God Please Help Me Through This Difficult Time | 120 Prayer Points and Quotes In Difficult Times

God Please Help Me Through This Difficult Time

As Christians, one of the things that keep us going and help strengthen our faith is the confidence of praying to God and getting answers to our prayer.

Life comes with its ups and downs, it’s good and bad times. When things are not going the way you planned, life challenges seem so tough, and things seem so difficult; your heart-cry during these situations is nothing far from ‘God please help me through this difficult time.’

In as much as we believe in the power of prayer, and have faith in God, it is usually easier when you’re comforting and strengthening others; but when it comes to our personal lives and times of challenges, we usually don’t have the faith to believe that God will answer, as we are mostly overwhelmed by the challenges around us.

When things are not going the way you planned, prayer can help you see that the devil or our circumstances are not in control. As you go to God in prayer, you are comforted by His presence, promises, and love. You can be sure He’ll come through for you, as you pray, ‘God, please help me through this difficult time.’

Whatever the case may be, are you grieving over the death of a loved one, depressed, need comfort, facing uncertainties, are worried or suffering loss, need help or guidance; these prayers will help you put words together to properly communicate to God.

No matter the situation, Our God is bigger!

How To Pray For Help From God

At several times in our lives, we are in dire need of God’s help. In these periods, it may seem that God is far away from us, and we can’t reach Him. That’s not true; anytime we pray for Help from God, He’ll always be there to answere; because His ears are ever open to our cry.

Now, to know how to pray for help from God is nothing difficult, and there are no strict rules to prayers other than communicating and pouring your heart to the Lord, and then believe that He’ll come through for you.

There is no better time to pray, than to start now. It’s as simple as crying out, God, please help me through this difficult time.

Whenever you have a burden or feel discouraged, instead of concentrating on the issues, simply turn to prayer and ask God to help you come out of that situation. He’s a loving Father and you can rest assured that He’ll hear and answer you.

Also, beginning your day with prayer is a wise decision. Waking up in the morning, your thoughts may wander to all the things you have to tackle and handle during the day, but starting each day with prayer can help bring your heart to focus on the help from God instead of the trials that come with the day.

The fact is, sometimes we know we need God’s help, but we just don’t know how to pray. The following subheadings will give you a wonderful guide on how to pray for help from God on some specific issues and your family, friends, and loved ones.

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Prayer For Strength During Difficult Times

In difficult times, it is important that we pray to God and trust in Him for strength.

You may currently find yourself in a situation where it seems like your strength has failed you and you can’t carry on. Physically, financially, or emotionally, you may be weak, you may feel like you’re in a cage, or trapped and overwhelmed. You may be feeling so much frustration and pain and it seems your strength has failed you.

There’s good news for you! We have a God that specializes in carrying us at all times, especially when we’re weak. He gives us the strength we need to move on.

It is necessary that we render prayer for strength during difficult times. You don’t have to rely on your physical strength anymore, because God is more than enough for you. All you have to do is to believe and say, God please help me through this difficult time, and He will.

Here is a list of prayers for strength during difficult times, and God is waiting to intervene in your situation.

1. Heavenly Father, I thank You because I’m confident that in You I can find the strength needed in these difficult times

2. Dear Lord, I come to You today, I need your help to scale through these difficult times. Hold my hands I pray.

3. Lord Jesus, the times are difficult for me. I need your strength to keep me strong because my strength is failing

4. Lord, I am sorry for holding on to my fears and anxiety. I ask that You forgive my unbelief, and help me to believe Your word.

5. Lord, according to the scriptures, I lift my eyes unto You from where cometh my help. My help comes from You. Help me, Lord.

6. I come to You to draw my strength from Your throne of grace. Let me find sufficient grace and mercy in this time of need.

7. Stand by me, Lord. God, please help me through this difficult time. I need Your strength and help now. Take me in Your hands.

8. Help me Lord that this fire may not burn me, and that I will come out of this a better person. Amen.

9. In my hard times, when problems upon problems strike, I’ll put my faith in You, Lord. I refuse to give in to the enemy. I’ll trust in You.

10. My heart will focus on you forever, on your Power, Your might, and Your faithfulness. I have hope because I know You will see me through this difficult time.

