graduation personal message examples

55 Graduation Personal Message Examples

Congratulations to you on your graduation!

We got you some graduation personal message examples to wish yourself the best.

Graduation Message For Myself

Giving yourself a small pat on the back or shoulder after graduating with honors is not a bad idea.

These graduation personal message examples can help you show how happy you are with your accomplishment.

If you’re considering how to celebrate your own graduation, check out some of the most effective graduation message for myself that you can post on your social media status.

1. After striving for this long, I feel honored to call myself a graduate. All I feel is an immense joy whenever I’m called a graduate.

2. Graduation is simply the ceremony to mark all the years you’ve worked to secure your future. I now hold the title of graduate and a very proud one at that.

3. A huge feather has been added to my cap, one that will forever remain attached to my identity. Congratulations to the newest graduate – me.

4. Graduation is the beginning of new hopes and dreams. I’m on the brink of a new beginning, and I’m excited about what the future holds for me

5. I’ve risen above the lows and embraced the highs to achieve graduate status. Only glorious days await me.

6. By the grace of God, I am now a certified graduate. Nothing can spoil my joy. Do celebrate with me on this day.

7. I have studied long and hard for this day. All I seek now is to make a lifelong impact on my world. I hope to bring something new to the professional space. Cheers to me.

8. I’m now free to dream bigger and larger without restraints. I only see great things ahead for myself. Happy graduation to me!

9. I feel elevated whenever I hear the words, ‘congratulations graduate.’ That title came at a high cost so I embraced it with my full chest. Congratulations graduate.

10. I received some laurels but they didn’t come cheap. God has crowned my efforts with success and I’m honored to stand before kings. I pray God helps me rise from victory to victory.

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Short Graduation Quotes For Myself

1. I’ve exceeded my own expectations by becoming a graduate; I can only expect more from myself.

2. I became a graduate because I surrounded myself with doers: those who actively rose up to challenges.

3. It amazes me to see how great a power I have, to conceive of becoming a graduate and bringing that to life.

4. I’ve stretched myself on the oath of difficulty to attain the lofty title of being called a graduate.

5. I’m applauding myself for striving for the top and reaching it. I applaud those who will benefit from this.

6. I’m more confident in my ability to dream a dream and follow it though. This degree is proof of that.

7. I’m in charge of my life; I determine where I go and I’ve chosen the top. That’s where the winners stay and I’m a born winner.

8. I’m using my lifetime to do what is right. And what is right at this moment is celebrating my degree.

9. When I became curious, I unlocked a world of knowledge. Curiosity is the key to staying educated.

10. I’ve always known I’ll be great. Becoming a graduate is the first step to that.

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Finally I Am Graduated Quotes

On seeing yourself on the graduate list, you must have heaved a sign of relief. Let the world know you’re a graduate with these finally i am graduated quotes:

1. Bigger doors have been opened to me with this degree. I’m not hesitating to explore what’s behind them.

2. This diploma is worth more than any piece of paper. It’s the wings on which I’ll fly to a better life. Many cheers to me.

3. I’ve experienced the good, bad, and ugly of school life. I only let them shape me for the better, and now I’m better for it.

4. For this success, there’s a lot of passion. Celebrate my success and also the passion in it.

5. I never knew I could become a graduate until I became one. Even more, I topped the class. Laurels overload!

Graduation Personal Message Examples

Although going to college is one of the happiest times in a person’s life, it wasn’t without stress and effort that this great accomplishment was possible.

Let these graduation personal message examples help you realize how impressive your accomplishments are. Let them motivate you to pursue your future careers or, if your’re pursuing a master’s or doctorate, to continue your education.

1. I’ve not only graduated, but I’m coming out equipped with the skills to win and dominate my world. Congratulations to me!

2. I’ve been broke, hungry, and exhausted, yet I didn’t give up. Now I hold my degree with so much pride. I’m a graduate!

3. My dream was to become the first graduate in my family, and I’ve done it. Now I hope my family members can follow through on this to dream big dreams for themselves.

4. I feel grateful to everyone who helped me on this journey. I’m a graduate and a successful one at that. Woohoo!

5. I have successfully hit another milestone. I pray that my dreams will always come to pass. I am pleased with myself for not settling for less. Congratulations to me.

6. I was terrified many times, and it was tempting to throw in the towel. Thank God I didn’t give in to those nagging voices. I’m now a first-class graduate.

7. As a graduate, I feel as if I have another chance to do more and better with life. I’m taking the bull by the horns everywhere I am.

8. I promise myself a life of adventure as a graduate. Do send in your good wishes for the latest Grad in the country.

9. My Alma mater taught me to think without limits. I’ll continue to apply the values I was taught to improve the quality of my life.

10. No boundaries for me. I have accomplished graduate status, now I’m set for the life I’ve prepared for. Congrats to my present and future selves.

High School Graduation Messages

Did you just graduate from high school and looking for congratulatory messages to celebrate your wins? Here are some happy graduation personal message examples

1. It’s time to quit all the bad habits I formed while in high school. The procrastinating on projects, late night coffee to read subjects I barely read all session long etc. Still, I nailed the graduation badge.

2. As an official high school graduate, I now called myself an adult. Well done to me for sticking to my study plans.

3. I’ve started a new journey by graduating from high school. I will continue to rise till I get my diploma.

4. I don’t think I’ll ever forget my high school days, but I know that my days ahead are much better. I wish myself success.

5. Gripping my high school certificate with a wide grin as I’ve conquered the stage of being a high school student.

6. I toiled though many semesters to get a spot in college. Now I’m glad to be a point of reference oh how hard work pays.

7. Many congratulations to me on my graduation from high school. Seeing all the steps I have taken has created a block for my life. I’m happy.

8. I stood up with my head held high in front of the audience as I walked to receive my high school graduate certificate. It was a beautiful moment. I deserve a bear hug.

Finally Graduated Quotes

1. One goal down, many more to go. But what I’ll tell myself today is happy congratulations. I’m going far in life, there’s no stopping me now. I’m a graduate!

2. I’ve torn from myself a life of mediocrity by choosing education and earning a diploma. Now I can stare life in the face and say, I’ve finally graduated.

3. I’m growing bigger every day. This diploma is a step up to a larger me. I’m finding success, and it gets sweeter every time. I’ve graduated now.

4. All around me, it only gets brighter and better. I see myself as one of the stars that will light up this dark world. Congratulations to me on becoming a graduate.

5. I’ve always made my parents smile and now I’ve caused them to laugh by becoming a graduate. Well done to me!

6. The latest news is that I’ve finally graduated. Yes, I dropped out of the race but I got back in with a vengeance and now I’m on top of my game. This chapter is now over, more chapters to go.

7. I’ve worked hard in pain many times but that pain feels insignificant compared to the thrill of becoming a graduate.

8. I’ve cracked the code to become a graduate. I daresay I’ll go to school again for a higher degree. The taste of success is too sweet to ignore. Congratulations to me.

9. There were too many lessons taught in school to learn. Now that I’m finally a graduate, I can take my time to digest and apply those lessons.

10. My zest for life has increased now that I’ve gotten this degree. I’m ready to make many mistakes and learn from them. I’m ready to make many tough decisions both right and wrong. I’ll cherish all the memories even more that I’m now a graduate.

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