Short Prayer For Work Success

45 Short Prayer For Work Success And Prosperity

If there is any desire seen across creation, it is that desire to succeed in their endeavors. When we don’t succeed in our endeavors as humans, it makes us feel less than what we really are; bringing negative and toxic emotions like depression, suicidal thoughts, frustration etc.

But while success is dependent on principles that govern it, it is worthy of note however, that sometimes after doing all one should do, success can still be far away from being reached. This shows that success at times is not so reliant on the principles that govern it but also on the help of God.

In this write up, we have thus compiled a list of short prayer for work success that you can pray to bring about success in your life and endeavors.

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Short Prayer For Work Success

Success is something that everyone desires. We all want to succeed in every endeavor despite challenges.

Every day comes with its hurdles and this is why it is important to arm ourselves with prayers to be empowered and to overcome.

With this compilation of short prayer for work success, we can be successful in all areas as long as we have absolute trust in God on our side.

Below is a compiled list of short prayers for success.

1. Dear father, I know that wisdom comes from you. So, I ask that you guide me with your wisdom in every step I take today. May I not be lacking in sound counsel that will guarantee my success in Jesus’ Name. Amen.

2. Dear Lord, thank you for prospering all the work of my hands and for making me fruitful. Lord, may the sound of rejoicing never cease from my household, Amen.

3. Lord, you said in your word that shall make me the head and not the tail; and that I shall be above only and not be beneath. I trust in your word. Let it come to pass in my life in Jesus’ Name, Amen.

4. Lord, I thank you for opening to me your good treasure, and the heavens to send rain in season. I trust in you to give me success in all the work of my hands. I will lend to many nations and will not borrow.

5. Lord, I ask that you teach me to walk in humility and the fear of the Lord so that I can enjoy the riches, honor, and success that comes from you alone.

6. Father, I pray that I shall stand out and be distinguished amongst my equals for success in Jesus’ name. I declare that I am a covenant of success, Amen.

7. Today and always, I will experience all-round success in every aspect of my life. I am the head and not the tail, Amen.

8. Dear Lord, I ask that you prosper and establish the works of my hands. May lines fall for me in pleasant places and I declare that I have a goodly heritage, Amen.

9. Father, your word says that I am blessed beyond measure; so shall it be in Jesus’ Name, Amen.

10. Lord, I pray for divine increase and abundance from the north, east, west, and south. I am blessed on all sides and success is mine in Jesus’ name, Amen.

11. Father, your word calls me blessed day and night. I pray that lack shall be far from me and my family. We are blessed and favored of God and man in Jesus’ Name, Amen.

12. Today, I will enjoy the abundance of the Lord. Everything that I lay my hand on to do is blessed and success is mine, Amen.

13. I declare, surely, goodness and mercy shall follow me always. They are my entourage! I am blessed in my going out and coming in Jesus’ Name, Amen.

14. Father, I ask that I will be a representation of you on earth. I am made for greatness and success and I walk in that reality and truth, Amen.

15. I decree that everything I lay my hands upon shall be blessed and great shall be, my success. I will not go outside of your will and purpose because you are leading me.

16. Lord, you said in your word that, eyes have not seen neither has any ear heard of what you are going to do in my life. Lord, I receive grace to succeed; and let your will be done in my life in Jesus’ Name, Amen.

17. Lord, open the eyes of my understanding so that I can see exactly what you want me to do to succeed. I believe in you Lord, Amen.

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Short Prayers for Success In Business And Life Endeavors

1. O God, you’ve promised to make me the head and not the tail. Fulfill this word in my endeavors in Jesus’ name.

2. Dear God, bless the works of my hands and cause me to proper in everything I lay my hands on to do in Jesus’ name.

3. Every demon assigned against my success in life, be destroyed by fire in Jesus’ name.

4. O God, I refuse to be a failure in life. Bless me and cause me to rise above every limitation in Jesus’ name.

5. I decree this day that from henceforth, I manifest good success in everything I set my hand upon to do in Jesus’ name.

6. O God, grant me the spirit of excellence to excel in my [mention it here] in Jesus’ name.

7. O Lord, you reserve sound wisdom for the just. I ask for wisdom today that I may succeed in all that I’ve set my hands to do in Jesus’ name.

8. I decree from henceforth that the works of my hands are blessed, I bring forth my fruit in the right season and everything I do prospers in Jesus’ name.

9. Jesus was not a failure. I cannot be a failure. O God, every seed of failure planted in my life by the enemy, let it catch fire now in Jesus’ name!

10. O God, you are the lifter of men. Arise in your power and lift up my head in Jesus’ name!

11. O God my Father, connect me to my destiny helpers in life in Jesus’ name.

12. I break lose from every yoke of failure and backwardness now in the name of Jesus!

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Short Prayers For Hard Times

We all have our share in the hard times of this life but when those times come, how do you respond to it? It can be hard times of lack of finances, sickness, death of a loved one, recurrent failure, delay in child bearing, emotional and psychological downturn etc but in all of these situations, I want you to know that God is aware and wants to intervene in your situation and take away your burdens.

God’s word is replete with a lot of His promises for us in hard times. The psalmist prayed “When my heart is overwhelmed, lead me to the rock that is higher than I.” Jesus said “Come unto me all ye that labor and heavy laden and I will give you rest.”

God allows hard times in our lives not to crush us but instead to make us stronger and lift up our voice to Him. It gives Him a chance to prove Himself faithful in our lives. Will you then give Him a chance?

If you’re willing to do so, we have listed here short prayers for hard times you can pray whenever you feel discouraged and weighed down by the issues of life.

A close look at this song written by Joseph Scriven gives us hope of what we stand to enjoy when we lift up our burdens to God in prayer during hard times.

“O what peace we often forfeit

O what needless pain we bear

All because we do not carry

Everything to God in prayer.”

1. Dear God, you know how I feel at the moment. I ask you to please intervene and take over in Jesus’ name.

2. Dear God, my heart is overwhelmed. Lead me to the rock that is higher than I in Jesus’ name.

3. In you O Lord I put my trust. Let me not be put to shame. Take away my burdens and grant me your peace in Jesus’ name.

4. Dear Lord, my burdens are getting too heavy to bear. Lord Jesus, you bore our grief already on the cross. Please lift up my heavy heart and grant me your sweet rest in Jesus’ name.

5. My God and my Father, please provide a good job for me so that I can be stable financially and be able to sustain my family in Jesus’ name.

6. Dear Lord, cause me to know the way to go at this hour. I am confused and don’t know where to turn to. Lead me in the path of life and guide me with your loving eye in Jesus’ name.

7. Dear Lord, wipe away my reproach and visit me and my husband. Grant us our children and put laughter in our mouths in Jesus’ name.

8. O Lord my God, restore unto me that which the wicked has stolen from me in Jesus’ name.

9. O God, arise and put to flight all those who are after my life to destroy it in Jesus’ name.

10. O God of prosperity, come to my aid and break the siege of poverty in my life and family in Jesus’ name.

11. O thou that hearest prayer, deliver me from this present circumstance [mention it] and glorify yourself in it in Jesus’ name.

12. O God of all flesh. Indeed there is nothing too hard for you. Grant my family a financial breakthrough in Jesus’ name!

13. O God that answered Jabez, do answer me this hour and change my story in Jesus’ name.

14. O God my God, I am tired and sick of my condition. Please arise in your power and let my enemies be put to shame.

15. Show me a token for good O Lord and let me rejoice once again in your salvation in Jesus’ name.

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