What Does It Mean When You Dream About Someone Repeatedly

[2024] What Does It Mean When You Dream About Someone Repeatedly

Usually, people dream when taking a nap either in the morning, at noon or when most people rest – at night.

We dream about a whole lot of things from good to bad and ugly. Some even cause us to awake out of our dreamland with palpitation, perspiration, and a racing heart, which may be nightmares.

Some of the time too, we dream of especially pleasant things that make us wish for that to be our reality when we awake but most of the time, they don’t come true.

Many factors contribute to what we see when dreaming, such as stress, overthinking about an issue, anticipating a pleasant event, spirituality, and so on. But as you’ve experienced, they aren’t always in the reality of life. It might have a toll on you but remains a thing of the subconscious.

That being said, in this article, we’ll be looking at what does it mean when you dream about someone repeatedly?

So, what does it mean when you dream about someone repeatedly?

In a bid to respond to this inquiry, this write-up has been divided into several subtopics that aim at providing answers to your inquisitive mind. We know you will enjoy them.

Why You May Be Dreaming About Someone Repeatedly

As earlier established, dreams are what most people experience when taking a nap and thus, putting their minds to rest. And so, in your dreams, you may have discovered that you both have the good and the bad, right? Well, that’s true for almost everybody.

However, according to psychologists, we’re made to know that our dreams are not disconnected from our experiences in reality and while our bodies might be at rest while sleeping, our minds they say, work all the time. It never goes to sleep. In other words, picture your mind like a computer – always working and processing something.

Now, when you’re in reality i.e. your day-to-day activities, certain things from the center of interest in your mind at every given time. You are always concerned with something in your mind at one point or the other whether it’s good, bad, morally right, or immoral. You can’t be blank.

When therefore it is time to take a nap, you will find out that what you will most likely dream about will be one of those things that have been your concerns during the day or what was on your mind just before you slept. And so when you dream about someone repeatedly, you have most likely had the person on your mind for quite a while.

Also, when you dream about someone repeatedly, it can mean that you have a strong connection with the person in your mind. This can be someone at work whom you see every day and talk with.

More so, when you dream about someone repeatedly, it might be because you have strong feelings for the person which you haven’t acknowledged to yourself yet. Dreams are usually a reflection, in our subconsciousness, of what we hold dear and valuable to us in our reality. Thus, when you dream about someone repeatedly, it may be an indication that you have a strong feeling of liking for that person even though you might not have acknowledged it to yourself yet.

When You Dream About Someone Repeatedly, Does It Mean That They Are Thinking Of You?

As humans, we try to establish the reason why certain things happen and one of such is the suggestion we’re dealing with here – When you dream about someone repeatedly, does that mean that they are thinking of you? One thing I think you should understand about dreams is that, mostly, they are an expression of the dreamer’s feelings about a particular situation or person and not about what a particular situation or person is really.

Therefore, when you dream about someone repeatedly, it doesn’t in any way tell you about what the person is thinking about you, rather, it reveals to you what you are thinking about the person, consciously or unconsciously.

Take for instance a man who is interested in getting married to a woman who is already happily married with children. Now, because this man has it so much in his mind, and he is thinking of no other thing but just this, when he dreams, he is most likely going to keep dreaming about the two of them getting married. Why? His mind is always on the both of them getting married someday.

Now, does it mean that the woman is thinking of him? NO!!! She might not even have seen him before or even conversed with him but the dreams are just mirroring what the man’s mind is all about.

Dreams reflect your personality – what YOU are involved in and not necessarily about the other person.

And so, when you dream about someone repeatedly, does it mean that they are thinking of you? I think you can answer that question now.

When I dream about someone does it mean they miss me?

We all have different kinds of dreams, and most people dream about another person they have at one time or another associated with.

We dream about people most of the time. I think this is because we encounter people daily and they form the basis of our joy or sadness based on what we have to do with them. We relate mostly with fellow humans like us daily and it is not therefore out of place if we see them in our dreams. But when we dream about someone, does it mean they miss us?

When you dream about someone, it doesn’t necessarily mean they miss you but as earlier established, your mind (whilst you’re sleeping) is making connections.

On the other hand, you might actually be the one missing him/her because you think of that person almost all the time. It can be someone you’ve been in a relationship with previously, and though it doesn’t exist anymore, you are yet to let go of it in your mind.

It could also be a friend whom you’ve not seen in a long while and perhaps, you’re very far apart from each other. This person can come about in your dreams because you are always thinking about the person and will like to establish contact with him or her again.

When you thus dream about someone, they might not be missing you but you are the one missing them.

Of course, in some cases, there might be coincidences that while you’re thinking and dreaming of someone, they are also thinking of you. However, these are mere coincidences, there is no much to it.

