Positive Training Feedback Comments

65 Samples Of Positive Training Feedback Comments  To Organizers And Facilitators

After a training session, it is a sine qua non to send feedback to the organizers and trainers, telling them your perspective of the training, and how it benefited you. It helps in letting the organizers know if the training meets your expectations, and it assists them in proper decision-making for future preparation.

If you are an organizer of training, how will you feel when you receive positive training feedback comments from trainees, after a just-concluded program? It’s awesome, right? Yes, it is. It eases the stress of contemplating whether the participants enjoyed the program or not.

By conveying positive training feedback comments, it will spur the person or persons to whom it is been directed, and gives a feeling of accomplishment. Therefore, endeavor to normalize sending positive training feedback comments.

For saving you the energy and time you will use up in composing it, you have me here to do your dealings. Below are different well-constructed samples of positive training feedback comments, just for you.

How To Give Feedback On Training Session Examples

Here are how to give feedback on training session examples that are specially prepared for your use.

I guess you know it is of no good to not give positive training feedback comments, your feedback to the training organizers will go a long way in helping improve the training. With your comments, they will know how effective or less their performances were.

You can explore and choose from these well-composed lists below on how to give feedback on training session examples.

It was an awesome experience attending this new innovative program. I learned a lot from the anchor’s words of introduction to the presentation and closing remark. Thank you.

Am just speechless. What I acquired from the training was more than what I expected. I enjoyed everything about the training. Kudos to the organizers.

The speakers for all the training sessions spoke eloquently, and how pragmatic they made each session was awesome. I understood all that was taught in all the sessions.

What an interactive training it was. I can’t wait to incorporate what I learned for a productive result. Thank you.

Mr. Duke’s training session was superb and stylish as he backed it up with some of his real-life experiences which made it more relatable.

I am anticipating seeing more of this training coming up, because of its impact on people’s life. If it continues, sooner or later mindset will continue to change for the better.

The training was so innovative, informative, and instructive; linking our minds to ideas, possibilities, and unforeseen circumstances.

As bulky as the training materials were, the trainers presented them so simple and practicably. I learned a lot. Thank you to all the speakers and team.

I enjoyed the questions and answers session of the training. It was such an interactive session. Answers from the speakers were detailed and straightforward.

Positive thoughts and ideas kept flowing as the session went on with the trainers. We are all elated that we attended the training. Gracias.

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Positive Training Feedback Comments

When sending positive training feedback comments, you have to be sincere to the organizers telling them how it benefited you and also commending their effort.

The trainers and organizers went through lots of stress to see the program end successful and impact the participants positively. You see, they have done their part, yours is to send them positive training feedback comments after the training, as a form of encouragement.

Below are very nice positive training feedback comments, prepared for you. Choose from the list to convey your thoughts on that training or course you just completed. I guess you already know how they will feel if they receive these positive feedback comments from you.

This training has equipped me positively with problem-solving skills. It has helped me to see different ways to think and leverage challenges in my career.

It’s such an awesome experience participating in the just-concluded training. The quality of the contents is superb.

Incorporating all I have learned into the diverse circumstances I am facing at the moment will assist me in passing the huge hurdle.

This training has equipped me with lots of tangible and professional tools to leverage on and use in achieving excellent desired results.

Now I feel extraordinary energy to deal with some issues am going through, as a result of the so much value I gained from the training.

The training was full of fun. Speakers of every session spoke from a different perspective and impacted wholesome understanding. It was such a great training session.

I am so confident to apply what I now know from the training to my daily life dealings. I am happy I attended the training. It exceeded my expectations.

With all the teachings from the training and the additional materials given, which will go a long way for further references and re-reading, it was worth the invested time and resources.

Many participants commented on how interesting the training was. The trainers gave their speeches with so many facts, figures, and humor. It was a value-pack training session.

This training was so overwhelming, is one of its kind. The new diverse expertise I acquire from the training will surely be pragmatically used.

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Training Feedback Comments Examples

Writing feedback doesn’t require you to write plenty of words or less but it should at least contain how you benefited from the training and a word of appreciation in some cases.

In the section below, are well-written and straightforward training feedback comments examples which you can copy and send to the organizers r facilitators of the training you attended.

All the topics that were taught during the training were useful and relevant to our course of study. Kudos to the organizers.

The training was awesome! With the help of the practical session during the training, now I know how to utilize available resources to tackle, even unpredictable issues that may arise.

During the cause of the training I gained vast experience and knowledge in the psychology of human nature. I am now familiar with some human traits and behaviors which will help me to cope with the different temperaments of people.

You have done an enormous service to us, the participants, for organizing this training. Now we are fully ready to make an impact with what we have learned so far. Thank you.

All the intriguing teachings at the training have broadened my horizons and my professional skills. Not forgetting the lots of fun too. Thank you for your service to humanity.

