When God Puts Someone In Your Heart

5 Things To Do And What It Means When God Puts Someone In Your Heart

How God works with His creatures, humans especially is very unique and mysterious at times. Just as a songwriter succinctly puts it: ‘the Lord moves in mysterious ways, His wonders to perform.’ The Word of God has said a long time ago that His ways are past finding out.

More so, God’s ways are very much higher than ours, such that what might seem very simple and negligible to us, in the sight of God, is of very great importance and also, what might look so much more important to us, is vain in God’s eyes.

Thus, when God puts someone in your heart, it is usually for a purpose. God doesn’t act on impulse. He knows the end right from the beginning and works everything according to His plan. Therefore, when He puts someone in your heart, it might be that He wants you to do something for them, or desist from doing something to them or warn you against associating with that person, and so on. We will be looking at this in detail in the write-up.

When God puts someone in your heart, it is not just to get you excited but so that you can take the necessary action. And so, when God puts someone in your heart, don’t just fold your arms and do nothing. Seek His face further if you’re confused about what it means so that the reason why He showed you can be fulfilled.

In this write-up, we will examine in detail what it means when God puts someone in your heart and what to do about it.

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What It Means When God Puts Someone In Your Heart

God deals with us individually and severally from others. However, there are times when in God’s dealing with us we can all have a common ground.

For instance, when God puts someone in your heart. You are not the first in the world to experience that nor will you be the last. More so, God can also be using the same means correspondingly to reach out to others.

While we may all experience God at one time or the other, how this may benefit us is only when we understand what it means as only then can we take the necessary action to bring to pass or revert what is about to happen.

So, let’s get into the matter, of what it means when God puts someone in your heart.

#1. It Means God Loves That Person

When God puts someone in your heart, it can imply a sign of God’s love for that person. Most of the time, it seems God hides His face when we are passing through a difficult time that makes us think He has abandoned us. At such times, God might intentionally withdraw Himself not to scare us but so that we can look up to Him for help in our difficult hours. When it happens like that to people, as a way to encourage them, God can decide to put them in your heart so that you can meet a particular need of theirs or pray on their behalf.

#2. God Wants You To Intercede For Them

Secondly, when God puts someone in your heart, it might mean that they are in danger and if you don’t intercede for them or call to check up on them at that point, they will fall victim to that evil which God doesn’t want to happen.

A woman once shared the testimony of how her child was rescued from an accident. After dropping off her kid at school, later in the day, she had this impression on her heart about her son. She didn’t seem to understand what it was all about but decided to pray until the burden went away.

Later, her son was telling her how whilst crossing the road with another boy, a vehicle rammed into the other boy and he died.

In his own words, he should have been the one but a force took him out of that scene and he was delivered. This happened because God put this woman’s son in her heart and long before it happened, the boy had already been secured from the danger. What it means when God puts someone in your heart, therefore, is that they are probably in danger and He wants you to avert it by praying for or checking up on them.

#3. He Is Working On Their Behalf

Moreover, when God puts someone in your heart, it means God is working on their behalf. When the children of Israel were being oppressed in Egypt, in answer to their cries and groaning to God, He decided to send Moses to them by putting them on Moses’ heart and sending him as a deliverer to them.

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#4. He Wants To Use You As An Instrument For Their Salvation Or Restoration

When God puts someone in your heart, it can mean that they are backslidden or have gone into sin that He wants them to repent of and come back to Him.

For instance, when David sinned in committing adultery with Bathsheba and also killed her husband, God put him in the heart of Nathan the prophet who went to him and told him to repent.

In the same vein, you might be the leader or pastor of a church, and somebody has gone into secret sin. One way in which God can work in exposing that sin is by putting that person in your heart. When you press further, you can then discern what exactly the person had done and subsequently lead them to repentance.

#5. They Need Your Help In A Particular Way

In addition, what it means when God puts someone in your heart is that they may need your help in one way or the other and God is sending you to help them.

When Paul and his team were on their missionary journeys, having been hindered by the Holy Spirit from preaching in three different places, God in His sovereignty put the city of Macedonia in Paul’s heart through a vision while he was sleeping at night.