11. Lord, I declare with the whole of my heart, believing strongly that I am strengthened by You. You are my strength in times of need.

12. Dear Father, I need Your abiding presence in these times. Your presence is what matters most to me right now because in Your presence I find Joy and strength.

13. I thank You, God because I am confident of Your great and awesome ability to keep me right now. You are my Shield; shield me and strengthen me.

14. Lord, I ask that You guide me throughout all my endeavors. Help me in these present trials. Let Your mighty hands be seen and the mouth of my enemies be shut.

15. Lord God, I ask that You fight every battle that is weighing me down now, You are the mighty Man in battle. I am assured of victory in You. Amen.

16. I make a decree today, and I declare that I am strengthened. The devil cannot weigh me down. Hallelujah!

17. Heavenly Father, I rest in Your promises according to Your Word. I rejoice because I know that I am an over-comer,

18. Lord, I ask that You breathe upon me. I take in Your breath and I declare that I am strengthened in Jesus’ name.

19. I confess with my mouth and declare that I am strengthened in Jesus’ Name.

20. I thank You for your strength that is at work in me and the efficacy of your power in my situation. Thank You, Lord.

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Prayer For Divine Intervention

The idea of divine intervention is a recurring theme in the Bible. All through scriptures, we see how God shows up for His people and those that trust in Him. Divine intervention is when God is fully involved to bring victory to every battle we are facing.

The only way we can experience this is through prayer. Prayer for divine intervention is therefore very paramount to us as believers in ensuring daily victory in difficult times through the help of God.

1. Dear Heavenly Father, I thank You for your promise to divinely intervene in all my situations. May your name be highly exalted.

2. I thank You, Jesus, because You are the covenant-keeping God, and your promises of divine intervention are Yes and Amen.

3. Lord, the bible says that You are our present help in trouble. I come to You today, intervene in this situation. We are desperate for your help.

4. You are the God that can make a way where there seems to be no way. We depend on you to divinely intervene today and make a way of deliverance for us.

5. Father, We hope in You. By your divine intervention, turn our lives and circumstances around.

6. God, I pray, like Jabez, and I ask for your intervention. My desire is that you would bless me indeed, and enlarge my coast. Let your favor be with me, and keep me from evil.

7. Lord, I depend on You for intervention in my finances. I depend on You as my provider, and I tap into divine provision in Jesus’ Name

8. Father, in every aspect of my life that I am lacking, please intervene to make me up to where I should be in Jesus’ Name. Amen

9. The Lord of hosts is your name. I pray for your divine intervention, Father. Fight all my battles in Jesus’ Name. Amen

10. Sovereign Lord, I am in despair regarding my situation, but hopeful regarding your mighty power. I ask for divine intervention. Let me see your hand manifested in my life.

11. Father, I come to You on behalf of my marriage and family. It seems that things are being torn apart. I ask for your divine intervention to turn things around to the glory of your holy name.

12. Dearest Lord, I come before You, I acknowledge my mistakes and I repent from them. I pray for your divine intervention in my life. Help me to walk on the right path and follow your ways. Amen.

13. Lord of peace, I pray that You intervene in the situation of my community. Let your peace reign and all the works of the evil ones be brought to an end. Amen

14. Father, please intervene in all my relationships; in my family, at work, in the church, and community. I ask that You help me with the wisdom to relate properly as I should. Perfect all that concerns me in Jesus’ Name.

15. Great God, I pray for your intervention in my career and business. Take them out of the negative situations and let divine favor speak on my behalf in Jesus’ name.

16. You are my healer. I ask for divine intervention in my health. I hold on to your word that by your stripes I am healed. Let there be healing in my body today in Jesus’ Name. Amen

17. Your word says that if we have faith as a grain of mustard seed, we can speak to every mountain to be removed. I asked that you intervene in my life and every mountain be made plain.

18. Lord Jesus, I need your help and ask for Your divine intervention in my emotions. I need your comfort through the Holy Spirit. Ease my pain and grief by your power. Amen.

19. By your power, I free myself from every limitation that the devil has placed in my life and family

20. Father, according to your word, order my steps at this cross-road of my life. Reveal to me the right way to follow. Let there be divine intervention that I may not go amiss in Jesus’ Name.

