115 Samples Of How To Say Thank You For Being Recognized At Work

Letter of Appreciation To Team For Successful Completion of Project

Many organizations shower their workers with praise and recognition especially at the end of the year. The feeling attached to being recognized for a well-done job or in the spotlight cannot be compared to anything.

When recognized for your achievement, it is thoughtful of you to appreciate such recognition. To do that, you may need to learn how to send official thank you messages, both to the boss, employer, or colleagues.

Coming up with words of recognition or appreciation may be a Herculean task, so we decided to help you with how to say thank you for being recognized at work.

You are free to modify or personalize these appreciation messages for recognition at work, to suit your intention.

Writing A Thank You Email Sample

One way to appreciate your clients, employee, or colleague is to send a thank you email to them. Therefore, cultivate the skill of writing a perfect email that will hit the perfect note.

People thrive in an environment where they are appreciated and valued. Whether it is the boss, employee, colleague, or customer, appreciation has a way of connecting everyone in a better way.

Do you want to improve on the quality of emails sent to your clients? Check out these professional ways of writing a thank you email sample.

1. I want to use this medium to appreciate you for choosing our product for the company’s event. We look forward to partnering with you.

2. Thank you for trusting our services for the furnishing of your new apartment. We appreciate your kind and warm welcome.

3. We are privileged to partner with you, our business has grown greatly by our relationship. We value every contact we had with you.

4. We want to appreciate the wonderful referrals our company has enjoyed via your publicity. We do not take this for granted.

5. Thank you for the favorable recommendation our product has received. You are a great encouragement to our organization.

6. Thank you for believing in us and entrusting your kids in our care. We assure you of rendering more satisfactory service next term.

7. You’re a great client! I was glad to work with you. I look forward to more business partnerships.

8. We appreciate the patience you exercised when the consignment was delayed. Thank you for your understanding.

9. The support and full participation you gave towards the success of the project is worth emulating. I appreciate the sincerity of your heart.

10. The ordered products came in earlier than expected. I sincerely celebrate your innovation and creativity channeled to your mode of work.

11. Thank you for being a great and secure leader. You brought out the best in me by exposing me to responsibilities that stretch me beyond my ability.

12. I want to use this opportunity to appreciate you for the timely advice you gave when our company was in crisis. It is duly appreciated.

13. Thanks for being a loyalist to our company, and thanks for believing in what we have to offer. We appreciate it greatly.

14. I duly appreciate the listening ears you do give me any time I have anything to share. You are a wonderful colleague.

15. I admire your dedication and diligence in work. It was nice working with you, thank you for giving your best.

How To Reply To A Thank You Email From Your Boss

How To Reply To A Thank You Email From Your Boss

Giving a reply to a thank-you email can sometimes be difficult especially when it is from your boss. It will not be too ideal to give the usual ‘it’s my pleasure. You can therefore learn how to reply to a thank you email from your boss.

When your boss recognized your efforts at work, cultivate how to say thank you for being recognized at work. You’re free to choose from these lists to meet your purpose.

16. I was so humbled to receive your email. I sincerely appreciate the privilege to be part of the project team.

17. I appreciate your email, sir. I am motivated to do more and put in my best. Thank you once again.

18. I value the thank you email sent to me. It meant a lot to me, I promise to always give my best to any project or assignment.

19. I also appreciate you, sir. You have equally opened my eyes to much intrinsic truth about the company. I’m better equipped now.

20. Thank you sir for giving me this awesome experience of working with great minds. I was greatly challenged.

21. Never mind boss, you can let me know when opportunities like this come up again. I don’t even mind short notice.

22. Thank you sir for the email. You are free to let me know what I did not do right and areas that need to be corrected.

23. I was extremely glad to work with you. Helping people is one of those things that gives me pleasure. I’m always at your service sir.

24. You are one of the few amazing bosses I have come across. I, therefore, grab every opportunity to work with you with utmost urgency and due diligence.

