What To Say To Someone Who Lost A Family Member

100 Sympathy Messages: What To Say To Someone Who Lost A Family Member

What To Say To Someone Who Lost A Family Member

Words of condolence don’t always come easy to many people, and it can be quite difficult to know what to say to someone who lost a family member.

You might be concerned that you’ll say something ineffective or inappropriate. Even when you are attempting to find consoling words for yourself, it can be challenging to support someone who is mourning.

There are many comforting phrases that can occasionally be used to help someone in need when you’re at a loss for words or don’t know what to say.

You can assist anyone in a time of need as long as you are aware that sometimes all you can offer is a shoulder to weep on and perhaps some sympathy cards.

Comfort quotes can provide us with ideas when we encounter those situations where there isn’t always a precise thing on what to say to someone who lost a family member.

Get started with these encouraging samples on what to say to someone who lost a family member.

You can write it in a condolence card or in person with someone who is mourning.

What To Say To Someone Who Lost A Family Member

Although every bereaved person will have a unique experience, you can use these suggestions on what to say to someone who lost a family member.

They will help them feel heard and supported as they go through their grieving.

1. His passing hit hard on me and the family. We are praying for his soul. Accept our condolences.

2. Henceforth, we are making that day a day of remembrance for the wonderful person your dad was. Our most heartfelt sympathies.

3. I couldn’t believe it until I came here. Our lovely aunt is not here again. She was such an endearing person. We’ll miss her badly. I’ll be praying for you.

4. He was a fantastic person. Everyone gravitated to him like fireflies to fire. We will continue to love and miss him.

5. A part of her resides one such and every one of us. She was such a generous soul. No matter what, you and your family will never lack.

6. Working with him was like working with God. He transformed my life. I’ll be contributing this for the burial. Be at peace.

7. Even though she’s not here, her dreams still live with you. You can bring them to life in memory of her. My condolences.

8. We’re sorry to hear this news. He was an honest and kind person. We know he’s watching over you now. We’ll forever cherish who he was.

9. She always talked about you and how intelligent you are. I could see she was proud of you. I share this sorrow with you.

10. This loss hits deep. You are blessed to be related to him. He was a genuine person. My heart goes out to you.

11. You don’t need to know why you grieve so much over him. Just let the tears flow and ease the pain in your heart. We are one in this situation.

12. There’s no rule on how long you can grieve. Take as much time as you need until you are cleansed within. You’ll emerge as a more powerful person.

13. I wish you the strength to go through this. It will only be different but I’ll be here with you through it all

14. I wish you never have to experience this kind of pain. I wish I could wave a wand and change this. Here’s my hand so we can heal together.

15. Healing is not immediate. It’ll take some time. Allow yourself the space you need to heal. You’re doing great. My condolences.

16. The truth is we can get over who we’ve lost, but we can learn to live without them. You’ll become a better version of yourself once this is over. I’m here for you.

17. You both are connected beyond this world. You will meet again in the new heaven.

18. Let’s be comforted that she is in the hands of the Lord. She is with us in spirit and we’ll bask in the memory of her.

19. She may be gone but she has left her imprint in your heart. She lives through you. We’ll miss her.

20. This feeling of loss is temporary. Heaven has gained another saint. So while we mourn, let’s be grateful we had him here.

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Words Of Comfort For Loss Of Family Member

While there isn’t one ideal reaction, expressing your condolences in a way that sticks in the mind, such as by using a statement that the bereaved can remember when they’re feeling down, can have a profound effect.

Here are some words of comfort for loss of family member you can use to console the people you love, whether you’re sending a card or getting ready for a funeral service.

1. I wish I could give you my heart so you won’t cry so much. Everyone including myself adored him. Take some hugs.

2. I consider myself blessed to have met her. She was the type of person who taught you to think big. I wish she never left. Here are my shoulders my dear.

3. Right now, it seems impossible to see beyond the grief, but I wish you loads of blessings. May peace be your comfort now and always.

4. Now we’re hurting as we will miss him but we’re glad for the good moments we had with him. I’m sure he’s still here with you in your heart.

5. She is now resting in bliss. Wipe your tears and allow her memories to fill your heart. She is with you no matter what.

6. I am praying for the family. He was such a big guy with a big heart. I’m hurt we lost him like this, but take heart in the knowledge that we will meet him again.

7. Our loved ones never really die. we remain intertwined with them through our memories. Feast on your time with her and embrace the comfort you deserve.

8. Our little girl is playing with the angels in the heavenly place. She will be looking down on you with plenty of smiles. Be at ease dear.