So also, God can put someone in your heart whom He wants you to help either financially, with a word of comfort, or a job opportunity, and many others.

#6. That Person Is Your Spouse

In the case of the opposite gender, what it means when God puts someone in your heart can be that that is the person He is leading you to get married to.

When you are seeking God’s face to know whom to marry, God can put the person in your heart. This is not the same for everybody but it is one of the ways God leads His own in discovering and knowing the bone of their bone and the flesh of their flesh.

Therefore, what it means when God puts someone in your heart is that that person is your spouse.

Summarily, what it means when God puts someone in your heart varies from time to time. This write-up has only helped to shed light on what it might mean. It might and it might not be true for you.

In all, when God puts someone in your heart, you should pray to be very clear on what He wants you to do about it. This way, you would save yourself from avoidable harm.

For instance, if God puts a woman in your heart as a man who is looking for a woman to marry, you might presumptuously assume God is saying she is your spouse meanwhile, God wants you to intercede for her or help her in a particular way.

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What To Do When God Puts Someone In Your Heart

When God does anything at all, it is always with a purpose in mind. God doesn’t act on impulse nor does He do things for the fun of it. If He weighs the men’s actions, how much more His? Despite not being accountable to any of us, yet, His ways are always right and purposeful.

When God lays something or someone on your heart, therefore, it is because He wants you to get something done about it. But what exactly does God want me to do? Let’s get down on how to know.

#1. Pray For More Understanding About It

When God puts someone in your heart, the first thing is to pray to know more about it i.e. pray to know God’s mind clearly about whom He just revealed to you.

There are times God will not show you the full details of the matter but just give you a hint, using it as a means to draw you into deeper communion with Him through which He can then expound the matter about that person clearly to you.

It might be that God wants you to pray for them, visit them, send them a token or He might be using them as a representation of something. Therefore, when God puts someone in your heart, pray for insight about it.

#2. Intercede For Them

Secondly, when God puts someone in your heart, it can be that He wants you to join forces with that person in getting them a breakthrough. In other words, He wants you to intercede on their behalf.

That person might need your prayers at that moment and the only way they can be delivered, saved, healed, or protected is by your praying for them.

God puts people in our hearts so we can intercede on their behalf. If you do not know what to pray for specifically, the Holy Spirit knows and He can pray through you for them if you allow Him.

Romans 8 verse 26 says that “Likewise, the Spirit also helpeth our infirmities: for we know not what we should pray for as we ought: but the Spirit itself maketh intercession for us with groanings that cannot be uttered.” When you yield yourself to the Spirit of God and allow Him to pray through you, this way you are more effective in interceding for those people.

#3. Let Go Of Any Grudge You Have Against Them By Forgiving Them

More so, when God puts someone in your heart, it might be you are holding on to what that person has done against you for some days, months, or years and He wants you to let go of the grudge you have against them by forgiving them genuinely from your heart.

This time, if you pray for them, you are missing the point altogether, as what is needed at this time is for you to forgive them for whatever wrong they might have done to you. Therefore, when God puts someone in your heart, forgive them, if they have done you wrong in any way.

#4. Get In Touch With Them By Contacting Them

Also, God might put someone in your mind when He wants you to contact them. It doesn’t matter if you saw them a day before and, therefore, it seems unnecessary or if you haven’t spoken for a longer period.

When God puts someone in your heart, what you have to do is to pick up the phone and give them a call.

A man of God once shared how God impressed one of his spiritual daughters on his heart. After praying about it, he picked up the phone and gave her a call. Alas! She was feeling dejected and was about to enter into an ungodly covenant.

By the grace of God, she was able to be restored and was delivered from entering into an evil covenant. Thus, when God puts someone in your heart, don’t hesitate to give them a call.

#5. Send Them A Text Message

Furthermore, it might also be that he wants to make use of you as a channel to remind them that He is thinking of them. Therefore, when God puts someone in your heart, reach out to them and encourage them by sending a text message to let them know they are in your heart.

By simply obeying and doing so, you don’t know what burden you are lifting from their shoulders. You can send a text that says “You have been on my mind lately. What’s going on with you?” or any other text that expresses what you feel at that moment.

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