Thank You For The Excellent Training Session

40 Examples Of Thank You For The Excellent Training Session

Before attending a training session, there is an expectation of what one will gain and how the training will be applied to make progress either in a career on in a profession. Thus, after attending, to say the least, an excellent training session, it is not surprising to see trainees’ face beam with such delight and say, thank you for the excellent training session.

Whenever our expectations about anything are met as humans, we are bound to express our sincerest, heartfelt gratitude to those who made it possible. This is no different after participating in an excellent training session.

In this write-up, we have listed several examples of how to say thank you for the excellent training session. You are free to use them as they are or adjust them to your taste.

Thank You For The Excellent Training Session

1. Thank you for the excellent training session. I enjoyed every aspect of it.

2. I never imagined the grand impact of the training session today. It was a very educative one. Thanks to the facilitators.

3. Thank you for the excellent training session. The discussion was filled with so much knowledge and wise tips.

4. The training materials were very invaluable and informative. Thank you for the excellent training.

5. It gives such a thrilling experience to be trained by an authority in the field of [xyz]. I look forward to applying the skills I’ve gained as a result of this training.

6. Thank you for the excellent training. It was such a rare opportunity to have been under the tutelage of [title and name of facilitator].

7. Thank you for the excellent training. I am so glad that my investment towards the training paid off.

8. I am so glad to have participated in this excellent training session. It has brought me up-to-date on the new skills in my profession. Thank you for the excellent training session.

9. What I have gained from attending this excellent training session cannot be sufficiently described in words. It has proven to be a good investment of my time and money. Thank you for the excellent training session.

10. The trainers made themselves gregarious and approachable which allowed me to rub minds with them on a few ideas of my own after the training session. Thanks to the organizers.

11. The facilitators of this training session were very knowledgeable and could communicate effectively. Thank you for the excellent training session.

12. I sincerely appreciate you for this excellent training session. The facilitators were down-to-earth with the topics they handled and were very practical as well. Thank you for the excellent training session.

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Thank You For Training Me Quotes

Gratitude is what we cannot do without as social beings. We will always be in the circumstances to be grateful to people around us whether they did it deliberately or otherwise.

When you have been trained by someone, you cannot turn a closed eye on that training and behave as though nothing happened. That would not only be disrespectful but also a sign of ingratitude.

However, when we choose to thank them for training us, it opens the door for further mentoring and makes the trainer know that they did not labour over you in vain. By writing a thank you for training me quote and sending it to them, you not only give them a sense of fulfilment but also contribute positively to their overall mental and emotional state and foster a strong relationship between you both.

In this write-up, we have compiled a list of thank you for training me quotes that you can send to a trainer after benefiting from their sacrifice of time, knowledge and skill.

1. ‘Thank you for training me and for equipping me with the skills I need to be efficient at work. Thanks, Sir.’

2. ‘I remain ever grateful for meeting you at this point in my life. You have equipped me with the right skills for my career. Thank you for training me, Ma’

3. ‘Thank you for all the training you’ve given me. I am very grateful!’

4. ‘Thank you for sparing time out of your busy schedule to train me on [xyz]. I certainly wouldn’t disappoint your efforts, Sir.’

5. ‘Thank you for helping me find my footing in my first few weeks here at [company’s name]. It makes all the difference having your support.’

6. ‘Thank you for providing me with such outstanding training on [xyz]. I can now train others too on the same topic.’

7. ‘Thank you for training me soundly. You do an amazing job at equipping new employees like me!’

8. ‘Thank you for providing me with the skills needed to succeed at the project I am working on. I am forever grateful to you.’

9. ‘Thank you for providing the platform for me to learn the skills I need to advance my career. I am grateful, Ma.’

10. ‘Thank you for providing me with such detailed training on how to handle [name of the equipment]. It has proven to be indispensable to my career. Thank you for training me, Sir.’

11. ‘Thank you for training me on how to use [name of application]. I have been able to apply it to the project I am currently working on.’

12. ‘Thank you for all the training you have given me. You have made me a better employee and professional. Thank you, Ma.’

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Thank You For Coaching And Mentoring

After being under the tutelage and guidance of a coach or mentor for some time, you will notice that the things you so desired as and when you signed up to be coached or mentored, start falling into place and your expectations are being met.

When this happens, we are sometimes at a loss for words to express our deepest thanks to them for their coaching and mentoring. At such a point, what we need is some inspiration to give words to the grateful feeling in our hearts so that we can say thank you for coaching and mentoring me.

Believe me; nothing is sweeter than the sounds of gratitude from a mentee to their mentor or coach. In this write-up, you will find a list of thank you for coaching and mentoring me messages that you can send to your coach or mentor via SMS, email, Facebook, Twitter, or any other appropriate social medium to express your gratitude for their support, motivation, encouragement, and what-have-you throughout the mentorship.

1. You are a spectacular leader, mentor, teacher and lots more. Thank you for the guidance and instruction these past years. I am forever indebted to you. Thanks a lot.

2. I am grateful for the day I met you. You have contributed so significantly to my life that I am amazed. Thank you very much, sir/ma.

3. It gives me great joy knowing I have a mentor who is interested in my success and is giving me all the necessary support too. I cannot thank you enough. I hope I will be able to repay you in the future. Thanks, boss.

4. Thank you for being such a great coach to me. I’m thankful for making me much better than I was before I met you.

5. Thank you very much for taking me under your wing since you first set your eyes on me. I am grateful for the corrections, support, and guidance you have given me to be where I am today. Thank you, Ma.

6. When people admire my portfolio, little do they know that it is so good because I have a fantastic mentor like you. Thank you Ma, for all you do and keep doing for me.

7. Thank you for teaching me to balance my career with my family. Your teachings have proven to be effective and fruitful. Thank you, Ma.

8. You are a loving and caring person both in and out of the office. Thank you for always being there to encourage and support me.

9. Dear Sir, I must confess to you that you have helped me discover my life’s purpose with your precious counsel and advice. Thank you for helping me with this all-important discovery.

10. I salute your outstanding leadership and teaching qualities. Not only do you teach me to do it, but you also lead the way with your exemplary life. Thank you so much, sir.

11. I keep learning from you every day and getting better at my job, and that is because I have a wonderful and supportive mentor like you who is unselfishly interested in my progress. Thanks for being a mentor to me.

12. I am very privileged to work with someone who inspires me to be better every day. Thank you for your mentoring, Sir.

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