Good Feedback For Teachers From Students For Online Classes

[2024] Good Feedback For Teachers From Students For Online Classes And The School Year

Giving feedback is to highlight how and what you feel about the subject matter. It could be to appreciate, point out areas of improvement, or send good feedback to praise the person in concern.

Good feedback for teachers from students for online classes or the entire school year is an appreciative and positive comment for teachers. This highlights the peculiarity of both the teacher and the teaching style.

In this compilation, we do not only have great samples of good feedback for teachers from students for online classes, but we also had the parents in mind too, to give feedback and comments about the teacher.

I think you should be excited about letting your educator know what you think about his or her class, subject, personality, and why you think they are doing a great job. These good comments for teachers from students and parents would be of help to put your thoughts into words.

How To Write Good Feedback For Teachers

Of course, this post deals only with samples of good feedback for teachers from students for online classes or the entire school year; however, I think we should look into how to write good feedback for teachers, either as a student, parent, or principal.

Anyways, there is not much to this. The following are the things to bear in mind while you write good feedback for the teacher, either as a student or parent.

1. Be sincere.

The reason for feedback is to identify the teacher’s strengths and areas where improvement is needed. Therefore, not being sincere will frustrate the intention of the feedback. Say exactly how you feel about the teacher.

2. Be clear enough.

Yes. You should be clear enough for the teacher to know exactly what you’re trying to communicate in your comments. Don’t keep him or her guessing.

3. Make your comment short.

Teachers have so much to do. Your feedback is not to give them another tedious work to do. Therefore, keep it succinct and simple.

4. Avoid giving a negative impression.

Don’t mention areas of improvement only. Begin with whatever is good about the teacher first, and then mention areas you think might need improvement.

5. Use appropriate adjectives and adverbs to appreciate a good teacher.

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Good Feedback For Teachers From Students For Online Classes

Yes, this session is for good feedback for teachers from students for online classes, and we’ve got you some really good comments for your teacher, instructor, or educator.

1. The math teacher ( or mention any of the subjects) is such a great teacher. He teaches with so much simplicity that helps comprehension.

2. I never knew this subject can be understood easily. Mr. Ferguson helped me overcome my fears about this course. Thank you.

3. All I could say is to appreciate Ms. Gloria. Thank you, thank you. She’s no doubt a great teacher.

4. The online class feels so much like a physical class. The teacher was able to carry everyone along and explain every knotty part of the subject carefully and understandably.

5. It Is easy for anyone to take online classes for granted. But Mr. George is such a great communicator that you don’t want to get distracted by anything. More so, he teaches with a great vibe that keeps anyone listening.

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Short Students Comments About Teachers

1. Mr. Effiong teaches with passion and positive energy that draws in every student. What a gift! What a teacher! What an educator!

2. I’ve heard that the best teacher teaches passionately and compassionately. The history teacher exemplifies that perfectly.

3. Mr. Greg is a one-of-a-kind teacher. More than a comment, he deserves an award.

4. Even if you came into Ms. Kim’s class indifferent to learning, her style of teaching will get you interested in her lecture and help you grasp her point without missing out.

5. Ms. Clara is a teacher like no other. Her understanding of the student enlists her among my best teachers in this institute of learning.

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Good Comments For Teachers From Students And Parents

1. Since my child joined Ms. Éclair’s class, she has picked an unusual interest in learning. Obviously, she’s doing a great job.

2. Melisa, our daughter, is asking if her teacher would move with her to the next class. She’s fond of her. She must be a great teacher.

3. Miss Agnes’ style of teaching has drawn me into a whole new way of interacting with the world and exploring ideas! Thank you.

4. I never had any interest in practicals in classes until Mr. Duke took up the class. He’s doing such a great job in the practical class.

5. Mrs. Kef is a teacher who surrounds her students with both the passion and the inspiration to learn every day. A million thanks to her.

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Good Feedback Comments For Teachers

1. I’ve seen many teachers, but for you, I think you’re a born teacher. Keep up the good work!

2. Mr. Herchef isn’t only a great teacher. He’s also a great communicator and an award-deserving counselor. Your continuous counsel, while you teach, has given me a new perspective on life.

3. I believe that Mrs. Anderson’s pay doesn’t commensurate with her investment in her students. She deserves an award of recognition and our appreciation to complement that.

4. Thank you, Mrs. Malsetta! You’re not just a great teacher. You’re a great person.

5. There is definitely something special about Mr. Agabus’ style of teaching. Everyone catches interest in his subject. He doesn’t only understand his subject, he also understands his students.

Positive Comments For Teachers

1. You made this school year fun-full and impactful. Thank you for your dedication to making us get better.

2. Thank you, Mrs. Kion for being a great inspiration and a fantastic teacher. This term made the best out of me.

3. The school has never been this interesting. No doubt, Mr. Kelly is a great teacher.

4. Mrs. Christiana, I want to sincerely thank you for being such an inspiring teacher for this school session. You’re my hero!

5. This is a great school year because a great teacher like you did a great job to make a great student like me. Thank you.

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