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Prayer For Help And Guidance

Prayer For Help And Guidance

One of the most beautiful things about our God is that He never leaves us nor forsakes us. He has told us in Psalms 46:1 that he is our ever-present help in trouble. This means that he is ALWAYS there to help us.

He has also promised us guidance, he never leaves us to ourselves. Psalms 32:8 tells us he will teach us the right path to take. It is worthy of note that God’s plan leads to Joy and satisfaction, and we can rest assured that prayer as simple as “God to please help me in this difficult time” will cause him to respond and act in our favor.

Prayer for help and guidance is needed in our everyday lives, as we cannot do without it. So, whether you’re going through anything that requires special divine guidiance, or for your daily activities; God is interested in holding your hands through the journey of life.

1. Lord, I thank You for your help and guidance. Thank You for the assurance that my prayers are heard and will be answered by You.

2. Father, You are my ever-present help in times of trouble. When it seems like it’s all over, I know You are there. Help me Lord, I pray.

3. Lord Jesus, take away my fear and help me. Give me the inner strength to face these trials and overcome them.

4. Thank You dear Father for your guidance. Thank you because it is always available for those that put their trust in You.

5. Jesus, forgive me for running ahead of you. Help me to be patient for your guidance for I know your plans for me are the best.

6. Father, open my heart and ears to hear from You when you’re speaking to me, that I may not go the wrong way.

7. Father, thank you because we are assured that we can come to the throne of grace for help. Grant me help and guidance this day in Jesus’ Name. Amen.

8. Thank You God for the gift of the Holy Spirit, and the guidance and help that He brings. I pray that You help me to rely on your Spirit every day. Amen.

9. Dear Father, I need help today. I need your guidance and direction. Help me to walk according to your will. Amen.

10. Help me and guide me according to your will. Align my thoughts and ideas with yours. Amen.

11. Your word says your ways and thoughts are higher than ours. Help me to trust in you and not in myself for guidance. I trust in you with all my heart. I do not rely on my understanding.

12. Lord, help me to daily come to you for help and guidance. That in all my choices, your will shall prevail.

13. Thank you, Lord, for the gift of a new day. I ask that today you help and guide me all through my activities. Amen

14. Father, I feel stranded. I feel lost. Help me and give me guidance on what to do and the right choice to make.

15. Dear Father, I spend so much time bothering and thinking about my life and plans. I confess I need your help and guidance. See me through, Lord.

16. Teach me through your Word to depend on you for help and guidance. Help me come to the reality that You are sufficient for me.

17. Lord, guide my heart into your love. In times when I’m confronted with evil, guide me through the storm and help me with a way out in Jesus’ Name.

18. Father, your word says in the book of Isaiah 43:10,13 that you will help me. Fulfill these scriptures in my life in Jesus’ Name. Amen

19. Lord, as your word says, help me to acknowledge you in all my ways, that you may direct my path.

20. Thank You, Lord, because I receive help and I am guided by you daily. Amen

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Prayer For Hope And Healing

Prayer For Someone Going Through A Hard Time

It is easy to give up when passing through difficult times. Hope is usually easily lost and then, we plunge into despair. Praying to God to please help you through this difficult time is usually all you can do, as our strength can fail you.

Whatever trouble you may be facing today, it is not more than what Jesus can handle. The dire situation, the illness, the difficult diagnosis you’re trying to accept, He can make a miracle out of it as we pray for hope and healing. Just ask God to please help you through this difficult time. He has done it for many others; your case will not be a different one as he is ever faithful and reliable.

Here are about 20 prayer points that you can pray for hope and healing in any situation.

1. Dear loving Heavenly Father, you are the God of all spirit of all flesh. I thank you because you are the giver of hope and healing, and it is sufficient for everyone.

2. Father, as many whose lives have been affected by sadness, illness, pain, or loss; I pray that they find comfort, hope, and healing. Help them through this difficult time.

3. Lord, I come before you, my heart is broken. Heal my heart. Give me the hope to start again.

4. Lord, I am in a desperate situation. I need your presence. Walk with me in this journey to healing and health.

5. Blessed Lord, I lay before you all my fears and discouragement, shine your light of hope into this darkness, and comfort me on every side.

