Emotional Sympathy For Loss of Dog or Pet | 110 Comforting Messages, Quotes, Poem

Sympathy For Loss of Dog

A dog can be a man’s best friend.

It’s never easy to lose a pet, especially one with a loving and loyal nature as dogs.

Dogs have a way of naturally becoming a part of the family and forming lifelong bonds.

Unfortunately, they have shorter life spans and one tends to say goodbye much sooner.

The loss of a dog is never easy to deal with, as such a loss often leaves a big hole in the owner’s heart.

This is where your sympathy for loss of dog comes into play. However, this isn’t easy, especially for those who have never owned a let, not to talk of a dog.

If this is you and you have friends who own dogs, you’ll need to learn how to muster genuine sympathy for loss of dog.

That’s why in this post, I have carefully curated 110 messages, quotes, and poems you can select from to show sympathy for loss of dog to a dog owner.

Emotional Sympathy For Loss of Dog

Expressing emotional sympathy for loss of dog is a skill many people don’t have.

But the thing is, a loss is a loss. The loss of a dog is as painful, sometimes more painful, than the loss of a human being.

This is because of the deep emotional connection dog owners form with their dogs.

So to console someone who has lost a dog, you will want to take note of a few tips.

First, what you would want to hear when grieving can be different from what your friend’s. Pay attention to the cues your friend gives.

Secondly, avoid offhanded comments like, “Get over it! “It’s just a pet.” It presents you as selfish, and insensitive.

Thirdly, offer an arm of support. Let the person know you are available in his/her tough time.

And last but not least, avoid comparisons. Resist the temptation of talking about your own experiences. It will sound as if you are undermining your friend’s loss.

How To Comfort A Friend Who Lost A Pet

It can be tough knowing your friend just lost his or her special pet.

One of the best things you can do is to reach out to your friend. This will ease the grieving process.

If this is happening to you, and you feel unsure of how to show support, here are 5 ways on how to comfort a friend who lost a pet:

1. Refuse to discard what your friend feels

You may not be a pet lover, but the sense of loss is real. So, acknowledge the feelings of your friend who has lost a pet. Assure your friend that his or her feelings are valid and it’s okay. It will help in the healing process.

2. Give him or her some space

It’s often tempting to say something happy or funny to alleviate the other person’s pain. Be careful though. It may be not appropriate for that moment.

By introducing positivity too soon, you will sound as if you’re undermining the seriousness of your friend’s loss.

Instead, allow him/her to grieve and heal how he/she wants.

If your friend is the type to quickly get over a loss without processing it, encourage him to her to take time out to grieve.

Ensure to follow up with your friend, checking through occasional calls or follow-up messages.

3. Tell your friend to take it easy

Pet owners tend to blame themselves when they have to let their pets go.

They berate themselves over the decisions they made about their pet.

Discourage your friend from self-blame. Praise his pet raising ability, and let him know he did the best for his pet.

4. Get your friend a treat

Sometimes, good food can be comforting. Get a fried or baked treat for your friend.

You could even invite your friend to spend some time with you. A bit of socializing helps sometimes.

5. Have a walkout with your friend

You could take your friend for a walk in the evenings or early mornings.

While exercise is not a cure for grief, it can boost one’s feelings through the release of endorphins.

Also, spending some time outside the home, preferably with nature, can ease the effects of loss or grief.

How to Comfort Someone Who Lost a Pet Over Text

The loss of a pet gives birth to a sensitive moment for the pet owner. It’s a time to be empathetic, and loving.

One of the best ways to show empathy is by sending condolence texts. You may not be present to lend support, but you can send a condolence message to the hurting pet owner. But what do you say to someone who lost their dog, cat or whatever pet?

If done right, the text will be greatly appreciated by the pet owner. It doesn’t have to be a bogus text. Something honest, short, and sweet will do.

If you still have no idea how to go about writing one, here are some examples of how to comfort someone who lost a pet over text.