9. If you need help with the cleaning and cooking, I’m only a call away. I’ll be with you until you’re back on your feet.

10. Allow the tears to roll because they are proof of how much you loved him. We will do everything we can to make the process easy for you.

11. He was a cheerful soul. We need to honor him by living to the fullest while grieving him. May his soul rest in peace.

12. I wish to see you smile again, embrace the sun and laugh with freedom. But till then, I’ll hold your hand through this moment.

13. I know there’s a time to laugh and to mourn. I never thought it’ll be through losing a valuable member. Still, you have me to go through this with you.

14. If you don’t mind, I’ll be coming over. You don’t need to do anything, I’ll handle the chores for the week. I’m sorry we lost _.

15. There’s no compensation for losing _, but I hope we live by his last words to us.

16. In times like this being alone doesn’t help. I’ll be that comfort you need. I know you’ll be happy again.

17. I pray for you day and night. I believe her soul is in heaven. She will always be remembered for the great person that she was.

18. I’m sorry about this. I wish we could have prevented this from happening. Nevertheless, justice will be made for _.

19. Stop being yourself over something you can’t change. Let’s use this grief to create a meaningful memory for _.

20. Grief as much as you want. Let the melody of pain sing through your tears. I’m sure he will comfort you from above.

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Words Of Encouragement After Death Of Family Member

You can find soothing expressions that say exactly what you want to say to a mourning friend or family member with a little consideration.

If you’re unsure of how to say words of encouragement after death of family member, keep the following list of grief messages on hand.

1. I know that words can barely heal pain, but I’ll be here if you need to reach out to someone. You are in my deepest thoughts at this time.

2. Please don’t feel alone. If you need someone to cry or vent to, I’m right here.

3. I remember how close you were to this person. You two were inseparable. May you receive comfort from all the times you shared.

4. I didn’t get to know your mother but by looking at you, I can see she raised a great person. I wish you comfort and joy at this time.

5. Your sister’s personality is shining through you. Your sister was a special human being. She’s still with us no matter what.

6. He was the biggest inspiration in my life, a father figure when I had none. I’m grateful to him for building me. We’ll mourn him together.

7. Your pain is valid. Know that I deeply care for you and your sadness is mine as well.

8. No matter what, a mother’s love remains forever. Let that love guide you in whatever you do. I’m sure you’ll make her proud after this.

9. I see you beam with love whenever you talk about your spouse. There’s lots of love for you. Be comforted.

10. I was privileged to work with your husband. He was a thoughtful and smart man who drove the company to great success. May his memory live on.

11. She lived her life to the fullest. She was someone I admired with my entire being. We will always think of her.

12. It’s painful to see someone so young and energetic leave so soon. May she be at eternal rest.

13. No matter what, we will get to the bottom of his death so he can rest in peace. We won’t allow his soul to be upset.

14. He must be playing with his siblings in heaven. I’m sure he will send more to comfort you.

15. It’s sad that she’s not here to watch her baby grow. But we remain grateful to her for giving us this child to comfort us.

16. Although he was a teenager, he was a strong force among his peers. Heaven must have wanted someone like him home. My condolences.

17. She managed to bring this family into wealth. She indeed fulfilled her purpose well. Let’s think of her with gratitude. My condolences.

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Condolences For Loss Of Family Member

These condolences for loss of family member will make it easier for you to convey sympathy and support to someone who has lost a loved one if you are at a loss for words regarding how to do so.

You are free to modify or combine some of the below-listed recommendations.

1. I’ve never met him but it feels as if I have known him when you speak of him. I’m saddened about this loss and I wish you plenty of strength for the weeks ahead.

2. She was one of the best people I know. No doubt you loved her too. I’m glad you’re surrounded by family and friends. May their presence comfort you.

3. He will be deeply missed. Your brother was a joy to be around. He knew how to make everyone laugh. I know he’s with the angels. My condolences.

4. Aunties are sweet people. You’re out of this world. May you be surrounded by peace. My sincerest condolences.

5. I remembered all the times we spent with your cousin. A loss of this kind can rip one apart. Still, I know he’s with the Lord. My deepest condolences.

6. Your grandmother was an icon. She was the type of grandma everyone wanted. Receive my love and condolence at this time.

7. Your uncle was a special man. He was so much fun to be around. It is devastating to lose a fun man like that. Do receive my sympathies.

8. She was larger than life. She’s left such a huge space to fill. I believe she is resting with the Lord now. Condolences.

