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[2024] Short Deep Prayer For Boyfriend Hustle, Success And Prosperity

One of the best things you can do for your boyfriend is to pray for him without ceasing. So, when you need short deep prayer prayer for boyfriend hustle, here are some powerful, and short prayers for someone you love.

No matter the situation or condition, bringing a matter to the creator of the universe should be our go-to option even before things go south. And even when things seem to be out of grip, the only option left is to cry to God in prayer.

For you to have come into this page, titled: short deep prayer for my boyfriend, you must have resorted to the infinite power of God. And I want to assure you that if you have faith, you’ll see the glory of God.

One more thing to bear in mind just before we begin these carefully-structured and powerful prayer for boyfriend hustle is that God already assures that if you ask, you’ll receive, if you knock, the door shall be opened, and when you seek, you shall find (Matt 7:7). Therefore, pray with confidence and assurance of answered prayers.

Morning Prayer For Boyfriend Hustle And Success

Let’s begin this collection of prayer for boyfriend hustle with any of these morning prayer for your boyfriend success, protection, and guidance.

1. Dear Lord, Please bless my man today and always. Help him take care of his worries and concerns. Preserve him and protect him as he goes through his day. Bless him with the wisdom to go through each day and to overcome every challenge that may come his way.

2. Dear Heavenly Lord, I pray for my boyfriend that today, this week, and every day of this month shall be filled with goodness for him. May he be able to find joy and gladness in his endeavors and see your finger in all he lays his hands on.

3. May your grace envelop him, and your blessing speaks for him. May his head be kept up and may his sight not drift away from you. Help him to go through the day with the needed courage and return with countless testimonies.

4. Today, I pray for the man in my life, that this day will bring him a fresh start and a new beginning. I pray that good things will come his way, and glorious opportunity will locate him.

5. Heavenly God, Help my man today. Let his path before you be made clear. Help him to reach his goal and meet his target. In all his activities for the day, strengthen him to get them done excellently, and bless him with marvelous rewards for his business.

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Powerful Prayer For My Boyfriend Success

1. Heavenly Father, I am confident that if you dress the grass of the field with beauty and splendor, you will clothe my boyfriend with success. I, therefore, cease from my worry that is unable to add an inch to my height or bring the solution we need. We put our trust in you and believe that you intervene and turn the impossible situation into testimonies, to the glory of your name. Amen.

2. Faithful Father, your word says if we that are evil can give good gifts to our children, how much more you. It is beautiful to know we have a Father that is so concerned about our needs and willing to meet them. I, therefore, bring these urgent needs of my boyfriend to you in absolute confidence that you will meet them. I pray for him for supernatural provision. Amen.

3. Father, it feels good to know you are interested in our academics and success in life. My man has not been at his best. He has not given his best, and he acknowledged it. However, I ask in your mercy that you cause him to find favor in the sight of all his lecturers and mates, and give him another chance to make things work by your grace. Amen.

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Short Deep Prayer For My Boyfriend Health / Healing

• Dear heavenly Father, the balm of Gilead, the one whose will it is for us to be in perfect health. My man is at a dead end in his health. All other help has failed, nothing seems to be working and we are tired of trying all to no avail. We look to you, like the woman with the issue of blood, and ask that you make him whole.

You’re the creator of the cells, tissue, organ, and systems. Stretch forth your healing hands on him and heal him miraculously.

Thank you for answered prayer, Amen.

Prayer For My Boyfriend To Have Money

• Oh, God. You’re the miracle-working God. You brought out money from the mouth of the fish. You multiply 5 loaves of bread and two fishes to feed 5,00 men. In you, there is no scarcity nor limitation.

My man is looking up to you for supernatural provision of money (mention range of amount), to (mention the purpose). You are our only hope, and in you alone, we put our trust. Provide for him, miraculously and supernaturally. Amen.

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Short Deep Prayer For My Boyfriend for Divine Provision / Help

1. Gracious Father, you perform wonders and your ways are unfathomable. I have seen all over scriptures how you turn situations around and defy even the laws of nature. I believe there is nothing impossible for you to do. I, therefore, invite you into this situation and ask that you make a wonder out of it.

2. Lord, you are the helper of the helpless, the husband to the widow, the father to the fatherless. I have no one to help me except you. I cease looking to men for help and fix my gaze on you. I cease from all my worries and trust in your ability to help my man and provide miraculously for him in this time of dire need.

3. Father, many are our afflictions but we rejoice in your promise to deliver us. I run to you, for you are our refuge, you are our safe place, and you are our helper. Send your help our way and give us peace from all our troubles.

4. Father, it is indeed you that works in us to will and to do of your good pleasure. This instruction you have given my darling seems impossible to execute. He can’t bring it to reality on his own, I, therefore, ask that you set in and make the seemingly impossible possible, that men may see your goods works and glorify you.

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Short Prayer For Someone You Love

1. Father, you parted the Red Sea and caused the children of Israel to walk on dry land, there is nothing hard for you to do, and there is absolutely no impossibility in you. I, therefore, present this impossible situation before you (mention the situation) and ask that you make yourself and your power known. Give (mention name of the person you’re praying for) testimony and joy over this matter.

2. Lord, you do not change, but you are able to change any situation. My heart cries out for your help and deliverance. Help and save (mention name) oh Lord, and turn this situation around for good, that he/she may witness to your almightiness.

3. Dear God, my husband is having a difficult time this season of his life. In fact, everything seems to be deteriorating. However, I trust that you are able to help him. I am sure that with your mighty hands, you can bare him up in this storm.

4. Dear Father, your word says that in this world we shall have tribulations, but you encouraged us to be of good cheer for you have overcome the world. I believe your word and begin to see the reality of this word in every area of my man’s life. Help him out of this trouble, In Jesus’ name. Amen

5. Father in heaven, hold my man’s hands and guide him through life. You are our heavenly Father and we are your children, therefore, I know your will guide him in this confusion and instruct him on what to do. Help him to give ears to your instructions which are able to lead him to safety.

6. Lord, it is true that unless you build a house, those that build, build in vain. Help my fiancee in his walk with you, in his work for you, in his love towards men, and in all areas of his, that your name alone is glorified in and through his life.

7. Lord, my prayer is unto you. In the multitude of your mercy hear me and deliver my sweetheart out of this trouble. Let not the water overflow us, neither let the troubles swallow us up. Save us, O God.

8. Almighty God, your word says you perform wonders that cannot be fathomed and miracles that cannot be counted. Let the life of my loving husband be one of such miracles and use his life to express such miracles, to the glory of your name.

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