1. Will you like to talk to someone? You are hurting. Can I come over?

2. Let me know what I can do to help in this sad time.

3. Would you like me to bring a meal or your favorite coffee?

4. Know that I’m here for you, for whatever you need.

5. I know how painful this is. I am right by your side.

6. Your pet’s passing was so hurtful. It had a compelling spirit.

7. [Pet name] may be gone but it’ll never leave our hearts.

8. You may not be able to hug it again, but let its memory comfort your kind heart.

9. No matter what, the both of you will always be one in love.

10. I’m so sorry. My thoughts are with you.

11. To lose a companion like [pet name] is hard. My deepest condolences.

12. Pets like [pet name] are loyal and compassionate creatures. But I love his resilience. We will miss him.

13. I remember how [pet name] will sit beside you to watch the bowling match. You two were a fun pair to watch. I’ll be in touch.

14. This loss is heartbreaking. We’ll miss taking [pet name] for road trips.

15. I’m sorry about [pet name]. She was a loving and affectionate [pet type].

16. This stinks! Everybody loved [pet name]. We’ll stop by to honor him.

17. Saying goodbye to a calm and gentle pet is difficult. You are in my deepest thoughts.

18. It’s sad to know [pet name] won’t be nibbling those special sweets I bring for her. My sincere apologies.

19. Pets aren’t just companions, they’re family. We will miss them.

20. I know it’s tough, but I hope you allow yourself to think of those amazing times you spent with [pet name]

21. My deepest condolences for the loss of your pet. We’ll never forget her lovely meow.

22. I know [pet name] was your buddy and companion. Do you want me to come over and keep you company?

23. You were highly favored to have [pet name] as a pet.

24. The best of friends are in different breeds. I miss [Pet name] already

25. One quality I admire about [pet name] is its way with kids. It hurts to think he’s gone. Please accept my condolences.

26. Your pet was one special breed. It taught me unconditionally love. It was fortunate to have you.

27. I’m glad it lived a beautiful life with you. It was so special. I’m sending you loads of love and prayers.

Sympathy Messages For Loss of a Pet

The passing of a four-legged companion is as painful as the death of a family member.

You want to be there for the person, but it can be difficult to know what to say to ease the pain.

Be rest assured as I have curated a couple of sympathy messages for loss of a pet to show your support to the grieving pet owner.

1. Your pet will always be present in your heart. It loved you dearly and knows you loved it too. We’ll sorely miss [pet name].

2. I hope you’ll find peace in [pet name] and the memories you two shared will comfort you. You can count on me in this sad time.

3. [pet name] must be enjoying in heaven. It must be looking down on you with a smile knowing you made it so happy here on Earth.

4.[pet name] is not truly dead. We remembered it with all our hearts and its love will never be forgotten.

5.[pet name] was an amazing and lively cat/dog. Its presence spiced up our home. It’s forever be missed.

6. I know [pet name] meant the world to you. Losing [pet name]must be heartbreaking. I’m sending you loads of love and kisses.

7. My condolences about [pet name]. It was such a special pet. It brought loads of happiness to your home. My condolences again, friend.

8. You are an incredible pet owner. The way you took care of [pet name]was admirable. There’s no doubt [pet name] knows that too.

9. I’m so sorry about [pet name]. It was one faithful companion. Be comforted by the memories you two made together.

10. Losing a loved one is never easy. [pet name]’s loss is a terrible one. You two were so good together. Know that you are in my thoughts.

11. I remember how [pet name]would greet me with so much enthusiasm. It made me feel extra special. It’s so hard knowing [pet name]won’t be here again.

12. Pets can be the most loving in the world, but it’s such a shame they never stay long. You and [pet name] are constantly in my thoughts.

13. Keep the thoughts and memories you had with [pet name] in your heart. It will keep you happy in this trying time.

14. I’m so hurt to hear about [pet name]. I’m sure you were the best owner it could ask for and it loved you very much.

15. Pets always have something of value to teach us. They always love us more than we expect. [pet name] will be greatly missed.