6. Lord Jesus, I believe in your promises for healing. I believe that putting my hope and trust in your word will bring about a change in my life. Fulfill your word, Lord.

7. Father, give me the positive attitude to wait while you’re working on my healing. Help me to hope patiently for my healing.

8. Lord Jesus, there is nothing impossible for you to do, and this sickness is not an exemption.

9. Lord, I ask you to heal me from this sickness. Only you can do this. I am trusting in you.

10. Heavenly Father, you are the same yesterday, today, and forever. You never change. I’ve heard and seen your healing power. Do the same in me, Lord.

11. Blessed Lord, You are the God who performs miracles. Do a miracle in me O God! let hope and healing come to me.

12. I decree and declare a performance of your word concerning my healing. Your word says that all things are possible to them that believeth. I declare that I am healed.

13. Lord Jesus, by faith I touch the hem of your garment for the restoration of my health. I decree that your healing virtue flow through me

14. Father, deliver me from the tendency of worry and anxiety that may lead to unbelief. Show me your power. Amen.

15. Dear Lord, I ask and pray that you heal me through and through. Heal my heart, my mind, and my body in Jesus’ Name.

16. Lord, I bring my mind before you. I am tormented mentally. Bring hope to my life, and healing to my heart. Calm this raging storm in me. Amen.

17. Lord, You are my creator, you know me more than I know myself, you know where I hurt. I come to you for divine dealing today.

18. I thank You because you have told me from Psalms 91:16 that you’ll satisfy me with long life. Thank you for the hope of the scriptures. I am assured that I am standing up from this sickbed hale and hearty because you are going to heal me.

19. Loving Father, I ask for your hope right now and for healing. I promise to testify when it is done.

20. Thank You Father because I believe my health is restored in Jesus’ name. Amen.

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Prayer For Strength For Family

Prayer For Strength For Family

Our families are the people closest to us. They mean the most to us. Things that affect our family members usually get to us and can also weaken us.

Also during the difficult times that you are facing, you may be concerned about them, and offer prayer for strength for the family that they may also be strengthened and that the grace of God may be sufficient for them to stand by you and be a source of encouragement so that their faith may not fail.

Whatever are it may be, finances, health, career, safety, and so on. Whatever your concerns may be, saying prayers for strength for your family is about interceding for them and asking God to please help them through this difficult time.

The following are 20 prayers for your family that can provide strength for them. These prayers can be said alone or together as a family.

1. Thank You Lord for the gift of family. Thank You for the love and unity amongst us, and also for keeping each of us thus far.

2. Lord, I commit every one of my family members into Your hands, I pray that You give each of them the strength to pass through this phase of life.

3. Dear Lord, my family is being overwhelmed with fear and confusion. We need your strength and power in our lives at this moment.

4. I pray Lord, for my family, that no one will be discouraged at this time, but that your grace and strength will be made available bountifully.

5. Lord Jesus, I pray for my spouse, my children, siblings, and every member of my family; You alone know each of our individual needs. Grant us all the strength we need to keep going in this journey of life.

6. I call upon You, Father, in these difficult times in my family. Let the strength and power to go through be made available.

7. Father, help my family to keep our eyes on You and not our problems. Assure us, O Lord, that You can see us through.

8. Lord, I pray that You strengthen as many of my family members that are weak now. Let them find strength in You.

9. I pray Father that You give my family the strength to stand beside me in this period. Let their faith not fail them.

10. Lord, I pray that You grant them the understanding that You are with us, and that you can see us through.

11. Father, my family is struggling to come together as one. There is so much disunity. It is almost like we are all headed in different directions. Make us one; Give us the strength to rely on each other, and most importantly, to rely on You. Amen.

12. Dear Lord, we need your help. It seems that this trial is taking so much from us. Give us the strength to carry on. Amen

13. Father, help my family to remember and hold on to your promises. Let our eyes be focused on You alone and not on our strength.

14. On behalf of myself and my family, I declare your word over our lives. In this weakness we receive strength. Amen.

15. Father, I’m praying on behalf of members of my family who are sick. Let your strength and power rest on them. Let your healing power be made manifest. Amen.