25. I am also grateful for the opportunity to sit in the board meeting. I was open to new knowledge and information which have been helping me in the discharge of my duties.

26. No problem sir, I was free when you requested my help. It was not a big deal at all. You can call me anytime you need my help.

27. Don’t worry, sir. I see it as a great privilege to stand in for you at the end-of-the-year event. I learned a lot and I was able to meet new friends.

28. Feel free to reach out to me sir, anytime your hands are tight. You will always have my prompt response.

29. Thanks so much, boss. You are very easy to work with. I treasure every time spent with you.

30. I’m happy you love my work. Thank you sir for the exposures you gave me during the assignment. I so much treasure it.

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How To Say Thank You To Boss For Being Recognized At Work

Your boss at work does so many things underneath that you may not be aware of. Taking some time to appreciate them is one way you can encourage them.

As an employee, you should learn how to say thank you to the boss for being recognized at work. They juggle a lot of things together to ensure the smooth running of the company.

Since most of their work is hidden, you tend to overlook their efforts. Your boss’ heart will bless you if you can just take time to thank him for all his efforts at work. Everyone loves to feel special.

31. I count it as a privilege to be led by you. Thank you for being an amazing leader.

32. You are talented and vast. I am open to new info every day. Thank you for making me a better person.

33. You are not just a boss but a friend, counselor, and father. I appreciate your priceless counsel and the words of wisdom you do share with me.

34. I sincerely appreciate my recent promotion. It came when I least expect it. Thanks so much for the recognition.

35. I was scared when I resumed work as a new intake. Never did I know that I will be working under one of the most understanding bosses. Thank you for making work easy for me.

36. I can not thank you enough for the support you have given me all these years. Thank you for facilitating my promotion, it happened earlier than expected.

37. Thank you for your kind gesture and the humility displayed when I needed help for one of my assignments. You’re indeed a rare boss.

38. You poured all of your knowledge and ideas on me. Never for once were you afraid of sharing new ideas and insight with. Thanks for being a secure leader.

39. Thanks for noticing every of my contribution to the company’s growth. I truly appreciate your word of encouragement and recognition you give me times without number.

How To Say Thank You For Being Recognized At Work To Supervisor

40. Thank you for trusting me with the project despite my lack of experience. My team is bent on delivering nothing less than the best.

41. I appreciate the privilege to work under your leadership. The experience I have gained in these few years is worthwhile.

42. You are a cheerful giver. Your hands are open to everyone that ask for you. Thank you for teaching me this amazing virtue.

43. I consistently give thanks to God for giving me an awesome leader like you. I became aware of how lucky I am to have especially when friends start sharing stories of their difficult bosses.

44. Thank you for believing in our team. You gave us the privilege to think and execute our innovative thought. I sincerely appreciate your courage.

45. I want to appreciate the correction you gave me yesterday. Thank you for helping me to get better day by day.

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Samples of Thank You Reply To Boss For Appreciation

Thank You Reply To Boss For Appreciation

You don’t just lock up when you receive an appreciation note from your boss. There is a need to express your gladness and appreciate their kind gesture.

One important work ethics to learn is sending a thank you reply to the boss for the appreciation shown to you. Replying to your boss is necessary because everyone loves to know the feedback of their kind gesture. Check out to know the perfect reply to give.

46. I felt so proud when I receive your thank you note. I truly appreciate those words of encouragement and prayers.

47. Thank you for giving me this recognition among many. I was honored, I treasure this.

48. I never know that what I was doing was worthwhile. Thanks for noticing my little input into the company’s growth.

49. I’m short of words presently. I don’t know what I have done to deserve this level of recognition and appreciation.

50. I have been meditating on the email you sent. I have never been honored like this before. Thanks so much, my people.

51. I count myself privileged to be a part of this great team. Your good vibe keeps me healthy. Thanks for being amazing.