16. There’s nothing I can say that will ease the pain of losing [pet name]. But know I’m present in this moment of pain.

17. I was shocked to find out [pet name] was gone. Nothing can take its place. My condolences.

18. I feel your pain about [pet name]. It was one of the best additions to your family. If you need someone to vent to, I’m here.

19. A pet is a blessing. It fills you with warmth and joy unimaginable. I hope your time with [pet name] fills you with comfort.

20. The bond you had with [pet name] was admirable. It was a true definition of love. Be comforted my friend.

21. Losing a pet is a reminder of how little time we have on earth. I know it’s smiling at you from heaven.

22. Only people who say, It’s just a pet, don’t understand what a deep connection is. I’m aware of how much love you had for [pet name] and I’m sure [pet name] knew it too.

23. [pet name]will not want to see you crying this much. I’m sure it’s dancing on fluffy clouds in heavy.

24. One day you will be reconnected to [pet name]. And I’m sure that’ll be the happiest day for you.

25. When a special pet gets into our lives, we never remain the same. [pet name] transformed you to be better. It can never be forgotten.

26. The sweet cuddles and nudges of [pet name] will be missed. I’m thinking of you, my friend.

27. Saying goodbye to a loved pet is one of the hardest things to do. [pet name] was one of the best things that ever happened to you. I’m sure [pet name]is fulfilled.

28. Take plenty of strength and love to handle this loss. I know how pets become one with our families. Please accept my deepest condolences.

29. I felt something rip inside me when I got the news. I can’t even imagine how you feel. I’m deeply sorry about [pet name].

30. I can’t believe [pet name] is gone. Wasn’t it yesterday we watched her chasing her blue ball across the street? My deepest condolences friend.

Pet Loss Quotes and Poems

To comfort the owner of a lost pet, the right words must be said.

Below is a list of pet loss quotes and poems for every type of pet owner.

This list shows empathy and compassion for the loss of their pets. Feel free to make use of one or all.

1. Life cannot keep you in its clutches. Run free, happy, and wild where you are.

2. The soul of a pet is too pure for this world. Still, their imprints in your heart last a lifetime.

3. When your heart pricks when your mind thinks of your lost pet, open up the memory box and get engrossed in those moments.

4. Pets are natural lovers. Their loving and patient selves await their owners even in heaven.

5. The soul of a pet may run wild, but it lays firmly locked and buried in the mind of its owner.

6. Grief is hard, grief is real. A relationship with a pet equals and sometimes rivals human relationships. That’s why its loss is devastating.

7. These quiet pets don’t just leave. They go with all the memories and moments we spent together.

8. You don’t know how much you love until you lose a pet.

9. Losing a pet opens a different kind of grief, one more raw and painful than the loss of a human.

10. Love by itself is a risk. Loving a pet is riskier especially when you know it’s going to leave you someday.

11. We will meet again soon. We will roll on the clouds together and never part again.

12. Our world is a dark, dense place. Nothing can be relied on except one- a pet. The unconditional love from a pet makes lives worthwhile.

13. Sorrow teaches us to love. The pain we feel is our hearts expanding to accommodate more love.

14. Think back to when your little companion was with you. Do not say it left, but be grateful it was there.

15. Pets are predictable, and that makes them reliable. They stay true to themselves, upholding standards we humans hardly live up to.

16. Rich or poor, pets love you so. Your company matters more than silver and gold.

17. Pets and humans are almost similar except for one thing. Pets dare to live for what they want.

18. We would like to say we chose them, but the truth is, we are lucky they chose us.

19. What will the world be without pets? I dare not imagine the chaos this already chaotic world will plunge into.

20. When your pet is now a memory, you begin to treasure that memory above all.

21. Blessed are those who have pets as children, for they shall learn more about compassion, love, and death.

22. The Lord made the clouds puffy heaven for our pets. They are watched by the angels.

23. Only a few animals share our most intimate moments with us. They seem like humans in animal flesh.

24. Your connection with a pet is deeper than anything. It transcends time and space and reaches for the core of you.

25. If only love was enough, I would have kept you here for life.

26. Your favorite toy lies here, begging to be chewed. Your chair sits empty, waiting for you still.

27. It’s better to be up there free from all the pain and suffering. We watched you pass, and though your loss hurts, we know you are in a better place.