What Does It Mean When I Keep Dreaming About Someone Who Isn’t Alive

Let’s say you were given the key to ‘sign out’ of existence whenever you feel like i.e. you are the one to decide when to die, for how many years will you keep on living even when you know you shouldn’t?

Well, it’s pretty good that we don’t get to decide that, otherwise, this world will be too clumsy as most people will play the selfish game and keep on living even when they should have terminated their lives.

We all wish to live long and also wish the same for the people around us. But notwithstanding we must one day depart from this world to eternity. Maybe you’ve known this truth on a personal basis having lost a dear friend or relative, you loved.

It might be quite difficult to erase the good memories and time you both had together and even though s/he might not be alive anymore, you might dream about them.

Dreaming about someone who isn’t alive cannot be disconnected from the bonds you had with them when they still existed. When this happens, it can be a way of your efforts to cope with the pain of losing someone like that. It is not uncommon for this to happen a few days, weeks, months, or even years after the person has passed on already.

Also, dreaming about someone who isn’t alive could mean that one is not ready to accept the reality that such a person is no longer alive and as a result, will keep seeing him or her in dreamland.

Dreams sometimes reflect our innermost thought and feelings about something.

For example, an extremely thirsty individual is desperately searching for water to drink. Let’s say he falls asleep without finding water to drink but his mind is still searching for a way to get it. What do you expect him to dream about? Finding and drinking water of course! But when he wakes up, is he relieved of his thirst? No.

And so if you keep dreaming about someone who isn’t alive anymore, it can be that you are yet to come to the reality that the person is no longer alive and have refused to let them go from your mind.

These dreams might not be so comforting and can in fact be frightening but as the person isn’t alive, it may be revealing your connection with that person while they were still alive and the bond you shared.

It could also be revealing what you think about the person. If for instance the both of you weren’t on good terms before then, you might have frightening dreams about the person; such as chasing you, speaking roughly against you or you might even find yourself voicing out your opinions about the person in your dream.

What you can do if you don’t want to keep dreaming about someone who isn’t alive anymore is to just let go and accept the fact that s/he is gone. If you weren’t on good terms before it happened, try to forgive him/her, or on the other hand, forgive yourself and move on.

Also, you can open up to a friend or counselor if you feel guilty about the person’s death (for whatever reason) and let him or her guide you in doing the right thing.

What It Means When you dream about someone you used to know

Our minds host a great deal of potential, which at times, surprises us a bit. One such moment is when you dream about someone you used to know.

Usually, when we fall asleep, we usually don’t expect to dream of things that are not happening to us presently and when we then dream about someone we used to know, it might come as a huge surprise to us as we weren’t expecting to be ‘reminded’ of them. This shows the great power of our minds.

But when you dream about someone you used to know, what exactly does it mean?

The mind is always at work even while resting and this is evident in our dream realm. The story was told of how the structure of Benzene was discovered.

Kekule for a long time has been trying to reason out the accurate structure for benzene and it was not until after taking a nap one fateful day, that he saw it in his dream! You’d say a coincidence, right? Well, what a fortunate coincidence! This shows the mind still works even when we sleep.

Back to our discussion, when you dream about someone you used to know, someone in your past, whom you might have even forgotten, according to research by scientists, it can mean that you probably saw someone that day that is quite similar to and reminds you of that person in your past.

Our dreams are usually a kind of by-product of the factory of our minds. Throughout the day, you keep receiving and storing information whether consciously or unconsciously. When it’s therefore time to sleep, your mind, still active, begins to process the information you’ve garnered throughout the day, and can sometimes, bring back memories of years past you might have even forgotten!

And so when you dream about someone you used to know, it usually is a product of your mind connecting the dots and trying to link up recent information with stale information.

More so, when you dream about someone you used to know, it could be a result of the fact that you’ve been thinking of that person throughout the day. While the previous rationale is spontaneous, this, on the other hand, is deliberate.

How do I mean? You can also be the one to trigger it. Something might have happened during the day that reminds you of someone you used to know. In a case where this event is very strong, it can happen that you’ll eventually dream about that person.

You might not have set your eyes on the person for years, nor spoken to each other nor even had anything to do with each other, but it just happens that you dream about them.

Let me try to illustrate this — let’s say for instance, that you once had a childhood friend named Fred and it happens you meet another person named Fred now that you’re all grown up and mature and you seem to take a special liking to him, it can trigger memories of ‘old Fred’ when you sleep.

You might likely dream of ‘old Fred’ when you sleep even though you have not spoken to each other for years.

Summarily, when you dream about someone you used to know, it is usually a result of present events triggering memories of the past that appear to be very similar in occurrence.

When Someone Says They Had A Dream About You

Just as you dream about other people, both those you know and those you’ve never met and might perhaps never meet in your life, so do others dream about you! And sometimes, you are not prince charming nor are you a heroine in their dreams; you are sometimes playing a bad role in the scene of their dreams.