We appreciate you for a great opportunity like this. It was a wonderful experience meeting great people and learning from them and acquiring skills from experts. I will greatly put what I learned into good use.

I was so elated from the beginning to the end of the training. I was just busy assimilating the intensive teachings from the trainers. The examples were so real. I appreciate your effort.

I want to use this opportunity to thank the organizers of the training and also the mentors who taught and simplified the difficult topics.

The method you used in the training was easy to understand. I am happy I participated in this training. I was able to have unrestricted access to mentors, connect and ask questions. I enjoyed every bit of response I got from them.

I like how illustrations were made clear in all the materials given at the training. It was after the training the issues taught became clearer to me. Thank you for all you put into the success of this training.

Examples Of Feedback About Trainer

Here are examples of feedback you could provide about a trainer:

The trainer was incredibly knowledgeable about the subject matter and was able to answer all of my questions thoroughly.

The trainer was engaging and kept the training session interesting and interactive, which made it easier for me to stay focused and learn.

The trainer was patient and took the time to explain concepts in a way that was easy to understand, even for those who were new to the subject.

The trainer was approachable and encouraged questions and discussion, which made the training feel like a collaborative learning experience.

The trainer provided plenty of real-world examples and case studies that helped to contextualize the material and made it more relevant to my job.

The trainer was well-organized and kept the training on track, while also being flexible enough to adjust the pace and content to meet the needs of the group.

The trainer provided useful feedback and constructive criticism on our work, which helped me to improve my skills and gain confidence in my abilities.

The trainer was supportive and encouraging, which made me feel comfortable asking for help and trying new things.

The trainer had a positive attitude and brought a lot of energy to the training, which made it more enjoyable and engaging for everyone involved.

The trainer was professional and knowledgeable, but also had a sense of humor that made the training more enjoyable and relaxed.

Online Training Feedback Samples

Trainings are done online to ease the burden of mobility, paving the opportunity for you to attend from the comfort of your home or office.

I believe you are here to get online training feedback samples to send to the facilitators r organizers of the training you attended. Yes, that’s commendable.

Below are different online training feedback samples which will encourage the training organizers.

Although it was an online training every session seems like a physical one. All of the sessions that were taught are just exceptional.

I enjoyed this online training more than some physical training I’ve attended. This one is so lively and the interaction with others makes it unique.

I hope to participate next time in an online training like this. I learned a lot from it and I thank everyone that was involved to make it a successful one.

For organizing such a powerful and inspiring online training, you deserve an award, sincerely. I promise to maximally utilize the knowledge gained. Gracias.

I love the content of this course training, it was so interesting. The questions and answers segment that was initiated enhances the online learning process. Kudos to the organizers and facilitators.

I seldom complete online training. This is my first time completing online training due to the structure and the dispensation of knowledge. I was able to participate to the end.

This online training is no different from physical training, it was such a wonderful one. The trainers gave us value for our time and even more than expected.

Firstly, I want to thank the organizers of this awesome online training and then the instructors for their intellectual teachings. This training will pave a way for many in the understanding of digital skills.

This online training was very beneficial to me and relevant in my career field. It will help me enormously. I enjoyed all the sessions of the training.

Good Feedback Comments For Training To Organizers And Facilitators

Composing good feedback comments for training organizers or facilitators after training will go a long way in serving as appreciation for the benefit of the training and it gives them the impression of a good work done.

Below are examples of good feedback comments for training you would like and if sent will deliver your deep words of appreciation.

I am thrilled by how the training exercises were done. Thank you for imparting this wealth of knowledge to people. Thank you for the opportunity to learn.

This mind-blowing training on leadership is a way of teaching people to know more about being a leader and the vital prerequisite of a leader in the 21st century. Thank you.

I now get to understand and view the world from a different perspective. It is helpful training. This training has changed my perspective on the subject discussed. I appreciate your effort.

Within a short period of the training course, I have been able to get lots of knowledge on leadership, which I can now practice and teach others the rudiments of leadership. Thank you so much.

This training is so captivating. It has equipped me with writing skills to leverage on and the use of words when writing. Surely I have gained much during the training course. I can see the evidence in my writing these days. I appreciate it a lot.

Wow…what a super productive training it was. Thank you so much for the knowledge gained. If the training will continue I can never have enough of it. Kudos to you.

Bravo!! I appreciate your tireless effort in seeing people have the digital skill to help cope with the 21st century. Now I am a certified social media marketer. Thank you.

I was motivated hearing from the mentors telling us of their journey to the top, the strive, the pain etcetera. But determination, persistence, and focus sustain them to the top. Thank you for challenging me at the training.

At first I was not willing to attend but I just said to myself, I should attend the first session and see how it goes, but fortunately the training superseded my expectations, and it intrigued me to attend all sessions. Thank you.

I sincerely appreciate you for the training. This is the best training I attend so far. I can’t wait to explore the skills I have learned. Thank you so much.

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