Dog Death Quotes Rainbow Bridge

The Rainbow Bridge is a concept that refers to where pets go after they die. It’s like heaven for pets.

Over time, it’s become a source of comfort for pet owners.

So if you don’t the right words, you could buy a card and send one of these dog death quotes rainbow bridge to comfort a pet lover who just lost a pet.

1. You can have all the money in the world, but there’s something about having a dog that makes you feel wealthy.

2. Owing a dog means you’ll live longer than it. Just as you open your heart to love, you open your heart to future grief.

3. Dogs have only one fault: a short life span.

4. The faithfulness of a dog is beyond compare. God knows how to place his best in the most common things.

5. Dogs teach us two things: love and loss. You can’t ever replace a dog. Instead, a new dog makes your heart bigger.

6. One of the longest-lasting attachments to have is a dog.

7. Many dogs have a hope of being in heaven more than many of us.

8. Dogs are one of the few creatures to truly live. They love, protect and defend their own. They add brightness to one’s life.

9. Dogs are excellent teachers of one thing: unconditional love. They make you feel like somebody.

10. Once you own a dog, not having one again makes your life feels empty.

11. Dogs have this gift of appearing where needed and giving us fulfillment.

12. One thing about having dogs is that you can express yourself without shame, and it never judges you.

13. Dogs are not owned but rented. We just need to be grateful for the time we have to spend with them.

14. Dogs are incredibly honest creatures. More honest than a thousand men I’ve met in my life.

15. I know for fact dogs have a special place in heaven. I like to believe they know this is their resting place.

16. When you leave for the Rainbow Bridge, make sure to turn back at least once. I’ll be there, looking out for you.

17. When dogs get to the Rainbow Bridge, they meet their other loved ones there, and with time, their souls will seek peace there.

18. It’s beyond understanding how one dog can waltz into your life for a short time, and leave its paw prints on you for life.

19. When a dog is lost, you’ve lost. Love without strings or expectations is rare.

20. Dogs teach you how little kind acts make you a better person and better your world.

21. Dogs are missed every day when they crossed over to the Rainbow Bridge. You can’t get over their absence.

22. The happy pecks and hugs we shared and your beautiful, trusting eyes may be gone, but not forever.

23. The Rainbow Bridge of love was built to keep pets and their owners connected through dreams.

24. After crossing the Rainbow Bridge, you left me with an avalanche of pain and loss. Tears cut through my cheeks whenever I remember you.

25. Dogs love with their all; once they leave, they take a part of us with them.

26. While your spirit departs your body, your soul leaves for heaven. But your spirit came to me, so I have peace in me.

27. When tears threaten to fall, I think of you bounding towards the Rainbow Bridge. Having lost many a dog, it gladdens me to watch you partake of the glorious afterlife.

28. Having you was a gift, not a thrift; you were always in a good mood, so I gave you sweet food; now you are across the Rainbow Bridge, make sure you don’t forget me, Ridge.

29. Your kisses I miss, your cuddles I crave, I hope my furry friend you are having furry fun on the Rainbow Bridge.

30. Off you go to the Rainbow Ridge, so far, but nearer than ever. Your presence stays with us as we envision you playing in the clouds.

Let me reiterate that losing a pet is a sensitive matter. Empathy is important in this event. It may not feel the same way for you if you’ve never had a pet. That’s why I wrote 110 messages, quotes, and poems to help you show sympathy for loss of dog to a dog owner. I hope this article helped. Let me know in the comments.