16. I bring my family before you, we ask for strength and protection. In our daily activities, guide our every step. Let no evil before us.

17. Lord Jesus, give us the strength to keep going when life becomes difficult. We will rest in who You are and in your promises.

18. Father, please upon my family, let your light shine. Give us all the strength to overcome all of the difficulties that everyone is currently passing through, and let your protection be upon us. Amen.

19. Lord, I ask that You give my family the strength to love each other and stay together in unity.

20. Lord, I thank You because I know that strength is released to my family, your hand of protection is upon us, and we are surrounded by Your love. We thank You for all You have done and will do for us In Jesus’ Name. Amen.

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Prayer For Someone Going Through A Hard Time

Prayer For Someone Going Through A Hard Time

Friendship is a beautiful thing, and friends are usually loved ones. When someone you know is going through a hard time, you often feel the pain along with them, as you feel bad seeing them go through such difficulties.

As believers, prayers for someone going through a hard time is usually the best and most important way to show your empathy, of course, along with other physical things you can do to help. The power of prayer can never be overemphasized.

No matter how heavy the storm is, we are confident in a prayer-answering God. Below is a list of prayers for someone going through a hard time.

1. Dear Lord, I pray for my friend who has things going tough for them now, I pray that you see them through the difficulty they are going through now.

2. Loving Father, you know exactly what my friend needs right now. I pray that you settle her and grant her victory on all sides.

3. Lord, I pray that during this hard time in their lives, help them to lean on you completely. Renew their strength and faith.

4. Lord Jesus, I pray for the person going through a hard time, let them feel your presence, draw them closer to you at this point. Let them feel your arms around them.

5. God of all possibilities, I pray that you bring a solution to the troubles a friend is passing through right now. Let your right hand of power bring her out of it in Jesus’ Name. Amen

6. Thank you father for the confidence we have in you that you always have the victory. Your word says that “thanks be to God who giveth us victory through Christ”. I pray that this word shall be made real in her life. Amen.

7. In the name of Jesus, I come against all the plans of the evil one in the life of my friend (mention his/her name). I decree that the hand of the enemy be cut off from your life in Jesus’ Name. amen.

8. Lord God, I ask that your peace that passeth all understanding fill the heart and mind of my friend right now in Jesus’ Name.

9. Holy Spirit, you are the Comforter. I pray that you comfort my friend right now. Let her see hope and light at the end of this tunnel.

10. Lord, I pray for my friend. I pray that you’ll be her strength now because her strength cannot carry her through. Carry her in your wings, Lord.

11. Lord, I proclaim your word over the challenges of this friend. That through this fire, she will not be burned. Instead, she’ll come out refined as silver.

12. I pray for one of my friends, who is passing through hard times. Help her to focus on you and you alone for help. I pray she will not be discouraged.

13. I come to you father on behalf of my friend. I shut the voice of the devil speaking discouragement and causing depression. I speak soundness of mind to her.

14. Lord, I pray for my friend who is going through this hard time of illness. You are our healer. I pray for quick recovery and divine healing.

15. I pray for a friend who is hurting. I pray for your mercy and grace over her life. Bring Joy and laughter once again.

16. We bask in the assurance that you are God over all situations no matter how bad they may seem. Prove yourself in this capacity in the life of this friend in Jesus’ Name.

17. Lord, I pray for a restoration of all that my friend may have lost during these difficult times. Restore joy, peace, and progress in Jesus’ Name.

18. I pray that you open her eyes to see you working and turning all things for her good in Jesus’ Name.

19. I pray that during these trying times, you give wisdom and strength to my friend to go through and come out victorious.

20. Thank you, Lord, because I know you will perfect all that concerns my friend in Jesus’ Name. amen

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Difficult times are not final. We always have the arsenal of prayer to wage war against the enemy and come out victorious.

When all seems confusing and difficult, never forget to turn to God in prayer; even if all you can mutter is God please help me through this difficult time. You can be sure that He’ll come forth for you and give you a testimony.

In case you want me to join you in prayer, you can write to me, or leave a comment below.

I await your testimonies!

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