52. I sincerely appreciate this honor bestowed on me. I must confess that it was made possible because of you guys. You are truly an amazing team.

53. I am happy to be part of this company. I felt fulfilled working in your establishment. Thanks for acknowledging my little input.

54. My goosebumps kept rising as I read your email. I was thrilled to the bone by the recognition shown to me. I sincerely cherish this.

55. You create an inspiring atmosphere for your employee. You ensure that none of their efforts whether little or much goes unrecognized. I appreciate that greatly.

Thank You For Recognizing My Contribution To The Team

56. I have never had this height of recognition since I started working. You’re a leader with a difference. I appreciate you, boss, for recognizing my contribution to the team.

57. You are an exemplary leader. You do not only talk, you act it. Thank you for showing us how to live as a winner in life, and to success in spite of challenges.

58. This project was not accomplished by me alone. It was group work. I treasure my wonderful teammate.

59. I have never regretted working with you. You are truly interested in my progress in life. Thank you, boss.

60. You place a premium on your employees. Thank you for valuing us and every one of our efforts. Thank you for recognizing my contribution to the team.

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Thank You Mail For Appreciation Received From Client

Thank You Mail For Appreciation Received From Client

Sending a thank you email to your client is good business etiquette. You build a strong relationship and loyalty with them. Also, appreciation could bring unsolicited referrals and publicity to your business.

Many have used this powerful tool to boost their sales. Thank you mail for appreciation received from clients can increase your customer base. You can attach one of these thank you mail to the product sent to your client.

61. Thank you for those quality products you sold to me. I have been enjoying optimal advantages over previous products.

62. Your customer care services were top-notch. You’re a company known for excellence. Please don’t stop being good.

63. Thank you for helping me in the packing of my product. I enjoyed the help you offered. Thank you so much.

64. I can’t but let people know about your company. The awesome experience I had today can’t be forgotten too soon.

65. I was happy with all the purchases I made today. I appreciate the warm reception given to me.

66. You have the best staff. They are diligent and accommodating. Thanks for setting a standard for others to follow.

65. You have been known for quality brands for many years. Thank you for not compromising on the standard laid down.

66. Thank you for the charming smile you gave today. I’ll ensure that everyone becomes aware of the company.

67. Thanks for the privilege to partner with you. Our sales have increased as a result of this. I appreciate you greatly.

68. You placed premium treatment on the customer. Thank you for the good treatment given today.

69. Thank you for being honest. You’re a company known for integrity. I appreciate you greatly.

70. The positive vibes with which you work will constantly attract the right men to you. Thank you for being awesome.

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Thank You Note To Co-Worker For Support

You create a good impression when you appreciate your colleague. Writing a thank you note to co-worker for support strengthens the relationship with them.

You must therefore make it a practice to appreciate your colleagues, no matter how small. Sometimes you may be short of words, these thank you note can help to express what you have in mind.

71. Thank you for standing in for me when I was absent. I appreciate the support I have enjoyed continually from you.

72. I don’t know how to appreciate you for the help you rendered during my project. Thanks for standing by me and encouraging me.

73. Your intelligence and smartness are qualities I admired in you. Thanks for the ideas and insight you shared during the meeting.

74. You are more than a colleague to me. Your counsel and encouragement have pushed me forward in my career. Thanks for believing in my dreams.

75. You add value to everyone that comes in contact with you. Thanks for being a great asset in this establishment. I treasure you greatly.

76. Thanks for checking on me when I was sick and for taking my responsibility upon yourself. I can’t forget you easily.

77. You’re an exceptional co-worker. You love to put smiles on people’s faces. I love being around you. Thank you for making the workplace interesting.

78. Your generosity is worth emulating. Thank you for those periods you covered up for me financially. God bless you.

79. Thanks for being a blessing. You know the right words to say to everyone in whatever situation. I love and appreciate your insight into matters.

80. Thanks for making my birthday special. I have never celebrated my birthday in that grand style before. I was thrilled by your intelligent planning.

