If you have a little wobble from time to time, this again is probably just the stress.

#13 She Feels Weak

Feeling like you may faint can be super scary, but if it’s because of heartbreak it shouldn’t be anything to worry about. Just make sure you have eaten enough, even if it’s hard. Drink plenty of water and go easy on yourself!

#14 She Might Eat Abnormally

While some people go off their food, comfort eating can be another classic sign of heartbreak! Carton of ice cream anyone?

#15 She Has Panic Attacks

Panic attacks encompass many of the physical symptoms discussed above and many more. Panic attacks are super common when feeling stressed out, so if you experience them try to figure out what your triggers are and take up gentle exercise, meditation, and try and eat healthy. Stay away from the booze too!

#16 She Feels Sick

Feeling sick is another common side effect when your heart is breaking. This again is to do with the emotional stress, and it will pass when your heart starts to heal.

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How To Get Out Of A Heart Break

#1 Don’t Rush It

Well this one might be obvious, but the absolute best thing for a broken heart is time. The more time that passes, the less pain you’ll feel. Soon you might even wonder what all the fuss was about in the first place!

#2 Chill out with friends

Distract yourself by surrounding yourself with all your best friends—they’ll look after you no matter what.

#3 Control What You Think

Hanging onto those keepsakes, messages, and photos is only going to make it harder. Be brave, have a clearing out of all those memories. You’ll feel so much more ready to move on.

#4 Love On Yourself

Take time to step back and really think about how you are doing. Make time for yourself, spoil yourself, and above all be kind to yourself. The more you love yourself the better you’ll feel.

#5 Go To The Gym

There is nothing like hitting the gym to get those endorphins flowing and putting you in a positive mindset, so what are you waiting for?!

#6 Go For Your Passion

Don’t let anything hold you back anymore. Now is your time to do the things you have always wanted to do. You’ve got no one to answer to but yourself. How awesome is that?

#7 Try Adventure

Step outside your comfort zone and challenge yourself. You’ll be surprised at how amazing you feel, and how proud you’ll feel too.

#8 Remove The Seal Off You

Make some goals and then go for them hell for leather. Once you achieve them you’ll realize the person who broke your heart was the one stopping you from standing on top of the world.

#9 Open Up Again For The Best

When you are back to your confident, butt-kicking best, get out there and find that special someone who knows how to treat you right and make you happier than ever!

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