9. When I got the news, I dropped everything. What are we going to do without him now? It’s different to even think he won’t be here. My deepest condolences.

10. There’s no way this pain can evaporate at once. Losing her is like losing air. She was such a vibrant person. I can only offer my sympathies.

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Short Condolence Message To Family

It might be challenging to know just what to say to the bereaved in terms of condolences.

There isn’t a perfect way to express sympathy, and nothing you can say will make the pain go away.

However, the mourning family will know that you care if you offer the following short condolence message to family

1. Even if the light go off, its memory remains strong. My condolences.

2. I’m here to share in this loss. I’m on standby if you need support.

3. This is a great loss and words fail me to express my sympathy. Please accept my love.

4. I’m sending you a warm hug this time. May you be comforted during this difficult time.

5. I’m an ear swayer if you need to talk to someone. My condolences to the family.

6. Heaven has received another flower. I have you all in my heart.

7. My heart may be broken, but be comforted that _ is resting with the Lord.

8. To the _family, may you be healed and comforted by the Lord.

9. _ impacted my life in numerous ways. Thank you for raising a great person. My condolences.

10. My heart is burdened by this loss. Still, I’m honored to know the talented _. Take comfort in her legacy.

11. May God’s care and love be poured on you as you are passing through this tough stage of your life.

12. May you receive the courage to grow through this pain.

13. She had a great soul. Her soul cannot die but blossom in our hearts.

14. May the strength of God encompass you at this moment.

15. It feels hard saying goodbye to _. May his gentle soul be at peace.

16. My thoughts and best wishes are with you and your family.

17. One day, we’ll meet. Till day, _ remains valued in our hearts.

18. May you be taken care of by the Lord in this season.

19. I pray time flies so fast we forget this sche. _ will be loved forever.

20. May your heart be soothed by this peace. I’ll take care of what you need.

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Sorry For The Loss Of Your Brother

Here is an excellent selection of sympathy messages for the loss of a brother if you’re wondering what to say to someone whose sibling passed away.

Send the mourning person your sincere sympathies and a message of compassion for the loss of a sibling.

These encouraging sorry for the loss of your brother remarks might go a long way toward putting the mourning person at rest.

1. I just found out about _. I’m sorry we lost him. He was a wonderful soul. I’ll be coming over to check up on you.

2. Hearing he’s gone is shocking news. I can’t believe we won’t see sweet _ anymore. I have you and the family in my prayers.

3. Losing your brother is the worst thing that can happen this time. He had so much going for him. Reach out to me if there’s anything you need.

4. I’m sorry you’re passing through this. I wish I could take it away from you. _ was an amazing brother with a heartwarming smile. Accept my condolences.

5. My day turned worse when I found out about _. It’s such a sorrowful way to begin a beautiful day. I’m only a call away if you need to talk.

6. I know you two were close, and it hurts to think he’s gone. Accept my heartiest sympathy and condolences.

7. One of the worst things to go through is losing a great brother. I share in this grief. Text me if you need help with anything.

8. Please accept my condolences about your brother. He was a personality with a powerful presence. He will continue to live on through you and the people he impacted.

9. This is one of the most unexpected news. He left too soon but left a powerful legacy. Accept my condolences.

10. I can’t imagine how hurt you are losing the person you shared your childhood with. I’m deeply sorry about this. I’m a phone call away if you have a need.

11. I only met your brother for a little while yet he made a great impression on me. He remains unforgettable. I’m here to lend a supporting arm at this time.

12. I’m tongue-tied to express how sorry I feel. May peace and comfort surround you at this moment.

13. In this trying time, allow me to be a shoulder of comfort for you. It’s depressing thinking about the loss of _. Please be comforted by the amazing memories he left behind.

14. May peace fill you in this trying time. Your brother was a light and he’ll never be extinguished from our hearts. My condolences.

15. Little words will provide the comfort you need. I’ll be coming over to stay with you for a while. My sympathies are with you.

16. Your brother was such a passionate soul. His energy lit the world. I’m glad to have met him. Please accept my comfort.

17. I heard the news and I couldn’t resist messaging you. May the good Lord comfort you and your family.

18. Losing a loved one is difficult especially if he’s a brother. Be comforted by the knowledge that he was a good person. Sending you all my love.

19. My heart broke when I got the sad news. I pray you are empowered with the strength to deal with this. I consider meeting your brother to be a moment of honor. I’ll be close if you’re in need.

20. I may not be as hurt as you are but I pray the pain ceases and you’re engulfed in comfort. My prayers are with you.

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