81. You took me like a sister. Thank you for patiently teaching me when I was clueless about my assignment. You’re truly amazing.

82. I felt elated the day you took me out. I so much enjoyed myself outside the workplace. Thanks for the special treat.

83. You have taught me a lot of things. I celebrate your wealth of wisdom. Thanks for sparing your time.

84. I love the wisdom with which you handled the situation. You’re truly a peacemaker. I appreciate your timely intervention.

85. Your presence at work always make the work easier. I’m always motivated every day I see you at work.

86. You are a great companion. I appreciate the help you rendered when I needed to attend to my children.

87. You took a special interest in me since I resume work. I have enjoyed continued support from you. Thank you

88. You have such a lovely personality, caring and tender-hearted. Thanks for showing sincere interest in my success.

89. Thanks for helping out with my previous assignment. The effort and time spent are appreciated.

90. Thanks for keeping up with me despite my mistakes. I appreciate your tolerance and understanding.

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Thank You For The Award And Recognition

An award comes after the successful accomplishment of a given task. After receiving an award, You should endeavor to send a note of thank you for the award and recognition.

it is ideal to express your gratitude and joy to those who made it possible for you all through. These are thank you messages listed below.

91. I never knew you were planning something massive. I was surprised when I received the prize. I am sincerely grateful for this award.

92. Thanks for choosing me for this award. I do not see myself as the best in the group. You have challenged me to even do more.

93. This is a great honor bestowed on me. Thanks for acknowledging my work. It is indeed a big one.

94. Thanks for choosing me as the best employee of the year. I’m deeply indebted to you for this recognition.

95. I was humbled when my name was mentioned as the recipient of this award. Thanks for counting me worthy for this.

96. It was defining moment for me. I felt fulfilled after receiving the award. Accept my heartfelt gratitude for this recognition.

97. I was extremely delighted for this great respect. The project was successful because of the diligent team members. Thank you for this award.

98. I am so elated to be selected for this award. It would not have been achievable if not for your support.

99. I sincerely appreciate everyone for gracing this occasion. It’s a rare privilège to be selected for this award.

100. I couldn’t hide my joy when called upon. I see it as great respect to stand beside you to receive the award. Thanks for seeing me worthy.

101. My appreciation goes to the group of people who came up with this initiative of granting this award. You’re amazing.

102. You have boosted my confidence with this award. I’m encouraged to do more in discharging my duties.

103. I can’t express in words how pleased I was with this award. Thanks for honoring me.

104. This is one of those crucial moments that I felt my efforts is being recognized. I was so proud of the moment.

105. You have truly motivated me with this award. Thanks for choosing me as part of the outstanding staff. It’s a blessed moment for me.

106. Words will fail me to express my gratitude for this award. I am encouraged now than ever.

107. I was lucky to be selected for this award. Lemme assure you that this coming year will be welcomed with better performance.

108. Thanks for considering me for this huge honor. I promise to improve on service next year.

109. The recognition came unexpectedly. I never knew I could be qualified for it. Thanks to the organizers.

110. I express my gratitude from the depth of my heart. I don’t know that the little work done could attract an award. I appreciate those who selected me.

111. This award truly recognizes the work I did. I appreciate your patience to scrutinize my work and honoring me with this award.

112. Thank you for coming up with the exhibition plan. It’s a privilege to learn and improve my skills. It’s really worth the effort.

113. The presentation session was a sight to behold. I was startled when given the award. I sincerely appreciate this great opportunity.

114. I want to guarantee you that with an award, my input will be greatly increased. I appreciate this recognition.

115. I do not believe in the assignment when I set out. I didn’t know it could earn me an award. Thanks for motivating me.

The art of appreciation is very important, especially in the corporate environment. Practice how to say thank you for being recognized at work. This will boost your relationship with people.

You must consistently practice it until it becomes part of you. Many people Will be drawn to you naturally when this becomes a habit for you.