However, psychologists tell us that dreams are not to be taken so literally as they mostly have to do with the person dreaming and not necessarily the person whom they are dreaming about.

But when someone says they had a dream about you, what does it mean? What should be your reaction to it? shortly, we will try to elucidate clearly this question and try to bring you hints as to what it means when someone says they had a dream about you.

To start with, when someone says they had a dream about you, most of the time, it doesn’t have anything to do with you at all. Rather, your appearance in their dreams has to deal with their perception of connection with you in real life.

Dreams are a reflection of people’s innermost feelings, understanding, reflection, and perception about a person, situation, or circumstance they encounter in real life. Also, it reflects their disposition and attitude towards things and in most cases, has nothing to do with the person they dream about.

Secondly, when someone says they had a dream about you, it might be because you have been on their mind lately, and thus, they see you in their dreams. If you have been on the person’s mind for quite a while now, it will not be surprising if you happen to come about in their dreams.

Once again, this has nothing to do with you that is been dreamt about, rather, it has everything to do with the ‘dreamer’.

Furthermore, it could also mean they miss your company and will like for you to meet again. This happens when you are separated by distance over a long period of time and you haven’t seen for a long while. Based on the strength of the connection between you, you are sure to appear in their dreams.

In an instance when someone says they had a dream about you, now that you know it has to do with the ‘dreamer’ and not you per se, what should be your response?

It all depends on you. If you want to give them an audience, go ahead and do so. If however, you are not so pleased with hearing dreams about you from people, you can respectfully appreciate them and let the matter end there. You could say something like ‘Really? That’s great’ and off you go.

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How Do You Know Whether Your Dream Is From God Or Not?

God speaks to people in several ways of which one is through dreams. The Bible is replete with lots of people whom God spoke to in their dreams — Abimelech, Pharaohs, Joseph, Mary’s husband, Pilate’s wife, etc confirming the fact that God indeed speaks through dreams. It is not only to those who are believers but also to unbelievers as well.

Despite the frenzy with which people want to get a dream from God by all possible means, and seeing the varying fallacies in what people call a dream from God which isn’t, how do you know whether your dream is from God or not?

Firstly, how does God speak to you? If you are God’s own, He has a way of speaking to you. He speaks through several means.

More so, prophet Joel’s prophecy spoke about dreaming dreams in these last days as God will pour out His Spirit upon all flesh. If God has been speaking to you through dreams before, then you know it is possible this dream is also from God.

Secondly, does it contradict God’s word? One other way you can know whether your dream is from God or not is if it either contradicts His word or is in corresponds with it. If your dream contradicts what God has said in His word, then you know that dream is not from Him.

When God was speaking to the children of Israel, He warned them against dreamers of dreams who would want to turn them away to go and serve other gods apart from Him. It was so serious that the prescribed punishment for those kinds of people was death.

Dreams could also be from the devil or spirits and thus, they should be judged by the Word of God, and where they contradict His standards, they should be jettisoned.

Furthermore, does it draw you closer to God by revealing any detail of your life – past, present, or future to you? Knowing that God speaks to people through dreams, in such episodes, He deals with either the past, present, or future of that person. And so, you might want to ask yourself the question, what area of your life is this dream about?

In dealing with the past, He can bring back to memory an event which you’ve forgotten about but which was very wrong of you to have done which demands some amends.

In this scenario, He displays His mercies as not everybody has the privilege of being taken to the past where they ought to make amends.

An example of this is Abimelech in which God revealed to him what He had done in the past in taking Abraham’s wife. God then dealt with the present by instructing him to return her and the future by telling him that if he refused, he and all that he had would die.

God could also reveal the future of an individual to them. Such is seen in the life of Joseph whom God revealed that He was going to be a great man with His brethren and father bowing down to him. This later came to pass.

Other dream escapades can be God warning you of an imminent danger to avoid. This was seen in Joseph, the husband of Mary whom God spoke to in a dream about the plan of Herod to kill Jesus and instructed him to relocate until Herod was dead.

And so you can know whether your dream is from God or not if it is one of the ways through which God has been speaking to you; if it doesn’t contradict His word and if it reveals a past, present, or future circumstance of your life.

Another way to know whether your dream is from God or not is if it brings an answer to a prayer in your heart that you tabled before Him. God, in His sovereignty, can choose to bring answers of peace to His children regarding their worries and anxieties while they’re asleep in their dreams.

He can also decide to bring guidance and direction to them through dreams. And so, you could ask yourself questions like, does it answer any puzzle in my heart? Does it bring an answer to a question I’ve been puzzled about? etc.

By these, I’m sure you should be able to discern whether your dream is from God or not. But know that dreams are indeed one of the ways through which God speaks but not all dreams are from God.

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