[2023] Short Prayer For Successful Operation / Surgery For Someone [Family, Friends And Loved Ones]

Prayer For Successful Operation

Surgery for anyone whether a major or minor one, is not always bound to be successful. Even before the surgeon carries out the procedure, a consent form is usually signed by the parent or guardian in case of any challenge that might occur during or after the surgery.

When we raise Prayer For Successful operation surgery for someone, it gives us peace of heart and mind, and we can rest assured that God will take control of the entire procedure to be carried out.

We have arranged a list of such prayers for successful operation / surgery for someone, either a close or distant friend, relative, or someone you love that you can pray for them before they enter into surgery or during the surgery.

Prayer For Successful Operation For Friends And Family Members

1. Dear Lord, I pray for [so-and-so] about to undergo surgery, let the surgery be successful. Guide the hands of the surgeons and let them do the right thing without any error in Jesus’ name.

2. I pray for this person right now on the operating table. With you Lord, all things are possible. Please give him the strength to go through this operation and make it successful in Jesus’ name.

3. Dear Lord, I am worried about this person undergoing operation right now but I have chosen to put my trust in you. Please, let the surgery be a success and be glorified in his life in Jesus’ name.

4. Dear Lord, you have promised that whatsoever we desire, we should ask in faith and believe we receive them. I pray for this person on the operating table, that you cause the surgery to be a success in Jesus’ name. Guide the hands of the surgeon and let him do a good job in Jesus’ name.

5. Heavenly father, I put my trust in you for the successful surgery on this person. Prove yourself and glorify your name in Jesus’ name.

6. Dear Lord, you are the Great Physician, I pray for [name] undergoing surgery at this time that you stretch your hands and grant her a successful operation in Jesus’ name.

7. Almighty God, our trust is in you for the successful outcome of the surgery this person is going to undertake today. We pray that you be gracious unto us by making it a success in Jesus’ name.

8. Faithful God, heaven, and earth may fail, but you can never fail. We trust in you this hour to make this surgery a success from its commencement to the end. Let your presence fill the theatre and guide the medical team to do their best. This we ask for and receive in Jesus’ name.

9. Mighty God, it has pleased you to make this person alive till this day. It is our prayer for her today, that as she undergoes this operation, there will be no accident or mistake throughout the operation in Jesus’ name.

10. Creator of heaven and earth, the Mighty God, truly with you, nothing shall be impossible. Although this surgical procedure is not very easy, we believe you are well able to do all things. Therefore, we pray that you grant that this surgical procedure is a success to the glory and honor of your name. This we pray for in Jesus’ name.

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Short Intercessory Prayer For Successful Surgery For Someone

After we might have ensured that our loved ones are in the right hand, medically, it is important that we also put them in the hand of God as they go in for any kind of surgery. This is, so that God would take charge of the surgical operation and make everything go smoothly and end in praise.

So, here is a list of intercessory prayer for successful operation / surgery as your loved one goes under the medical instruments.

1. Dear God, I am worried and concerned about the life of this person on the operating table right now. You have asked us to cast our cares upon you because you care for us. I choose not to be anxious any longer but bring my care before you now. Please be with him and let the surgery be a success in Jesus’ name.

2. Dear God, You are the ultimate Healer and Giver of life to all. It has pleased you to spare this life till this day. I pray that as she undergoes this surgery, you take good care of her and make her well in Jesus’ name.

3. Father, I come to you at this time. The surgery about to be performed on this person is very delicate. I ask that you will guide the hands of the surgeon and his team and let there be no error in the entire procedure in Jesus’ name.

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Prayer For Successful Surgery And Recovery For A Friend

Depending on the kind of surgery done on an individual, the success rate is not always 100%. Also, there might be post-surgery complications and emergencies due to many factors such as errors from the medical personnel, infections, and so on. That is why most people want to avoid whatever might lead to surgery either a minor or major one at all cost.

However, situations or circumstances can befall a person leading to a need to undergo surgery. At such times, we shouldn’t give up hope altogether but rather, put our trust and faith in God that the surgery will be successful and that there will be no post-surgery complications for the person.

We can say a prayer for successful surgery and recovery for a friend, relative, or whoever might be undergoing a surgical procedure or is just come out from surgery, that the operation will be successful and that they will recover speedily.

In case you are wondering what to pray for, this write-up helps you with a list of prayers for successful surgery and recovery for a friend or whoever you have in mind to pray for.

1. Dear God, I come to you at this moment. I commit [friend’s name] into your able hands. See him/her through this surgery. Let it be successful. I pray this in Jesus’ name.

2. Almighty God, I thank you for [friend’s name]’s life. As he undergoes this surgical operation, please let it be successful in Jesus’ name.

3. Dear Lord, [friend’s name] is yours. He has been a good friend to me and I love him/her. I pray that you lead him/her through this surgery and make it a success in Jesus’ name.

4. Almighty God, I pray concerning the surgery [friend’s name] is going to have this [time of the day]. Let it be successful in Jesus’ name. Guide the hands of the surgeon and let him be at his best in Jesus’ name.

5. Dear God, thank you for sparing [friend’s name] life till this day. Forgive us for the mistakes we have made that have resulted in this surgery. Be merciful unto us and I pray that the outcome of this surgery will be successful in Jesus’ name.

6. Heavenly Father, all power in heaven and on earth belongs to you. I rebuke every spirit of death against the life of [friend’s name] as s/he’s in surgery right now. Let this surgery be a success. This I pray in Jesus’ name.

7. Father, you have promised that when we pass through the waters, they wouldn’t overflow us. This day, [friend’s name] goes into surgery. I pray that you’ll be with him. Bless the medical team operating on him and use them as extensions of your healing hand. I pray in Jesus’ name.

8. Father, we know that with you nothing shall be impossible. Our confidence is not in man but in you. I pray that this surgery will be successful and there will be no complications in Jesus’ name.

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Thanks Prayer For Successful Operation

And after a successful operation, it is a great idea to render some thanksgiving prayers to God for a successful operation and expected fast recovery.

1. We are grateful to you our God for the successful outcome of the surgery. I pray that you grant [friend’s name] complete recovery in his body in Jesus’ name.

2. Lord, you have promised to bring us health and cure. I pray for [friend’s name] right now that you will fulfill this promise in his/her life in Jesus’ name. Grant her quick recovery in Jesus’ name.

3. Thank you, Father, for the success of the operation on [friend’s name]. I pray that you will perfect his/her healing and grant him a speedy recovery in Jesus’ name.

4. Thank you, Lord, for letting this cup pass over us. You have seen him through the surgery. We pray that you’ll perfect everything remaining for him/her to be healed in Jesus’ name.

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